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Kinesiology Exam

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  1. Introduction
  2. Involvement in physical activities and its influences on the development of self-perceptions
  3. Distinguishing between the 'real' self and the 'ideal' self
  4. Difference in the effects of physical activities on boys and girls
  5. The effects of parents, coaches, and peers on youth development
    1. Development from early childhood through adolescence
    2. Parents and the children's experience with sports
    3. The influence of coaches
  6. Conclusion

A developmental perspective in research involves describing an individual's psychological, social, and behavioral changes across a span of time. It also assesses the similarities and differences in changes observed over time between individuals. The study may cover a lifespan, which constitutes infancy through adult hood, or limit its participants to a specific category such as children or the elderly.

[...] Parents may fail to express love and encouragement towards their children and feedback may be cruel and hurtful. These children suffer from severely low levels of self-perception. Both extremes exhibit false perceptions due to the limited sources available to pool from as well as young children's inabilities to think on a pragmatic, sophisticated level. Children are also unable to distinguish between their self and their self early in development. Children do not desire higher competence in certain areas because they are convinced they are already the best. [...]

[...] Sport competence also decreases after first grade which is supported by the unrealistically high self-perception young children have. Interestingly competence does decrease for both genders however it decreases more rapidly for boys. Self-perception in the physical domain is subject to an enormous amount of fluctuation throughout early development. Boys and girls are independently affected by the process of development in this domain due to stereotypes regarding discrepancies between masculine and feminine roles Compare/contrast the effects of parents, coaches, and peers on youth development in movement settings. [...]

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