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10 Nov 2023

The WidgetTech Customer Satisfaction Survey

Case study - 3 pages - Clients and users behaviour

WidgetTech is a leading technology company that specializes in manufacturing and selling cutting-edge widgets. Over the past few years, WidgetTech has experienced a significant drop in customer satisfaction scores. Their customers, who come from a wide range of industries,...

09 Aug 2010

The relationship between internal customers and customer satisfaction

Thesis - 2 pages - Management

Customer satisfaction is one of the major indicators of the performance of a company. If the requirements and expectations of the customers are met or even exceeded without using excessive resources, then customer satisfaction is guaranteed. It is claimed that...

22 Jul 2010

Measuring customer satisfaction in industrial markets

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

Customer satisfaction is a fundamental concept of marketing that has been the source of many studies in the consumer market. Measuring customer satisfaction is a process that is now well assimilated and widely used by companies in B to B transactions. The question...

27 Jul 2010

Assessing and improving customer satisfaction

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

In a world of commercial competition at present, customer satisfaction is a key data that leads to business success. The manager needs to provide tools to determine objectively and accurately the needs of his customers and determine their satisfaction and track...

15 Jun 2009

A study on customer's satisfaction on Pantaloons

Case study - 23 pages - Services marketing

Retailing, it's an emerging trend in the India and Hyderabad is not far behind which is also witnessing the stupendous growth and opportunities presented by this sector. The term Retailing is defined as “All activities involved in selling goods and services directly to final consumers for...

16 Apr 2009

Market research on customer satisfaction survey for Henkel (B2B)

Case study - 42 pages - Services marketing

This research was implemented to determine the level of Customer Satisfaction with Henkel Products and Services. It is a Business to business (B2B) research. The approach adopted for conducting the research includes surveys and personal interviews conducted in May 2008. Henkel deals...

20 Apr 2009

Credit appraisal process and customer satisfaction on home loans with reference to ING Vysya Bank Ltd

Market study - 46 pages - Business strategy

The changes after liberalization and globalization process was initiated in 1991 had a significant impact on the financial sector. In India, housing finance segment has increased in the recent years. Boost to housing can rejuvenate the economy. The success of the housing companies in the market...

13 May 2009

Are customer's management softwares and quality customer service key elements to gain customer's satisfaction and build loyalty?

Thesis - 24 pages - Management

Nowadays, companies possess lot of tools in order to gain customer's satisfaction and build loyalty. They understood that they have to focus on customers in order to increase profit more than before. Indeed, by focusing on customer's satisfaction they build...

17 Mar 2009

Customer satisfaction with regard to Xerox photocopier: Xerox India Limited

Case study - 36 pages - Management

The documentation industry is expanding at a rate of more than 20% and the world majors have recognized the Indian market as a lucrative area. They are present in India either through joint ventures or through 100 percent subsidiaries. The high import duties, which had tilted the balance in favor...

04 Sep 2009

In the magic land of CRM in bank management: Needs and strategies for sublime customer satisfaction

Thesis - 8 pages - Business strategy

Irrespective of whether it is a public sector bank or a private sector bank; a regional rural bank or a foreign bank all banks commonly store details of tens of thousands of customers and prospects - both in a corporate database and in discrete documents on the desktops of individual...

29 Apr 2009

Customer satisfaction level towards American Express in India

Thesis - 24 pages - Business strategy

This is an overall study of the organization of American Express Bank Ltd. where it's working environment and various policies and practice are studied. The methodology used was conducting personal interview with all the functional manager departmental head and sales executives. Collect the...

31 Mar 2009

A Study on customer satisfaction towards Cipla products

Market study - 40 pages - Business strategy

Satisfaction is an important element in the evaluation stage. Satisfaction refers to the buyer's state of being adequately rewarded in a buying situation for the sacrifice he has made. Once the customers purchase and use the product they may then either be satisfy or...

03 Apr 2009

Research on customer satisfaction for the services of Hutchison-Essar

Case study - 25 pages - Business strategy

After the globalization of the Indian economy in 1991 the tele communication sector remained one of the most happening sectors in India. The recent years witnesses rapid and dramatic changes in the field of tele communications. In the last few years more and more companies both foreign, domestic,...

05 Mar 2009

A study on comparative analysis of customer satisfaction

Case study - 48 pages - Services marketing

Marketing is the business function that identifies customer needs and wants, determine which target market the organization can best serve, designs appropriate products, services and programs to serve these markets, and calls upon every one in the organization to “think and save...

02 Apr 2009

The concept of loyalty and identifying the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (Tesco)

Dissertation - 75 pages - Business strategy

Traditionally, marketing has focused on market shares and customer acquisition rather than on retaining existing customers and on building long-lasting relationships with them (Kotler, 2003). More recently, however, market share has been gradually losing its revered status as...

08 Oct 2015

Causes of employee and customer dissatisfaction

Essay - 3 pages - Management

Employee dissatisfaction in the HR department of the public sector is a matter of if employees within the HR department are happy with their jobs. It is through employee satisfaction survey that employee satisfaction can be measured. Such survey address such topics as workload,...

29 Sep 2010

Comparison of customers'satisfaction and delivered quality in case of McDonald's and Burger King

Essay - 33 pages - Services marketing

McDonald's is the leading foodservice retailer globally with over30,000 local restaurants serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries daily. More than 70% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women. The Burger King operates over...

20 Nov 2023

Launching a Satisfaction Inquiry

Presentation - 26 pages - Communication

- Identify Your Target Audience: Clearly define the group of people you want to survey. Understand their demographics, preferences, and behaviors. This knowledge will help you tailor your approach. - Choose the Right Distribution Channels: Select the most appropriate distribution channels based...

05 Aug 2022

Apprenticeship in Customer Service Support (CSS)

Diploma Thesis - 10 pages - Foreign markets

CSS service accompanies the sales representatives in order to support them for the cotations of the existing customers. While they are prospecting new customers or anything else, already known customers can send us a cotation request to ship their goods around the world. The...

25 Jul 2022

Customer Orientation

Course material - 3 pages - Marketing theories

The approach of customer orientation can be explained in companies that highly value and give their customers a lot of importance. Such companies are said to be customer oriented. According to Bhasin (2018), their marketing strategies get designed with their customers...

07 Nov 2014

Customer Relationship Management in Riyadh Bank

Case study - 15 pages - Management

Customer Relationship Management is a tool for attracting and retaining customers that a business has identified as potentially profitable in the long term. CRM can help businesses to build sustainable competitive advantage and protect their market share from possible erosion by new...

13 Nov 2014

Customer service improvement

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Anacceptable standard of customer service policy is becoming a major component in various business organizations due to the increased completion and customer awareness. The standard policy is essential to the management, employees and the potential customers. They enable the...

27 Jan 2011

Customer relationship management in the pharmaceutical industry

Dissertation - 35 pages - Management

This document examines issues and approaches to various business strategies focused on different clients of French pharmaceutical laboratories. The idea was to reconcile two opposing stances: the industrial way of working opposed by a need to strengthen the image that the public has of the...

17 Nov 2013

Starbucks: Delivering customer service

Case study - 3 pages - Management

By 2002, Starbucks had already been established as an unarguable leader on the US Specialty Coffee Market. However, recent market research is causing some concerns to the top management of the company. It indicates that the level of customer satisfaction declines. In order to...

10 Jan 2011

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-Commerce

Dissertation - 56 pages - Economy general

The twenty first century has seen a lot of changes in the business world. New business models have been developed, networks have increased, and certain concepts have evolved and become indispensable. Before the arrival of supermarkets, people used to shop at their neighborhood grocery store. But...

13 Apr 2009

Customer relationship management in banks

Thesis - 25 pages - Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is at the core of any customer-focused business strategy and includes the people, processes and technology questions associated with marketing, sales and service. Simply stated, CRM is about finding, getting and retaining customers. The...

18 Jan 2011

Dell's customer relationship management (CRM) strategy

Thesis - 11 pages - Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most efficient systems which could be implanted in a company for its success. CRM is a process, a data mining, a technology and a philosophy base on the customer which aims to strengthen the relationship between the...

28 Aug 2009

Customer relationship marketing

Thesis - 10 pages - Services marketing

Traditional marketing strategies focused on the four Ps (price, product, promotion, and place) to increase market share. The main concern was to increase the volume of transactions between seller and buyer. Volume of transactions is considered a good measure of the performance of marketing...

29 Sep 2010

Investing in customers

Essay - 10 pages - Services marketing

Investment is the choice by the individual to risk his savings with the hope to acquite a profitable gain. Indeed, in the best cases, the acquisition of an asset is the consequence of the expectation of future flows of income that will exceed the initial cost of the acquisition. Customer,...

16 Jan 2009

The building of customer loyalty and retention strategies in sports marketing

Essay - 23 pages - Services marketing

The research in this dissertation focuses on the building of customer loyalty and retention strategies in sports marketing with the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) as an example. This research aims to provide the factors which influence customer loyalty from a sports...