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17 May 2009

The British passion for sports: Its particularities and its limits

Thesis - 8 pages - Sports

The former British athlete Sebastian Coe declared on the 12th November that “he wanted to tap into United Kingdom's passion for sports” by presenting the London Olympic bid. It is indeed undeniable that sports have a significant place in British society. There are at least 36...

12 May 2009

Football and globalization

Thesis - 12 pages - Sports

“The world is a global village in which everything tends to be known. Or at least, can be known. Universal references exist, people who can be identified at once from Tokyo to Berlin, via Los Angeles, Dakar, Buenos Aires or Melbourne. But football is the most globalized phenomenon. Georges...

07 May 2009

International professional experience, IPEX, Brant lake Camp, program ICCP YMCA

Thesis - 6 pages - Sports

From the 6th of June to the 24th of August I was working in Brant Lake Camp as a kitchen staff. Brant Lake Camp is located in New York's Adirondack State Park about four hours driving time north of New York City. Brant Lake Camp is located on a 6-mile long, crystal clear lake, nested in New...

24 Apr 2009

Essays on (1. Causes and ways of preventing common injuries in male senior soccer) and (2. The examination of the systems of play and the underlying principles of play that featured in the successful execution of a goal.)

Thesis - 7 pages - Sports

Essay 1. - It is a well known fact that no athlete wants to have an injury, no matter how small or large the effects are on the individual's sporting performance and total fitness. This essay attempts to identify common injuries, the causes of these injuries and ways of prevention within...

24 Apr 2009

Observation and analysis of attacking play in soccer.

Thesis - 6 pages - Sports

This essay analyzes the players in possession (attackers) shown in the video clip provided. It provides a description and analysis of the performance and addresses the basic techniques, skills and principles of play evident. It attempts to illustrate how the passage of play by the attackers could...

24 Apr 2009

Sports injuries within the sport of male senior football

Thesis - 5 pages - Sports

During the dissertation study it is intended to investigate and discover if male senior football players are more prone to injury during pre-season rather than in season and if so why. Braham, et al (2003) stated that ‘17% (1025) of the total number of injuries over the two seasons...

18 Mar 2009

The National pastime

Thesis - 5 pages - Sports

Under the clouds and the summer sun the excitement in no way fails, the craze never stops and the fun on no account ends. The National Pastime's roots can be traced as early as the 18th century, the sensation still continues and marks its own way to the heart and soul of everyone. Who...

12 Mar 2009

Steroids and sport

Thesis - 8 pages - Sports

The idea of doping in sport is not a new one, in fact it is said to have roots as far back as 1876 when a highly regarded Professor of medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland took some athletes from his university into the mountains to introduce them to the South American coca leaves (the root source of...

16 Jan 2009

The Olympic cities (2006)

Essay - 4 pages - Sports

Last decades have been marked, assuredly, by the growing internationalization of cities and this increased autonomy of local actions, beyond the national scale, is a particularly relevant frame to study the Olympic phenomenon. As a matter of fact, several scales are represented and interacting in...

09 Jan 2009

Does Décathlon have the optimum STP to maximize its growth?

Essay - 10 pages - Sports

The French sports article market is doing well, with good opportunities in the medium term. However it is a very competitive market and newcomers do not hesitate to implement aggressive strategies. In 2003, the French sports article market was the most important in the whole of Europe with a...

25 Sep 2008

Federal Baseball Club v. National League and the precedent for MLB antitrust exemption

Essay - 11 pages - Sports

Few aspects of American life generate the sense of national identity associated with baseball. Through its development in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and its dominance of the national cultural landscape over much of the past one hundred years, it has established a uniquely...

05 Aug 2008

The 1919 World series: Effects of a scandal

Case study - 8 pages - Sports

Considering the belief that “[except] for motherhood and the flag, no institution stood more for what was good and true about America than baseball,” America was shocked to learn that her prized pastime was just as corruptible as anything else (Miller 200). The 1919 Baseball...

02 Jun 2008

The Sociological Aspects of the Globalization of Soccer in the United States

Essay - 5 pages - Sports

Through an extensive review of related literature, the present study intended to investigate the sociological aspects of the globalization of soccer in the United States. The key findings are as follows: 1) poorer countries suffer from “leg drain” over the richest soccer clubs,...

22 May 2008

Athletes, Above the Law or Usual Suspect?

Essay - 4 pages - Sports

An alarming number of professional athletes are joining the ranks of America's dissidents and depraved populations. Criminals are now wearing the colors of the Dallas Cowboys instead of the blue dungarees of prisoners. So far this year over 134 athletes within franchise...

22 Apr 2008

"Mom, why is Black Beauty in the back of that semi?" Truths of Modern Day Horse Slaughter

Case study - 3 pages - Sports

The Black Stallion, Mr. Ed, My Friend Flicka, all reminders of the American icon that has been so closely tied to our past. Horses have served humans throughout our American History, carrying us on their backs through the Wild West, tiling our fields, pulling wagons and carriages, even carrying...

20 Nov 2007

Developmental Sport & Exercise Psychology

Course material - 2 pages - Sports

Motivational processes vary across the lifespan. Children are motivated by different factors than older adults. In class we discussed the importance of motivating people to lead physically active lives beginning in childhood and continuing throughout older adulthood to maintain good health and...

20 Nov 2007

Kinesiology Exam

Course material - 4 pages - Sports

A developmental perspective in research involves describing an individual's psychological, social, and behavioral changes across a span of time. It also assesses the similarities and differences in changes observed over time between individuals. The study may cover a lifespan, which constitutes...

20 Nov 2007

Ethics Paper: Performance Enhancement Substances

Essay - 3 pages - Sports

Athletes voluntarily agree to partake in sporting competitions. These contests require opponents to promise to play the game, at the same time, and under the same conditions.7 Performance enhancement substance use is a core ethical issue in sports today. Some athletes feel the use of steroids and...

13 Nov 2007

Exercise Physiology Lab

Case study - 6 pages - Sports

Exercise causes numerous physiological changes in the body. Body temperature increases during exercise because heat is generated in proportion to our need to produce energy. Sweat is a by product of the body heat generated and is sent to the surface of the skin to evaporate and serves as a...

09 Nov 2007

The Perfect Mile

Essay - 3 pages - Sports

Neal Bascomb's The Perfect Mile is a great book about three runners who all have the desire to accomplish the unthinkable; a mile in under four minutes. Wes Santee, John Landy, and Roger Bannister were all after this difficult task, each representing a different country. Bascomb follows the...

09 Nov 2007

How to Increase Visibility and Marketability of Normally Non-Revenue Sports

Essay - 4 pages - Sports

While only a few sports manage to accede above and beyond expectations, so many sports struggle to become great a sporting event. This report will go over ways in which sports that struggle with revenue can increase their visibility and marketability in the sports world. There are many untapped...

09 Nov 2007

Sexual Discrimination among Individual Athletes

Essay - 2 pages - Sports

Sexual discrimination is problem that many athletes deal with regardless of their sex. Women more often deal with sexual discrimination, but even guys deal with this problem. Although sexual discrimination is still a problem today, it is not the same issue it used to be thanks to Title IX. Women...

09 Nov 2007

PRE by Tom Jordan

Essay - 2 pages - Sports

In the late 60's and early 70's, there was a great distance runner by the name of Steve Prefontaine. Steve, also called “Pre” for short, had an illustrious running career, which has inspired runners to this day to work hard and have the desire to win. Pre's running career began when he...

09 Nov 2007

Bowerman and the Men of Oregon

Essay - 5 pages - Sports

A coach by the name of Bill Bowerman sets out to change the lives of many young college students through their abilities in track and field. Bowerman, a famous coach from the University of Oregon not only coaches Olympians but prepares them for the real world after college. He is also the...

08 Oct 2007

Get More Junk!

Essay - 5 pages - Sports

We've all been there; the legs feel tired, the heart is pounding and the body's exhaust systems are beginning to shut down- and the workout is just starting to wind down! The question is, how much should you cool down? “Junk miles”, as they are generally known, are the miles that serve...

04 Oct 2007

Against All Odds: Black Athletes in the 1970s: Hank Aaron and the Morgan State Bears

Essay - 8 pages - Sports

America has always fallen in love with their athletes. Little kids look up to them as heroes, trying to emulate them in every way they can. Athletes provide people, especially those with little or no material means, with the hope that they can one day become great. During the racially charged...

12 Sep 2007

We must seek complex solutions to our complex problems that have been mistaken to be linear and thus solved linearly

Essay - 3 pages - Sports

The game Battleship™™ exhibits a system in which there are linear solutions to linear problems: bomb cells that surround the areas of downed Battleship™s. Those who believe that reality is linear believe that this game represents it well. The currently evolving Information Age has...

05 Sep 2007

The Unforgettable Series of 1964

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Sports

During the 1964 season, the race was on for the National and American League Pennants. The New York Yankees and the Cardinals became the champions of their leagues, but the road was bumpy along the way. Still, in the end, the better team won. The Yankee management had been taken over by...

05 Sep 2007

Managerial Styles That Lead to Success or Failure in the 1964 Season

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Sports

In 1964, the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals played in the World Series. It was more than just a game. It was a battle between the older American culture and the modern culture that evolved postwar. Both teams were originally formed under the same management style and organizational...

04 Sep 2007

The Analytical Evaluation of Mickey Mantle as a Hero

Essay - 2 pages - Sports

Throughout the history of sports, athletes have been looked upon as heroes. The idolatry of athletics in America has been socially constructed. Adolescents often dream about one day becoming a professional athlete. Athletes are viewed as having the best of both worlds: play the game they love and...