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12 Aug 2009

Idealists vs. materialists

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

The 1960's were a productive era for developing contemporary anthropological theories. Several theorists emerged following the original Boasian framework and developed ethno science and cognitive paradigms. Around the same time theorists interested in exploring systems of meaning and...

25 Aug 2009

Approaches to explain the concept and practice of management

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

Because of the extraordinary interest in management, a number of approaches exist to explain the nature of the concepts, theory and techniques underlying managerial practice. Both academic writers and practitioners have contributed to management theories. The variety of approaches to management...

19 Jul 2021

Oral English Baccalaureate - 5 subjects

Presentation - 6 pages - Humanities/philosophy

I am going to talk about the notion of locations and forms of power. First of all, I would like to give a quick definition of that notion. The power is strength exerted or capable of being exerted. In politics and social science, power is the ability to influence the behaviour of people....

04 Jan 2008

Has Hume Refuted the Design Argument?

Essay - 4 pages - Humanities/philosophy

In my opinion, David Hume, in his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, completely destroys the traditional design argument. In this essay I will outline an example of the traditional design argument, as written by Newton, and also Hume's critique of this argument, in his ‘Dialogues...

19 Jan 2015

Calculating differntial and integral

Case study - 5 pages - Mathematics

The Differential and Integral Calculus "is the mathematics of change" (Larson, 1998 p.85). It is one of the most traditional disciplines in educational sciences at the university, and that has best preserved its original structure. It is important, and think why the fact that, even today,...

09 Jan 2009

Carbon footprinting

Essay - 9 pages - Ecology & environment

The nature of the carbon footprint is to examine human use of carbon and to try to apply it to how much greenhouse gas (converted to a scale based on CO2) is used. By discussing this, and viewing how "Climate change and infectious diseases in North America: the road ahead" discusses climate, it...

18 Dec 2008

Creative psychology

Essay - 8 pages - Psychology

In this essay we discuss some selective creative areas of psychology; of interest to Depth Psychology. Part 1 discusses the influence of romanticism on the famous 20th century psychologist, Carl Jung. Part 2 discusses Jung's psychological perspective on the UFO phenomenon. Finally in part 3 we...

06 Apr 2009

Crystal growth and its characterization

Tutorials/exercises - 26 pages - Physics

Recent developments in semiconductor research technology over that last decade have lead to a renew interest in the growth of single crystals with better physical perfection and high crystal growth is newly emerging field in this study of material science which involves control phase...

28 Aug 2009

Marketing of high technology products

Tutorials/exercises - 32 pages - Services marketing

Technology has encompassed all human activities spread from farmers in the remote areas to the human activities reaching out into outer space. Managing this tool of "Technology" which governs the future of the mankind, planet and the universe covers multiple disciplines of sciences and...

20 Apr 2010

A review of evolutionary algorithms for multi objective multi product multi modal distribution problem with a possible new approach

Thesis - 12 pages - Logistics

Transportation industry is a fairly large industry in today's globalized world, and has significant effect too. Each and every big or small industry is bound to use the transportation facilities or logistics. The main problems in this logistics operation are optimizing the cost, time; distance...

16 Jun 2010

The A to Z of bioethics

Thesis - 4 pages - Medical studies

The world of science is highly dynamic. It advances the way in which the human race is progressing. Scientific advances in the field of life sciences pose difficult ethical questions. These include questions on cloning, embryo research, patenting of life and the human genome....

29 Sep 2010

An evaluation of constructivism as an approach to international relations theory

Essay - 11 pages - International relations

Before the 1980s, the focus of the international scholarship relations was on two main debates: on the one hand, opposing the neo-realists to the neo-liberal institutionalists; and on the other rationalism to critical theory. Whereas the former is a debate in which the two mainstream theories,...

09 Feb 2008

How does the "English School" of international relations differ from American approaches?

Essay - 3 pages - International relations

According to Stephen Hawking in A Brief History of Time, "a theory is a good theory if it satisfies two requirements: It must accurately describe a large class of observations on the basis of a model which contains only a few arbitrary elements, and it must make definite predictions about the...

16 Jan 2009

The cultural identity and the assimilation of the Jewish Community in the Global Cities

Essay - 21 pages - Sociology

My name is Charles Terdjman, I am a 3rd year student in Sciences Po Paris, and I would like to present my comparative research about the Jewish Community in the Global Cities. Sincerely interested in the social and political studies, I wanted to analyze a social or religious minority for...

10 Jun 2013

The creation of loneliness

Case study - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Frankenstein, otherwise known as the The Modern Prometheus, was written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. The title refers to the character, Doctor Victor Frankenstein, who constantly studied science to create a monster that would finally end his happy life. It is also called The Modern...

20 Aug 2013

How far should scientists be held responsible for the effects of their discoveries and inventions?

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

A phenomenon of recent years is the emergence of a class of full-time scientists. Accompanying this phenomenon is the question: to what extent should scientists be held responsible for the effects of their discoveries and inventions? In my opinion, they should be, to a large extent, because of...

23 Mar 2009

A look at organizational development

Presentation - 71 pages - Business strategy

Organization development is a planned process of change in an organization's culture through the utilization of behavioral science technology, research, & theory-Warne Burke. It is an effort planned, throughout the organization, & managed from the top to increase the organization's...

17 Nov 2013

Algebra in the real world and everyday life

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Many people find math and math concepts difficult to grasp. They don't understand how to do it or why something is equal to something else for example. The biggest issue though for people taking math, especially higher levels of math is the purpose of taking such a class. What or when will they...

24 Nov 2014

Philosophy of Motion: Newtonian thoughts and interpretations of Aristotelian traditions within the natural philosophy

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

The post-Newtonian world assumes the motion to be related to locomotion of bodies in space and usually is associated with physics. Philosophy, on the other hand, shows that this is a relative recent understanding of motion. Philosophy argues that prior to the scientific revolution; motion was a...

29 Sep 2010

Dupond: case study report brand management and marketing

Case study - 3 pages - Management

Founded in 1802, ‘DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential' to improve human life. Present in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers diversified and innovative products in many fields from agriculture to home construction. A machine has many components....

30 Apr 2009

Women in higher education: Exploring historically and in the present, the links between educational achievement, feminism and struggles for workplace equality

Thesis - 8 pages - Social sciences

The continued discrimination against women in higher education, and in the career path after graduation, is the topic of this essay. It is based upon a review of literature covering the subject of women's acceptance into higher education programs, the kinds of programs they excel in, and the...

19 Aug 2021

Introduction to economic principles and terminology

Course material - 20 pages - Theories and economic notions

Economics is currently in a phase of uncertainty: economics is not an exact science. There is a rising trade war between the US and mainly but not only China. The US also has trade disagreements with the EU and its partners in NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association: Canada and...

23 Oct 2007

Cover letter for visitor services

Sample letter - 1 pages - Human resources

On the Museum of Science's Human Resources website, I learned of various employment opportunities in Visitor Services. I am very interested in these positions, and I believe I have the skills and expertise to excel at providing the best experience for guests. Particularly, I would love...

07 Dec 2007

What Is Empiricism?

Essay - 2 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Empiricism is a view about where all knowledge comes from. Empiricism is not exclusive to scientific knowledge, but rather knowledge as a whole. This includes knowledge of everyday life. Empiricism states that science and everyday thinking have the same basic principles, and...

19 Dec 2007

Face Value: The Complexities of Genetic Engineering

Essay - 2 pages - Biology

Society is no stranger to technology - it has been adapting it and advancing it for decades. Technology has completely revolutionized the way we interact each other as well as ourselves. Due to this complete integration, there has been an addiction formulated. Human beings now thrive on...

05 Jun 2008

Communicating the Fight for Polio Vaccines

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

For our society, polio was an intense and dramatic disease that was eradicated almost as quickly as it came. Now polio remains a fleeting memory of both the tragedy of disease and the “miracle” of science, yet other nations who are not so fortunate are still living the history...

12 Jun 2008

Overview of the Developments in Biotechnology

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

Over the course of the last two decades, biotechnology has become a significant part of the scientific community. The contributions made by biotechnology have notably changed the way in which scientists and laymen look at the potential of science to improve life. The field of biotechnology...

03 Jul 2008

Ocean acidification

Essay - 6 pages - Ecology & environment

Recently, global warming has gained massive attention due to the documentary An Inconvenient Truth presented by former Vice-President of the United States Al Gore. In relation to that, the National Academy of Sciences reported that “gases are accumulating in Earth's...

17 Jul 2008

Global warming - published: 17/07/2008

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

Recently, global warming has gained massive attention due to the documentary . An inconvenient truth presented by former Vice-President of the United States Al Gore. The National Academy of Sciences reported that “gases are accumulating in Earth's atmosphere as a result of...

04 Dec 2008

The role of visualization in forest planning

Essay - 8 pages - Ecology & environment

Modern techniques of computer visualization, involving three-dimensional (3D) modeling, computer animation, and virtual reality (VR), are taking their place among decision-support tools for forestry. This article focuses on the emerging role of visualization techniques that simulate the...