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Louis Riel ( the Canadian Rebellion of 1885)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Louis Riel, voice of the Métis
  3. Which problems were behind the rebellion?
  4. The Rebellion was perceived differently throughout Canada
  5. The death of Louis Riel
  6. Conclusion

1885 was not the first Métis rebellion, the Métis had already rebelled in Red River in 1869.The Métis were against the sale to Canada of territories held by the Hudson's Bay Company Historically the Métis were separated into two groups. The first one was composed of French speaking Métis who were the descendants of fur traders from Quebec. Most were Roman Catholics. On the other hand, the second group was English speaking. They were the descendants of English and Scottish traders and were often protestant. Their fight had led to the creation of the province of Manitoba. The new province was self -governing. They had received special guarantees for the French language and the Catholic religion. They had even formed a provisional government.

Soon clashes appeared mostly after the execution of Thomas Scott; an Orangeman who had helped organize an armed opposition against the Métis.The reason for this execution can be explained by Riel's own words « we must make Canada respect us » . Louis Riel had to flee the province, a general amnesty was only proclaimed in 1875. The problem was that it was a qualified amnesty; Riel had to remain in exile for five years .

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