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Criminal law

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08 Jul 2013

Goals of punishment and their applications in corrections

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

In punishment, as in all aspects of our world, there is always a goal to an action. For this topic there are not one but five different goals related to punishment and the correctional system of the U.S. and abroad. These goals have evolved over the centuries to fit the needs of society at the...

07 May 2013

Alternatives measures for young offenders

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

As indicated in the introduction above, diversion is alternative measures that are giving to younger offenders who commit a minor crime too including their first offense. The very means to alternative measures are basically programs that stored in placed “that uses victim/offender mediation...

07 May 2013

Theories related to crime causation

Case study - 2 pages - Criminal law

There are theories that can vary greatly when it is related to crime causation. There are many different insights to the cause of crime. Many people have their own belief to why someone does what they do because they expect it is part of their human characteristics. Crime causation is commonly...

07 May 2013

Code of conduct in business

Case study - 2 pages - Criminal law

As ECG becomes more successful with new implementation of the code of conduct, the business has been running more smoothly by having all employees engaged in training sessions concerning the ethical standards within the organization at ECG. Businesses tend to have a great success, but there are...

06 May 2013

Code of Conduct: Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making

Case study - 2 pages - Criminal law

As a leader of an organization, there are many responsibilities that and leader must take on especially shaping the culture of ethics within the organization. Also as being a leader, operational management and responsibility play a bigger role in the organization when it come sustainability...

10 Sep 2012

Police misconduct

Case study - 4 pages - Criminal law

Police misconduct can be described as a violation, by a police officer, of a legal, ethical, or moral code while on duty. Police misconduct can still occur while off-duty so long as the officer uses, in some way, their status as a police officer to break these legal, ethical, or moral codes....

10 Sep 2012

Racial disparities in policing

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

Both institutional and cultural characteristics combine to contribute to racial disparities in policing, but it is my opinion that the institution is the stronger of the two influences. The structure of the institution promotes certain tactics, philosophies, and standard operating procedures that...

17 Aug 2012

The Patriot Act: Why it's Constitutional as well as vital to American Freedom

Essay - 13 pages - Criminal law

The Patriot Act is often thought to be a breach of civil liberties but in reality it is just an extension of laws that already exist. The Patriot Act allows investigators to use the tools that are already available in the investigations of counter terrorism within the world of organized crime and...

22 Jul 2011

Criminal Law

Thesis - 22 pages - Criminal law

What is an actus reus? An actus reus is more than just an act. It includes whatever circumstances and consequences that are required for liability for the offense in question which means that an actus reus is composed by all the elements of an offense other than the mental element. Some...

28 Jun 2011

Split Brain: 'Puccetti Defense'

Case study - 4 pages - Criminal law

Sitting uncomfortably in the court room next to your public defender, you look around the audience to see who has come to support you in this unique case. Seth Shabo is quietly sitting in the second row, staring straight into the center of the courtroom, and Tyler Doggett can be seen in...

29 Sep 2010

Is the adversarial system of criminal procedure more or less effective than an inquisitorial system in finding out the truth about an alleged offence? Advantages and disadvantages of adversarial and inquisitorial criminal procedure

Essay - 7 pages - Criminal law

As early as 1866, Faustin Helie, a French judge and legal author, underlined the idea of a necessary equilibrium between the interests of the society (which needs to be protected from infringements) and the interests of the accused persons (whose rights must be totally guaranteed) in the criminal...

29 Sep 2010

Criminal law: recklessness and negligence

Essay - 4 pages - Criminal law

Subject: “Risk takers” present problems for the courts. Critically discuss this statement with reference to the courts' management of defendants who claim “I did not think”, “I did foresee a risk and took it but I intended no harm”, “Awareness of a risk...

09 Aug 2010

Commonwealth v. Berkowitz 641 A.2d 1161 (1994)

Thesis - 3 pages - Criminal law

In the afternoon of April 19th, 1988, Robert Berkowitz was relaxing in his dorm room at East Stroudsburg State University in Pennsylvania. The victim, who will remain nameless, had been preparing for a day with her boyfriend. She drank a martini to pass the time, and walked to him dorm room in...

02 Aug 2010

Current criminal justice

Thesis - 4 pages - Criminal law

The United States has been plagued with the issue of marijuana use for quite some time. The current policy set in place requires the use of many resources to deal with such a minor defiance. As of now, courts are backlogged because of the high number of arrests for minor offenses. Many...

28 Jul 2010

People v. Kimball 311 N.W. 2d 343 (1981)

Thesis - 2 pages - Criminal law

This trial is about defendant James Kimball, a Sutton Bay, Michigan resident. He was charged with attempted unarmed robbery and sentenced to a 3 to 5 year term he appealed by leave, which was awarded. The case relates to an argument held at a local party store on May 21st, 1979. Kimball...

28 Jul 2010

State v. Ulvinen 313 N.W.2d 425 (Minn. 1981)

Thesis - 2 pages - Criminal law

Helen Ulvinen is the defendant in this case. She is the mother of David Hoffman, who killed his wife Carol. On the night of August 10th, to the morning of August 11th, David Hoffman choked his wife to death. There had been issues with Carol and Helen, and David had made references to his mother...

21 Jun 2010

The problem of modern piracy in international relations

Thesis - 2 pages - Criminal law

According to me, another major issue is that the UNCLOS treats only the cases of violence, detention or depredation committed on the high seas (e.g. outside the jurisdiction of any country). However, if people commit the same acts in the waters under the jurisdiction of a country, these actions...

12 Feb 2010

Consent to bodily harm and criminal law

Thesis - 5 pages - Criminal law

In R v Barnes [2005] 1 WLR Lord Woolf CJ considered the decision of the House of Lords in R v Brown [1994] AC 212 and the Court of Appeal in R v Dica [2004] QB 1257 and decided that it is clear that the rule and the exceptions to the rule that a person cannot consent to his being caused actual...

28 Dec 2009

Juvenile justice

Thesis - 3 pages - Criminal law

The juvenile justice system is different from the criminal justice system. Talking to a parent with a child who has broken the law means addressing the parent's concerns, discussing options specific to the case, and giving appropriate legal advice. The juvenile justice system, while...

01 Jun 2009

Plessy v. Ferguson: Utilizing the technique of shepardizing to see relationships among cases

Case study - 6 pages - Criminal law

In 1890, the Louisiana State legislature passed Act 111, also known as the Separate Car Act. This required white and African American people to be given “separate but equal” accommodations on railway trains. It required that: “All railway companies carrying...

08 May 2009

Drug related offenses

Thesis - 14 pages - Criminal law

In modern societies it is easy to recognize that consuming drugs is an every day reality. It is not only taking heroin or marijuana, but also smoking, taking painkillers, having a coffee, a tea or excessive intake of alcohol on Saturday as a required “Saturday night” obligation. The...

20 Apr 2009

Hair and fiber evidence

Thesis - 4 pages - Criminal law

Most trace evidence found at a crime undergoes forensic analysis for two main purposes: identification and comparison. Often tiny strange particles are found, and testing for identification purposes establishes exactly what the material is. Obviously, this is a vital step in determining if...

24 Mar 2009

Brown v Mississippi

Case study - 8 pages - Criminal law

Friday March 30th, 1934. A sixty-year old White planter from the Giles community in Mississippi, Raymond Stewart, was found mutilated at approximately 1 o'clock that day, in his house. The police had discovered his body, and requested a physician come. The wounds, large gashes that looked...

23 Mar 2009

Violence against women

Thesis - 5 pages - Criminal law

Despite the fact that women are much more likely to be killed then to kill, women charged with the murder of their violent male partners are further victimized by a legal system that has been constructed, interpreted and implemented to fit men's experience and homicidal responses. Current...

23 Mar 2009

The defense of provocation: The implications of the House of Lords' decision in Morgan Smith [2000] 3 WLR 654

Case study - 5 pages - Criminal law

The defense of provocation is a partial defense, pertinent only to murder. If successfully pleaded, liability is reduced to manslaughter. For the defense to succeed there are three requirements: (i) There must have been some act(s) or word(s) of provocation (ii) The defendant must have lost his...

13 Jan 2009

Justice depends on the identification of the individuals with their community

Thesis - 5 pages - Criminal law

Seyla Benhabib in The Claims of Culture reported the case of a young Laotian American woman abducted from her work at Fresno State University and then raped. Her assailant, a Hmong/Laotian immigrant, argued that among his tribe this behaviour is the customary way to choose a bride. He uses...

12 Jan 2009

Law of war crimes: command responsibility and the Yamashita precedent

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

In an interesting article from the Legal Times untitled ‘From the top on down'1, two American military judges, namely J.D. Hutson and J. Cullen, lay emphasis on the need to hold Secretary of Defence D. Rumsfeld accountable for abuses on his watch mostly directed at Afghans and Iraqis....

14 Oct 2008

Are sex offenders rehabilitative and should the government impose the death penalty on them?

Essay - 7 pages - Criminal law

Recent, emerging academic debate has polarised opinion as to whether rehabilitation programs geared towards the treatment of sex offenders are in fact successful in reducing “sexual recidivism” (Marques 1999). Resolving this debate is a difficult task due to the inherent limitations of...

20 Aug 2008

Criminal Law problem question

Essay - 9 pages - Criminal law

This document provides an analysis in answer to a criminal law problem question relating to the law of murder and manslaughter. The problem is set out as follows: Alan and Betty are contestants in the Big Sister game show. They do not get on and Alan feels that Betty is two faced....

18 Aug 2008

Tearing the tag off the mattress :Why over-criminalization is an escalating epidemic

Essay - 6 pages - Criminal law

Many law scholars and experts in the area of law and society can argue and disagree on many different issues. However, many can also agree on one thing and that is that the justice system suffers because of over criminalization. With outdated offenses, too many laws, and new...