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28 Mar 2011

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Presentation - 20 pages - Medical studies

Sexual dysfunctions are disorders that make it impossible for a person to have or enjoy intercourse. The term sexual dysfunction means difficult or painful sexual functioning. Some sexual dysfunctions may occur in both sexes,others are unique to one sex. Until fairly...

11 Mar 2010

Ectopic pregnancy

Presentation - 20 pages - Medical studies

Pregnancy that is implanted outside the uterine cavity at a site that by nature is not designed anatomically or physiologically to accept or permit growth of the conceptus. Doubling timing in normal intrauterine pregnancy is 48 hrs. Minimum 66 % [ range 65 - 100 %]...

22 Feb 2010

Acute glomerulonephritis: (Acute nephritic syndrome)

Presentation - 25 pages - Medical studies

CCF & Acute Pul Edema - Dyspnea, restlessness, may be hypotensive due to heart failure & shock. Hypertensive encephalopathy-drowsiness, convulsion, blurring of vision, headache. Nephrotic Syndrome-Mixed picture of NS+ AGN. Oligouria and hypertension persists...

07 Jul 2009

Applications and limitations of diagnostic imaging

Presentation - 58 pages - Medical studies

The traditional evaluation of the patient includes the history and physical examination and a well-planned set of diagnostic tests, often including imaging. Dramatic advances in imaging not only supplement the physical examination, but also now may begin to substitute for part of it. Medical...

30 Jun 2008

Food and water safety

Presentation - 21 pages - Medical studies

It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that the public has the right to safe food and water supply. The association supports collaboration among dietetic professionals, academics, representatives of the agricultural and food industries, and appropriate government agencies to...

28 Apr 2008

Sudden Cardiac Death

Presentation - 40 pages - Medical studies

Half of all cardiac deaths are sudden, accounting for approximately 300,000 deaths per year in the United States. SCD is death due to instantaneous, unanticipated circulatory collapse within 1 hour of initial symptoms and is often, but not always, due to a cardiac arrhythmia. More than 70% of all...

25 Apr 2008

Cells Involved in Immunity

Presentation - 22 pages - Medical studies

Development of T & B Lymphocytes Thymus-derived cells (T lymphocytes) mediate cellular immune responses; bone marrow-derived cells (B lymphocytes) are involved in humoral immunity. Both T and B lymphocytes are derived from precursor or stem cells in the marrow. Precursors of T cells...

25 Apr 2008

Atopic Disease

Presentation - 20 pages - Medical studies

Clinical manifestations resembling allergic hypersensitivity can also occur in the absence of an immunologic mechanism. Specific examples include nonallergic (intrinsic) asthma, which is triggered by the effect of inhaled dusts and fumes, weather changes, viral respiratory infections, and stress...

26 Sep 2007

Neuropathic Pain

Presentation - 33 pages - Medical studies

Neuropathic pain is defined as pain in association with nerve injury or dysfunction. It may be triggered by numerous insults including direct nerve injury, infection, metabolic dysfunction, autoimmune disease, neoplasm, drugs, and neurovascular disorders. It may reflect the...

26 Sep 2007


Presentation - 33 pages - Medical studies

Disorder of unknown etiology characterized by excessive sleepiness typically associated with cataplexy and other REM sleep phenomena, such as sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations. Commonly misconceived as representing low intelligence and/or poor motivation. Syndrome frequently...

26 Sep 2007

Nicotine Addiction

Presentation - 33 pages - Medical studies

70.3 million Americans above 12 years reported current use of tobacco (59.9 million were cigarette smokers, 13.7 million smoked cigars, 7.2 million used smokeless tobacco, 1.8 million smoked pipes). In the past month, 4 million American adolescents have used a tobacco product. ...

26 Sep 2007


Presentation - 30 pages - Medical studies

The stomach is a type of storage facility that receives all the things we ingest. Internally, it is lined by the mucosa, a pink layer similar to the one that we have in our mouth. Gastritis is a inflammation of the gastric mucosa, it can have different meanings and be understood by different...

26 Sep 2007

Assesment of Normal Pregnancy

Presentation - 48 pages - Medical studies

The diagnosis of pregnancy is usually made on the basis of a history of amenorrhea, an enlarging uterus, and a positive pregnancy test. Nausea and breast tenderness are also often present. It may be crucial to diagnose pregnancy before the first missed menstrual period to prevent exposure...

26 Sep 2007

Drugs, Cigarette Smoking & Alcohol During Pregnancy

Presentation - 26 pages - Medical studies

Teratogenicity has been established for only a few drugs, but many more are still not proved to be safe for use during pregnancy. The physician should have a good reason for prescribing any drug early in pregnancy, or indeed during the last half of the menstrual cycle, when any fertile, sexually...

26 Sep 2007

Prenatal Care

Presentation - 45 pages - Medical studies

Prenatal care as we know it today is a relatively new development in medicine. It originated in Boston in the first decade of this century. Before that time, the patient who thought she was pregnant may have visited a physician for confirmation but did not visit again until delivery was imminent....

26 Sep 2007

Normal Pregnancy

Presentation - 27 pages - Medical studies

Pregnancy (gestation) is the maternal condition of having a developing fetus in the body. The human conceptus from fertilization through the eighth week of pregnancy is termed an embryo; from the eighth week until delivery, it is a fetus. For obstetric purposes, the duration of pregnancy...

26 Sep 2007

Calculation of Gestational Age and Estimated Date of Confinement

Presentation - 26 pages - Medical studies

After the diagnosis of pregnancy is made, it is imperative to determine the duration of pregnancy and the estimated date of confinement (EDC). Normally, human pregnancy lasts 280 days or 40 weeks (9 calendar months or 10 lunar months) from the last normal menstrual period (LNMP). This may...

18 Sep 2007


Presentation - 22 pages - Medical studies

Adenosis is a term used to describe nonepithelialized columnar glandular epithelium in the vagina. At ~15th week of embryological development, the Mullerian system, which forms the upper 2/3 of the vagina, fuses with the invaginating cloaca, which forms the lower vagina. Squamous...

18 Sep 2007

Vaginismus (the inability of a woman to withstand penetration)

Presentation - 20 pages - Medical studies

Involuntary painful contraction of perineal muscles and levator ani prior to or during vaginal intercourse. The experience of or even the anticipation of pain on vaginal entry causes these muscles to contract, occluding the vaginal opening and causing further pain when penetration is attempted....

18 Sep 2007


Presentation - 28 pages - Medical studies

An acquired, slowly progressive depigmenting condition in small or large areas of the skin due to the disappearance of previously active melanocytes Focal (including segmental) vitiligo: 1 to a few scattered macules, occasionally in a dermatomal distribution Generalized vitiligo:...

17 Sep 2007

Vaginal Bleeding during Pregnancy

Presentation - 28 pages - Medical studies

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy has many causes and ranges in severity from mild (with normal pregnancy outcome) to life threatening for both infant and mother. Bleeding can vary from scant to excessive, from brown to bright red, and can be painless or painful. Causes can be divided into...

17 Sep 2007


Presentation - 32 pages - Medical studies

Sensation of movement when no movement is actually occurring. Results from peripheral or central causes or, in some instances, may be induced by medications or anxiety disorders. Patients who are elderly and have risk factors for cerebrovascular disease (CVD) are more likely to experience central...

30 Aug 2007

Pulmonary Hypertension

Presentation - 23 pages - Medical studies

It occurs when the blood pressure abnormally raises in the arteries that take the blood from the heart to the lungs. This pressure is not the same one that is measured in the medical doctor's office. When the cause of this illness is pulmonary emphysema or an heart illness...

30 Aug 2007


Presentation - 31 pages - Medical studies

Glaucoma is an alteration where the pressure of the liquid that fills the ocular globe abnormally increases, beyond the eye can tolerate. When this pressure, called intra-ocular tension, is bigger than the normal one, the risk of damages to the eyes increases. Glaucoma is caused...

29 Aug 2007


Presentation - 30 pages - Medical studies

Illness provoked by the deficiency of production and/or action of insulin, that drives to acute symptoms and chronic complications. The disease involves the metabolism of glucose, fats and proteins and has serious consequences in either if it appears quickly as when it is installed...

28 Aug 2007

Uterine Myoma

Presentation - 33 pages - Medical studies

When numerous large tumors (especially intraligamentary mommas) are found, total abdominal hysterectomy is indicated. If the ovaries are diseased or if their blood supply has been destroyed, oophorectomy is necessary; otherwise, the ovaries should be preserved. Ovaries generally are...

23 Aug 2007


Presentation - 63 pages - Medical studies

Consciousness, the awareness of self and environment, requires both arousal and mental content; the anatomic substrate includes both reticular activating system and cerebral cortex. Coma is a state of unconsciousness that differs from syncope in being sustained and from sleep in being less easily...

31 Jul 2007

Management and Prognosis of Heart Failure

Presentation - 121 pages - Medical studies

The cardinal manifestations of heart failure are (1) dyspnea and fatigue, which may limit exercise tolerance, and (2) fluid retention, which may lead to pulmonary and peripheral edema. Both abnormalities can impair the functional capacity and quality of life of affected individuals. In addition,...

31 Jul 2007

Glucocorticosteroids in Relation to Inflammatory Disease

Presentation - 42 pages - Medical studies

For more than 50 years, glucocorticosteroids have been important agents in treating diseases characterized by inflammation and exaggerated immune responses. The pioneering work of Hench and colleagues in rheumatoid arthritis showed the possible potency of these agents in such pathologic states....

31 Jul 2007

Applications of Statistics in the Medical Area

Presentation - 49 pages - Medical studies

The sound practice of medicine requires the ability to use scientific evidence that is based on data and is published in the peer-reviewed medical literature. In this literature, investigators publish their findings using descriptive statistics to summarize data and inferential statistics to test...