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14 Jan 2021

A critical discussion of the argument for public provision of merit goods

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

A merit good is a commodity that is considered meritorious enough to be provided by the national budget as it serves the common good of the population. Some economists believe that society should be provided with merit goods through public financing because they are necessity goods and benefit...

30 Jan 2017

Economics assignment

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

There are many restaurants in the city providing significantly differentiated menus and are currently generating profits. Depict in a diagram showing the profit maximising equilibrium for such a typical restaurant. Will this typical restaurant maintain profits in the long-run? ...

13 Jan 2017

Managerial economics - Macro assignment

Case study - 6 pages - Economy general

Describe the business cycle over 2001-2006 via the evolution of indicators like the Q-gap, inflation & growth. In 2001 and 2002, Portugal's real GDP was bigger than the potential GDP, resulting to a positive Q-gap. That meant that firms were operating above capacity,...

22 Mar 2016

Macro & micro economics: Disney-Pixar merger

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

A merger occurs when two or more organizations come together under common ownership. The benefits of mergers step from the concept of synergy which holds that when units are combined together greater value is achieved (Gaughan 2010, p. 132). The coming together of companies gives them the ability...

17 Sep 2015

PEST analysis of Dubai for Nissan Company: Dubai

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

Dubai is one of the seven semi-autonomous states forming the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it is particularly renowned for economic activities that have seen the residents' spending power increase. The strong economy in Dubai and the affluence in adjacent emirates and nations such as Saudi...

15 Sep 2015

Olive Tree Restaurant business operational systems assessment

Case study - 6 pages - Economy general

The Olive Tree Restaurant is strategically situated within the fringes of Ealing area in a building that was formerly being used as a bank. A case study on the restaurant has been provided to analyse the business position of the restaurant. Reflecting on the case study, a thorough assessment was...

24 Jul 2015

Estimation of the cost of equity capital using Gordon's dividend discount model

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Mishkin and Eakins, (2006) defines expected rate of return on equity as “the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders' equity.” The return on equity is used to estimate the profitability of a company by establishing the amount of income generated using investor...

18 Mar 2015

Critique - Virgin Group

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy describes business ethics as an applied discipline in which the moral attributes of commercial activities are addressed within the fabric of the firm. Recently academic business ethics are founded particularly on the concept of corporate social...

19 Nov 2014

Economics in Mexico

Case study - 2 pages - Economy general

Mexico's economy is the thirteenth leading global economy and eleventh when looking at the purchasing power; this is in accordance to the reports of the World Bank (Cantwell et al. 336). Since the crisis that took place in 1994 majority of administrations have made efforts to improve the...

04 Nov 2014

Effects of Globalization on the Innovative Activities of Firms in India

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

Globalization has forced many emerging markets to innovate new ways to remain competitive and attract investments in those countries. India represents a major emerging market struggling with major economic challenges that have resulted to the use of innovative technologies and strategies to...

27 Oct 2014

The Role of Convertibility in the 1999-2002 Argentinian Crisis

Case study - 20 pages - Economy general

Convertibility definitely succeeded in blocking running hyperinflation and developing a financial sector that before was almost non-existent. Nonetheless its maintenance during the decade turned out to be counter-productive because its consequences partly caused the crisis which from 1999 to 2002...

14 Oct 2014

Islamic Economics as a Solution to Strengthen Economy

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

The financial crisis lately become more common since the era of globalization. Countries are experiencing a crisis not only in Latin America, Asia, Europe, but also hit the United States. U.S. financial crisis spread to various countries including Indonesia. Almost all countries that apply the...

05 Sep 2014

Embracing Love to Overcome Gender Differences, The female search for love by Bell Hooks

Case study - 2 pages - Economy general

The conception that men and women are from different planets keeps recurring in most discussions that relate to the gender differences. Nevertheless, there comes a time when actuality sets in, and individuals realize that men and women share several aspects one of them being the need for love...

13 Jan 2014

The economy of Portugal

Case study - 18 pages - Economy general

Portugal joined EU in the 1986 and since then has remodeled its economy in more than one way. Portugal's economy was mostly based on production of agricultural products, where about two thirds of the country was employed in this sector. After joining the EU Portugal has diversified its economy...

13 Dec 2013

The foundation of classical economics

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Adam Smith is one of the most influential individuals to have ever lived. His insights and new ideas into the discipline of economics have cemented his place in history as one of the greatest economists of all time. Smith was born in Kirkclady Scotland in 1723, he attended Glasgow University and...

13 Dec 2013

Spain economy: An empirical analysis

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Spain is one of the largest economies in Europe with a GDP over 1.3 trillion USD. They experienced an economic boom in the early 2000's as most industrialized nations did. However, with an increasing trade deficit, looming of the housing bubble about to burst and the worldwide financial crisis in...

10 Dec 2013

Labor Supply and Earned Income Tax Credit

Case study - 4 pages - Economy general

Poverty has long been an economic and political issue in the United States of America. Throughout the last century, several anti-poverty programs have been established. One of the most principal of these programs is the earned income tax credit, or EITC for short. The...

16 Aug 2013

Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources amongst unlimited and conflicting end uses

Case study - 2 pages - Economy general

In this world that we live in, there exists a problem due to the conflict between the scarcity of resources and the unlimited wants of the people. Economics is concerned with dealing with this problem, as efficiently as possible. Why, then, are resources scarce? The problem of scarcity arises due...

29 Nov 2012

Economics: Taxes and subsidies

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

There are two types of tax systems that work simultaneously in an economy. These two systems are called direct and indirect taxation. Both of these systems have different effects on the economy in terms of an incentive or disincentive. Direct taxation is levied on the income of people. They pay...

23 Aug 2012

'There can be little doubt that price is the most essential element in marketing mix'. Discuss, with reference to appropriate business examples.

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

As today's marketing becoming more complex than decades, entrepreneurs desire to seek a useful tool to make their product distinguish from others, in other words, to design a successful marketing campaign. Marketing mix is one of the essential approaches to make business strategy. Capon (2009)...

20 Aug 2012

The invalidity and critics to Pritchett's theory of 'Divergence: Big time'

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

The agenda of the recent G20 summit in Seoul, Korea, focused on economic recovery, sustainable world growth, and development, reveals that globalization and its effects are at the heart of the most important international debates. While world leaders are concerned with managing the future effects...

22 Aug 2011

Globalization and its impact: Case of Africa

Case study - 11 pages - Economy general

As defined by the Merriam-Webster English language dictionary, globalization is “the tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the globe and thereby increase the inter-connectivity of different markets.”...

24 Jun 2011

Monetary Policy: Efficient Markets Hypothesis

Case study - 15 pages - Economy general

The efficient markets hypothesis does not constitute a good approximation to reality, and is often violated to a substantial degree in financial markets. The efficient markets hypothesis states that the price of every stock equals the value of the stock, so no stock is a better buy than...

03 Mar 2011

Danone joint venture and rupture of Danone and Wahaha

Case study - 6 pages - Economy general

An international joint venture (it is most often) is a separate legal organizational entity in which at least two partners participate economically, geographically and legally independently of each other. The joint venture may be formed entirely on a new basis, or be the result of the merger of...

03 Mar 2011

The strategy of selling online by the natural cosmetics group L'Occitane (2006)

Case study - 18 pages - Economy general

It was decided to focus this topic on the cosmetics market as there is a certain passion for this field and the professional ambition is common, as there is an interest to eventually become a part of the cosmetics market. This is a dynamic market, which offers, many prospects in terms of...

03 Mar 2011

The Microsoft case

Case study - 19 pages - Economy general

When we talk about tying, it refers to the strategy of a firm that sells two different goods in a consignment. Thus the seller demands that when a consumer buys product A, he must also buy product B. With Windows 95, and especially with Windows 98, Microsoft has tied its Web browser, Internet...

16 Feb 2011

Global Wine Wars: New World, Old Challenges

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

In order to know if wine is a global or local industry we will assign a score between 1 and 5. (1 means that the assumption is not very accurate and 5 meaning that the assumption is totally accurate.) Globalization factors : •The consumption of wine is now worldwide...

03 Feb 2011

The Tourism sector in Chile: Chilean economy and Implantation of foreign companies

Case study - 8 pages - Economy general

Between 1973 and the early 1990s, Chile underwent a troubled political situation with a dictatorship situation of the government. Logically, the destinations in this situation remain on the sidelines of world tourism. But when the political crisis in Chile had subsided, giving way to democracy...

08 Oct 2010

E-business, three case studies : Spreadshirt,,

Case study - 8 pages - Economy general

Case 1 - is a new website which allows to create its own shirts, apparels and to personalize a lot of items (mugs, aprons, bags, etc..). It is a German company which received several prizes for its business idea (for instance, the Hewlett Packard Business Innovation Award...

29 Sep 2010

Management of Starbucks to Enter New Foreign Markets

Case study - 12 pages - Economy general

Starbucks is a company that is already 23 years old, and has been working internationally for 14 years. Starbucks is a Seattle, Washington- based coffee company. It buys, roasts, and sells whole bean coffees and coffee drinks through an international chain of retail outlets. From its beginnings...