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27 May 2009

Maintaining records in a library using C++

Dissertation - 84 pages - Computer science

The language used in the project is C++. C++ is a very good tool for the Object-Oriented programming. It provides all features of object-oriented programming. The foremost advantage of object-oriented programming is the Re usability feature. The project is a Library system, which is developed...

30 May 2009

Mutual funds and their investment options

Tutorials/exercises - 42 pages - Finance

A mutual fund is a pool of money, collected from investors, and is invested according to certain investment options. A mutual fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. A mutual fund is created when investors put their money together. It is...

04 Jun 2009

Fitzgerald and Borges: The desire for the absolute

Thesis - 5 pages - Literature

F. Scott Fitzgerald?s The Great Gatsby and Jorge Luis Borges?s ?El Aleph? can be said to share a structural framework or paradigm which takes the form of a paradox. This paradox concerns the fact that desire is at once finite, because it becomes substantialized in an object, and infinite, because...

11 Jun 2009

A high level language abstraction for reconfigurable computing

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

The gain of SVC depends upon the type of reactive power load for optimum performance. As the load and input wind power conditions are variable, the gain setting of SVC needs to be adjusted or tuned. In this paper, an ANN based approach has been used to tune the gain parameters of the SVC...

18 Jun 2009

Performance appraisal in Coca-Cola company ltd

Thesis - 26 pages - Human resources

Since organizations exist to achieve goals, the degree of success that individual employees have in reaching their individual goals is important in determining organizational effectiveness. The assessment of how successful employees have been at meeting their individual goals, therefore, becomes...

03 Sep 2009

An overview of QTP

Thesis - 9 pages - Computer science

QTP is a functional testing tool and product of HP. It contains several features for automating the testing. It is divided into five parts- Test pane, Active screen, Data table, Debug viewer pane, Tool option. Add-in manager is special feature in QTP. Vbscript, Active X, Web are the default...

28 Feb 2010

The plot against people: Critical analysis

Thesis - 3 pages - Literature

In “The Plot Against People,” Russell Baker writes about inanimate objects and the three major categories they can be classified in; those that don't work (A), those that break down (B), and those that get lost (C). The way this essay works is that Baker describes various objects with...

05 Apr 2010

Using a meta-modeling knowledge management layer: A new approach to designing the enterprise information architecture

Thesis - 10 pages - Computer science

As organizations continue to evolve with Inter/Intranet -based applications in this fast moving era of electronic commerce, organizations should adopt an Information technology architecture that conserves knowledge and enables decision-makers to use information systems at an even higher level of...

07 Apr 2010

Internal communication: A strategic marketing communication framework

Thesis - 12 pages - Services marketing

Twenty first century leaders in all sectors, private, public and not-profit, are declaring and emphasizing the role of effective and strategic internal communication to the success of the organization. This paper briefly positions internal communication and within its scope, analyses the...

29 Sep 2010

In-store versus online visual

Dissertation - 117 pages - Services marketing

The purpose of this dissertation is to identify the differences and similarities of in-store versus online visual merchandising in the fashion industry and the representation of accepted high street techniques in the 2D online world, and their effects on consumer behavior. In order to achieve...

29 Sep 2010

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs): Reactions of Developed Countries

Dissertation - 70 pages - Finance

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) have attracted increasing attention during the last few years, mainly due to their intervention in the rescue of the American and European financial systems. This intervention came at a time when the other financial systems were in a financial and economic turmoil....

29 Sep 2010

Sustainable development in the electricity sector - the examples of France and Great Britain

Market study - 24 pages - Ecology & environment

It has been put in evidence that 85 percent of the energy consumed by humans comes from fossil fuels. This statement pointed out one of the most important problems currently faced by humans. The generation of energy depends on the use of fossil fuels. The problem which appears is that these fuels...

03 Mar 2011

The instability of the international financial system and the proposals for reform proposals

Dissertation - 193 pages - Economy general

In 1997, an earthquake hit Asian stock exchanges, the shock wave reached Russia a year later, and then Latin America, including Brazil in 1999. To the world, these crises have been a succession of real and financial shocks of exceptional magnitude. Far from having exogenous origins, this global...

25 Mar 2015

Central banks & monetary policy

Case study - 7 pages - Educational studies

Most of central banks presume that financial stability has policy responsibility. In a few situations where the central bank is faced with legal objective that is explicit for stability in finance, objective is of a wide range and the responsibility of central banks far reaching....

23 Mar 2011

Luxury brands on the Internet - between irony and opportunities

Dissertation - 81 pages - Services marketing

The image of the luxury sector on the market is that of selectivity and the scarcity. The challenge for luxury brands is to transmit a burst of accessibility while addressing a segment of consumers, who are the affluent class. Thus, the Internet, which is defined as a mass medium, seems to be...

15 Feb 2013

Creating and measuring shareholder value in British corporations

Case study - 15 pages - Business strategy

The shareholder value in business industry is the most commonly used term in present age. The wildfire of equity culture is quickly spreading from United States to the whole world business industry and it has been grasped as critical today as it was in the last few decades. In United Kingdom the...

12 May 2011

Teens: A new marketing target

Thesis - 20 pages - Services marketing

The purpose of this project is to understand why adolescents are an important target and that it cannot be ignored by brands in these modern times. Indeed, companies spending on advertising for teenagers have exploded in recent years. The two main objectives of this project are: firstly to...

27 Jul 2006

Music, emotion and Zipf's law

Essay - 59 pages - Linguistics

The hypothesis of Zipf concerning a universal Principle of Least Effort, manifesting itself in Zipf 's law and modeled by Ferrer i Cancho and SolĀ“e in a signal-object reference matrix, gave rise to the idea that maybe the elements in music that elicit our emotional responses...

27 Jul 2006

How do companies maximize the return on corporate philanthropy?

Essay - 36 pages - Business strategy

Corporate philanthropy has been common for the last 50 years. After the mid 1990's companies started to align their philanthropy programs with the business interests. This results in a convergence of social and economic objectives: strategic corporate philanthropy. But what is the return...

23 Nov 2006

Initial Public Offerings: an Outlook through Game Theory

Essay - 16 pages - Finance

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have a very special place in contemporary economics and finance. They represent the entrance on a deep and liquid market with access to almost unlimited reserves of capital from all over the world. But IPOs appear also as a short-term fund-raising tool, especially...

29 Nov 2006

Estimating market risk premium using Markov switching : Tunisian Case

Dissertation - 97 pages - Finance

The general increase in volatility of the …nancial markets can be partly explained by the growing uncertainly of the economic environment. It is, on the other hand, a reflection of the growing efficiency and integration of the financial markets allow the almostinstantaneous move of capital...

28 Feb 2007

Discuss the main factors that determine product prices in the UK

Essay - 3 pages - Economy general

Predicting firms' behaviour and reactions to events is central for recent microeconomics. Economists have indeed put forward many theories to analyse firms' behaviour, main decisions of economic interest relate to outputs, investment, technology and above all prices which is the object of this...

03 Dec 2007

Kindergarten Lesson Plan Title: Counting and Sorting Turkeys!

Course material - 2 pages - Educational studies

The students will be able to demonstrate their ability to count objects and to sort those objects by how many feathers the turkeys have. The students will be able to identify same and different by the attributes of color, shape, size, and kind and sort those turkeys by their differences. The...

09 Feb 2008

Gender Inversion and Spectator Identity in Silence of the Lambs

Essay - 5 pages - Arts and art history

Jonathan Demme's 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs centers on a young FBI trainee's attempts to catch a deranged serial killer before he kills again. Clarice Starling is a young woman determined to rise through the ranks of the male FBI. Already at a social disadvantage due to her sex, she...

13 May 2008

Magic Realism in Photography

Essay - 4 pages - Arts and art history

Present-day, the meaning of the term magic realism varies depending on the art form being described. Its meaning has altered over the past century and yet maintains aspects of its original use. The term was first in a title role with visual arts critic Franz Roh's book published 1925 Nach...

02 Jun 2008

Neural Representation of Semantic Knowledge

Essay - 4 pages - Psychology

The human ability to look at and label objects, though taken for granted even in very young children, has long puzzled and fascinated scientists investigating the organization of knowledge systems in the brain. A central question in this investigation is the way knowledge of objects are...

23 Jun 2008

Political Aesthetes: Emily Mann's Execution of Justice and the Identity Crisis of Documentary Theatre

Essay - 10 pages - Literature

The documentary theatre, unlike conventional theatre, defines itself in terms of actuality, authenticity, and verifiability. Reality plays draw their power and identity from their use of “actuals,” authentic materials such as transcripts, interviews, testimonies, published documents,...

08 Jul 2008

Analyzing the Amplesso: The philosophy of lovemaking in Calvino's Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore

Book review - 4 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Italo Calvino's Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore is usually acclaimed on grounds of its experimentation with narrativity. More specifically, Calvino weaves the beginnings of ten different pseudo-novels into a larger plotline involving the adventures of a reader (Lettore), who the narrator...

10 Sep 2008

Anthropological and historical perspectives on the death of Captain Cook

Essay - 7 pages - Journalism

Scientific and philosophical thought have been preoccupied with the problem of an objective, empirical reality whose nature is discoverable and quantifiable at least since Descartes. This theoretical trend continued and culminated in the discoveries and ideas of Isaac Newton. The...

06 Nov 2008

Manipulation of space and sexuality in L'Avventura

Essay - 5 pages - Film studies

In Rudolf Arnheim's Dynamics of Architectural Form, Arnheim argues that in many ways, physical space is less important to human beings than the psychological perception of space. For the average man, experience isn't made up of isolated incidents, but rather an “experience is generated only...