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11 May 2009

A critique of the Dystopian novel

Thesis - 17 pages - Literature

The Dystopian novel is a strange subspecies in literature. While it shares many aspects with the traditional science fiction novel, it is rarely categorized with science fiction. Whereas it might satirize the Utopian socialist fantasy of the perfect society, the satire is usually...

17 May 2009

Higher educational systems: A Comparative Study between China and UK

Tutorials/exercises - 32 pages - Educational studies

Through analyzing and comparing others' research, history of Chinese and British higher educational systems, and the current situation of the two systems, we can find that there are four major parts we can learn from British higher education, including improve transparency, enhance relevant...

14 Jul 2009

Theory of everything

Thesis - 4 pages - Physics

This is a theory that represents the ultimate goal of science. It seeks to discover what the basic components of the material world are and what equations can be used to describe their movements. In refers to the discipline of physics and it is a theory that brings together the four...

10 Nov 2009

Strategies for improving biology teachers for optimum performance

Thesis - 4 pages - Educational studies

Biology is an important subject among the science subjects. Over the years, there has been much ‘hue and cry' about the issue of ineffective teaching of biology in schools, which is being attributed to the poor academic performance of students in the subject at the Senior School...

28 Dec 2010

The paradox of poverty in Nigeria: Junior engineers, technicians and scientists (jets) as panacea

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

Among the countries in the world, Nigeria is one with a high level of poverty. The case of Nigeria however presents a glaring paradox. The country is rich but the citizens are poor. Despite the abundant human and natural resources in Nigeria, majority of the citizens are living in poverty. It...

20 Apr 2007

The Gender Gap: A Brief Overview of the Theoretical Perspectives On Gender-Related Cognitive Differences

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

In the fields of mathematics, engineering, and science a gender gap exists. Men still hold the vast majority of professional careers rooted in math and science in industrial countries. In the United States, for example, men account for more than three-quarters of all medical...

19 Nov 2007

Avoiding Disaster: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Essay - 5 pages - Film studies

Disaster movies are often associated solely with cheap thrills; nothing more than vehicles for big explosions and even bigger budgets. The modern perception of this film genre (as well as its subgenres) seems to be nothing more than that of a means for movie studios to spend a lot of money, and...

12 Nov 2008

Jung in context

Essay - 10 pages - Psychology

In part 1 of this essay we will outline the historical context of Jung's psychology. It will be evident from the start that Jung's thought was both rational and irrational and that he used the former quality to study the latter. In part 2 I argue that the Jungian community should come together in...

18 Dec 2008

The state of psychology a 100 years ago

Essay - 5 pages - Psychology

In this essay we will be looking into the state of psychology as a field of knowledge in the early years of the 20th century. A hundred years ago psychology had a wider geographical spread with a strong contribution not only in America but also even more so in Europe. (Switzerland, Germany,...

05 Feb 2009

Key problems for psychology as a field of knowledge

Essay - 6 pages - Psychology

This essay will discuss the problems that constantly face psychology as a field of knowledge. Some fields of knowledge, notably the natural sciences such as physics, biology and chemistry are comfortable with their status and the demarcation between one another. There is only one...

02 Jun 2009

Construction and development of anthropology

Thesis - 10 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Often times, especially in ideological disciplines, there is a great gap between theory and practice. Not all theories apply to lived experiences and not all lived experiences can be summarized in theories. Nevertheless, this paper seeks to construct an ideal relationship between anthropological...

08 Jul 2008

Is porn really biologically beneficial for human sexuality? A response to popular conception

Essay - 5 pages - Psychology

I will present a critique of the conception of male sperm in contemporary popular science media; in particular my critique will address the idea that porn is somehow biologically beneficial for human sexuality. On one level, my motive in doing this is to demystify the systematic but...

11 Aug 2008

Interconnections: Chaos, Art, and Life

Essay - 8 pages - Arts and art history

“Nature is seen as an interconnected dynamic network of relationships that include the human observer as an integral component.” If we were to replace the word “nature” with “art” in this quote, it still functions as a good definition. Through nature, we encounter...

04 Dec 2008

International political sociology

Essay - 10 pages - Political science

Political sociology is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry developed by sociologists and political scientists to study the dynamic relationship between society (a complex web of social institutions and social behavior) and politics. Much of the impetus for the development of the field grew out...

09 Jan 2009

Synchronicity: Carl Jung's attempt to establish 'meaning' scientifically

Thesis - 6 pages - Psychology

When in his seventies, the Swiss psychologist extended his theory of the collective unconscious by throwing in synchronicity into the mix. This he did following a quarter of a century correspondence with the Nobel Prize winning physicist, Wolfgang Pauli. No longer was phenomena such as religion,...

29 Apr 2009

Environmental toxicology on metallic mercury spill: A case in the versatile estrie and the steps to a successful decontamination

Thesis - 13 pages - Ecology & environment

In October 1996, the directions of public health in the Eastern Townships (Estrie-DSP) and a multipurpose area that have requested the collaboration of the Center for Toxicology of Quebec (CTQ) to the management of mercury spill metal in a class-chemistry laboratory. During our first...

03 Jun 2013


Case study - 10 pages - Literature

The vocabulary of any natural language joins together all the words of a language and associates to each word all the information required by the rules of grammar. Words play a tremendous role in human existence in that they are the basic representation of the world on an abstract level, i.e.,...

29 Nov 2012

Human augmentation and its impacts on society

Case study - 15 pages - Educational studies

Within this paper, the implications or reasons for supporting human augmentation are discussed. Facts are presented about our current technology that allow for human augmentation, as well as hypothetical reasons why people are for or against future technologies that can make human augmentation...

30 Mar 2010

The fear and occurrence of death

Thesis - 2 pages - Social sciences

Our belief, fear, and acceptance of death are influenced by our society. Society dictates how death is looked upon and feared. The contrasting views of old and new societies play a role in how death is received. The major difference between these two societies is the advancement of...

21 Jun 2013

Frankenstein and Heart of a Dog

Case study - 3 pages - Literature

As test tube babies and embryonic manipulation take both the science lab and the realm of nature by storm in a technological world, the limits to which science can be pursued grow to heights unparalleled day by day. A world where creation of life exists within the genius of a single...

29 Sep 2010

To what extent was the scientific revolution embedded in the culture of absolutism?

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

In his Essays about Moral and Political issues in 1742, David Hume asserts 'In all ages of the world, priests have been enemies of liberty.' Indeed, for centuries, the main source of truth have been the study of sacred texts i.e. theology, so that almost all the powers remained in the...

28 Oct 2007

Concise Summary of Descartes' Reasoning in "Meditations on First Philosophy"

Essay - 4 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Descartes' Meditation One sets out his purpose of creating a new scientific paradigm to be based on a foundation built above the wreckage of his former opinions. He sought a reason to doubt the entire canon of his opinions so that he might begin “to establish anything firm and lasting in the...

11 Nov 2008

The mysterious history of Scientology

Essay - 6 pages - Social sciences

What is Scientology? The answer is as simple or as complex as the one asking and the one answering wants to make it. Since its creation in 1952, Scientology has been seen by some as a religion, others as a cult, still others as a joke. Is it, as its creator L. Rob Hubbard asserted, a philosophy?...

24 Dec 2013

Intelligent Computers

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Intelligent computers are defined as machines that involve the use of intelligence and computer science concepts to execute various tasks initiated by the user. Intelligent computers are systems that are able to perceive their environments and take actions that are meant to maximize the...

03 Aug 2014

Nursing Informatics: Case study

Case study - 3 pages - Psychology

Advancements in information technology and quality problems in healthcare have become more pronounced; public policy has had a focus on methods of dissemination of the principles of informatics to a larger audience for a broader benefit. Focus has primarily been on adoption of electronic health...

27 Nov 2007

James Lett and Paranormal Belief

Essay - 4 pages - Psychology

Paranormal belief is a controversial topic within society and many of its advocates and opponents are both victim to biases in their advocating for or against it. Paranormal belief implies a belief in phenomena that currently cannot be explained by science. These ideas can range from...

06 May 2008

Logical Positivism

Essay - 3 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Describe the logical positivist view of scientific theories. Explain at least one problem with the view, and assess whether it is a problem for all forms of logical positivism. Logical positivism, developed by the members of the Vienna Circle, was a new way of considering science and...

12 Dec 2014

Astronomy: Case study

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Astronomy is classified as a natural science that included the study of celestial objects such as stars, moon, planets, galaxies and nebulae. In addition, it also deals with the physics, chemistry, and the objects evolution, and phenomena that originate outside the earth's atmosphere....

03 Jul 2008

The role of technology in cyborg feminism

Essay - 7 pages - Social sciences

Donna Haraway, in ‘A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century” casts the role of ‘technology' in two opposing lights: on the one hand, technology is seen as something women should (indeed must) embrace as a motivator for...

20 Jul 2008

Religion and its problems today

Essay - 4 pages - Social sciences

Religion is often at odds with differing viewpoints in the modern world. Religion especially conflicts with science and some would say that religion inhibits scientific progress. Religion cannot be blamed for sticking to its dogmatic beliefs and ideals-for what is the purpose of religion...