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Case studies in physics

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12 Feb 2015

Effects of addition of Nitrogen on Ph and availability of Soil Nutrients

Case study - 3 pages - Physics

Sol N has dominated plant biomass in entire treatments. Low and high nitrogen diverge with Mat R and Sol N creating a difference significantly in production as the second generation ends. The low N composition is dominated by Mat R at the fifth generation and...

19 Jan 2015


Case study - 7 pages - Physics

Thermodynamics is the part of physics that studies the phenomena related to labor, energy, heat and entropy, and the laws that govern the energy conversion processes. Although we all have a sense of what is energy, it is very difficult to make a precise definition for it. In fact physics accepts...

10 Jul 2014

The effects of NaCl on seed germination (Seeds used are from the Family Solanaceae and Brassicaceae)

Case study - 5 pages - Physics

In agricultural production, soil salinity has been a major contributing factor to soil degradation. Salinity inhibits the plant germination due to ionic and osmotic effects. Though, different plant species and families have developed coping mechanisms to defeat this vice. Osmotic potential...

05 Dec 2013

Characterization of a distillation column using a binary ethanol-water mixture

Case study - 40 pages - Physics

In this study, we characterized a batch distillation column to determine the optimal operating conditions for the extraction of a valuable dye from a binary ethanol-water mixture. We tested the column at varying charge compositions and heat input values to determine the most effective and...

20 Nov 2007

Gas Chromatography

Case study - 4 pages - Physics

Chromatography is a technique used to separate and analyze chemicals. It was initially discovered in the early 1900's by chemist Mikhail Tsvett who was researching chlorophyll to separate plant pigments.1 The components undergoing separation are divided into two phases, a stationary phase, and a...

09 Oct 2007

Ka and Buffer Titrations

Case study - 2 pages - Physics

As living things, we are highly sensitive to changes in our environment; this doesn't only mean changes outside our body, but changes from within also. For the cells in our bodies to function properly a certain temperature and pH has to be maintained. Even a slight change in pH inside our bodies...

26 Sep 2007

Experiment: Mole Ratios, Limiting and Excess Reactants and Precent Yield

Case study - 4 pages - Physics

The purpose of this lab is as follows: To use mole ratios to predict the amount of precipitate formed, to use mole ratios to study the effect of reactant molarity on the yield of product, to use mole ratios to study limiting and excess reactants, and to design an experiment which achieves the...

26 Sep 2007

Chemical Changes

Case study - 6 pages - Physics

The purpose of this lab was to find out the indications of chemical changes and reactions when mixing two different substances, which are listed specifically in the Observations section. The purpose is also to find out how a percent by mass solution is made up. The data and observations that is...