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12 Dec 2007

The Criminalization of Our American Youths: Is Twenty-One an Unfair Drinking Age?

Essay - 2 pages - Civil law

Alcohol, a cheap easy way for many young American adults to enjoy a society which has cast selective freedoms which they fight and die for right out the window. An issue which has plagued young adults since its surfacing in 1984 under President Regan, should the legal drinking age for all...

07 Dec 2007

In the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Law case - 7 pages - Constitutional law

Plaintiff Karlene Kincaid alleges that defendant River Bluffs Community College retaliated against her for exercising her First Amendment right to free speech by terminating her employment contract with the college. Plaintiff claims that the letter to the editor she wrote...

07 Dec 2007

The Human Coyote: A Heroic Criminal?

Essay - 2 pages - International law

In all the various interrelated issues of the border, there is one central group that is essential to allowing immigrants to cross in the United States: the coyotes. Coyotes are smugglers who assist immigrants in getting across the border without getting stopped by the border patrol, or...

09 Oct 2007

Abortion Debate

Essay - 2 pages - Other law subjects

Throughout history there has been an ongoing struggle over abortion. The process of terminating a baby did not sit well with some and thus a debate arose. Advocates of free choice clashed with those who stood by more traditional ideals. Throughout the debates lifetime very little progress has...

27 Sep 2007

The Political Spectrum: A Different Approach

Essay - 9 pages - Other law subjects

The traditional left-right political spectrum we use to place politicians platforms is outdated. We carried this spectrum over from the French, and any citizen would be hard pressed to be able to even accurately define what the spectrum is measuring. We all know that on the right...

30 Aug 2007

Paradise Valley Hospital case study

Case study - 25 pages - Labor law

Karen Vogel - Director of Nursing Conflict - DON vs. Hospital Administrator Mr. Anderson's philosophy: “If you leave a problem alone long enough and it will go away” Karen sought guidance and support Mr. Anderson: “do your job or let someone else do it”...

29 Aug 2007

Either Way, Someone Is Playing God

Essay - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Once there was a man who hated his neighbor. Everyday there would be music blasting from the neighbor's house that disturbed the man trying to work. He had asked his neighbor to stop the noise politely many times, but the noise persisted. One day the man snapped and took one of the speakers and...

04 Jun 2007

Punitive Damages

Essay - 8 pages - Other law subjects

Although there is a debate over the purpose of punitive damages, it is generally admitted that their main goals are to deter and to punish wrongdoers : “punitive damages are designed to punish a defendant for grossly inappropriate actions and, in doing so, to deter future such actions...

20 Apr 2007

American law essay 3 : Bush v. Gore 531 U.S. 98 (2000)

Essay - 4 pages - Constitutional law

Bush v. Gore is a landmark decision of the Supreme Court in many regards. First because of its time constraint (the Electoral College had to meet on December 18th, which gave the Justices very little time to make a major decision), secondly because of its tremendous impact (the Court was given...

12 Apr 2007

Discuss the analysis and significance of the abduction and trial of Eichmann from an international law perspective, with reference to legal writing

Essay - 8 pages - International law

“The very concept of individual accountability - indeed - the very idea that an act could be ‘criminal' was antithetical to International law during much of its history […] With narrow exceptions, individuals held no rights and bore no responsibilities under International law,...

08 Mar 2007

The main differences between the civil and the common law systems

Thesis - 5 pages - European law

The majority of legal authors divide the legal systems in the world into two mains groups : the common law on the one hand and the civil law on the other hand . The most interesting is that when you try to find definitions for those words, you often find the basic definition and...

27 Feb 2007

"In sum, at night, young people seek excitement in cities, not safety": discuss the relationship between young people's leisure activities, crime and the fear of crime.

Essay - 8 pages - Criminal law

Young people's behaviours are seen in the society as a catalyser of change, a vector for social and moral evolution. Usually our societies, often driven by a sense of cautious conservatism, are prudent or even resistant towards youth's attitude. Contrary to the common thoughts youth delinquency...

16 Jan 2007

Principles and practices of consumer's protection within the European Union

Thesis - 19 pages - European law

The European Union aims at protecting the health, safety and economic well-being of its citizens. It promotes their rights to information, helps them safeguard their interests and encourages them to set up consumer associations. Consumer policy is designed to improve the quality of life of all...

05 Sep 2006

CASE No COMP/M.3099 : Areva / Urenco / ETC JV

Law case - 12 pages - European law

In its decision of the 6th October 2004, the European Commission has assessed the compatibility with the common market of the concentration of two firms from the nuclear industry sector, following the procedure laid down in the merger regulation. This concentration was proposed by the...

31 Aug 2006

What are the challenges facing the EU in its attempts to establish democratic institutional structures ?

Thesis - 7 pages - European law

“It is time to recognise that the Union has moved from a diplomatic to a democratic process, with policies that reach deep into national societies and daily life” . This statement by the European Commission subsumes ten years of political and academic on-going debate on the...

29 Aug 2006

International commercial arbitration

Essay - 4 pages - International law

International commercial arbitration is one of several forms of dispute resolution for international commercial agreements. The use of arbitration has increased along with the growth of international trade and commerce and the accompanying disputes springing from these pursuits. In its broadest...

18 Apr 2006

Under what circumstances do you think states should intervene in humanitarian crises?

Essay - 6 pages - International law

Humanitarian intervention deals with two academic fields: political philosophy and international law. The question of intervention depends on the morality and on the legality of the intervention. Is humanitarian intervention a moral duty for states? Is humanitarian intervention a right for...

31 Mar 2006

'The European Union Court of Justice is more relevant for the advance of the EU political unity than the Commission and the Parliament' - Discuss - publihed: 31/03/2006

Essay - 4 pages - European law

Its political role has being a big issue between the main theoricians of the European Union. The place of the European Parliament and the Commission in the process toward political unity is more obvious. The Commission, as the institution who has the power of initiative, can play a large role in...

08 Jul 2004

Corporate governance under English common law: The respective roles of executive and non executive directors

Thesis - 15 pages - Business law

The role of boards and its relationship to management must be clearly identified. The Companies Act provides that companies must have directors but does not define their functions. This is left to the articles of association, where the most undertaken practice consists of vesting the board of all...

26 May 2002

Under which conditions can the European Parliament decide legislative outcomes?

Essay - 5 pages - European law

As any national parliament, the European Parliament's role is mainly a legislative one even if, as opposed to national assemblies, it does not possess the exclusivity of the power to establish and vote the law. The development of the power of the Parliament belongs to a logic of increasing...

05 May 2002

Theory of direct effect

Thesis - 8 pages - European law

Born into the International order, the European Community law can touch people only through the juridical order of its Member State. Therefore arises the question about the relationship between EC law and domestic law. The EC law concerns much more directly individuals than the international law....

25 Feb 2002

The precautionary principle and its consequences upon the community legal order: gmos and bse

Essay - 28 pages - European law

Concentrating on the expression itself it is clear that the word "principle? implies a peculiar importance given to the "precaution?. It is to say that the principle of precaution is a principle of law, even if it is not clear how and where this scope has been given: some would say in Treaties,...

16 Nov 2001

Human rights and universality

Thesis - 13 pages - International law

We'll see that a mediate position can be found between what Donnelly has identified as radical cultural relativism (a) and radical universalism (b). Thus, it seems that a cross-cultural consensus can be found on the universality of some basic rights contained in the UDHR, whereas some other...

11 Oct 2000

Crimes Against Humanity And The Principles Of Legality: What Could the Potential Offender Expect?

Essay - 10 pages - International law

Les juges ne sont que la bouche qui prononce les paroles de la loi, des ĂȘtres inanimĂ©s qui ne peuvent ni en adresser la force ni la rigueur. " Charles de Secondat Montesquieu, L'esprit des Lois, Livre XI, Ch. III, 127 (1748). " If the interpretation of laws is evil, their...