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Worldwide threat assessment of the French Directorate-General for External Security

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  1. Global threats
    1. Domestic terrorism
    2. International terrorism
    3. Meddling between terrorism and organized crime
    4. The migration crisis
    5. Health and pollution
    6. Economy
    7. Energy supplying
    8. Cybersecurity
    9. Space development programs
  2. Regional threats
    1. Overseas departments and territories
    2. The European Union
    3. Africa
    4. Northern America
    5. Asia-Pacific
    6. The Middle East

- The year 2018 has been a really eventful year with unexpected changes in terms of international affairs and regional complexity.
- The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has been a game changer, discombobulating the international order as his predecessor left it.
- Non-state actors are acquiring the same means as state actors in order to model the world as they want.
- Regional tensions have been exacerbated, especially in south-east Asia and the Middle East, where the various actions of POTUS have not been well received.
- The terrorist groups are still thriving in the Sahel region, taking advantage of low state control and capacity.
- The conflicts in the Middle East and in northern Africa will still feed a massive stream of immigration, beefing up nationalists and populist feelings in Eastern Europe, jeopardizing the collaboration between member states of the EU.
- Climate change and pollution will soon be a massive global public health issue that only state will be able to tackle, if they don't fall into denial of this matter, increasing the migration flows and the risk of pandemic with massive amount of human displacement.
- The pollution will start to affect quite seriously our society as the air will become less and less breathable, and as a consequence, people in capital cities will start to develop illness.

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