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06 Sep 2013

Strengths and limitations of theories

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

Everyday the social order tries to gain knowledge of personalities and individual's actions. Employing the accurate techniques assists in determining the conclusions to consider to hypothesize about numerous individuals. Psychodynamic theories research mental powers so as to provide ascension in...

27 Jan 2011

Virgin case study: strengths and weaknesses

Case study - 14 pages - Business strategy

The Virgin Group is a group of subsidiaries whose activities are centerd around the leisure sector, in line with the image of a dynamic, innovative and charismatic president Richard Branson. Sir Richard Branson is the head of a business empire that includes 250 companies in 23 countries, most...

30 Nov 2010

The weaknesses of Stalin's rivals contributed more to his rise as a dictator than did Stalin's own strengths as a leader - A comment.

Thesis - 2 pages - Political science

Few dictators in modern World History have been as feared and rivaled as Josef Stalin (Iosif Dzhugashvili); being probably one of the most discrepant leaders in the 20th century, he served as the head of the Bolshevik party and Soviet government, Lenin's companion-in-arms and organizer of the...

04 Oct 2010

What accounts for differences in the ownership structures among advanced industrialized countries? What are the leading theoretical perspectives? What are their strengths and shortcomings?

Thesis - 8 pages - Economy general

Corporate governance is a topic which is becoming more and more discussed in international business academia; there is still intense debate amongst leading theorists about the key issues concerning ownership structuring differences . Corporate governance and ownership structures are two separate...

18 Mar 2009

An evaluation of the strengths and limitations of a rational and strategic approach to organizational change

Thesis - 7 pages - Sociology

Following the brief introduction of a model-ideal conceptualization of Organizational Goal-Directed-Activity, and the definition within the perspective defined by this model of such terms like ‘rational (organizational) action system', ‘strategy', and ‘organizational change', the...

29 Sep 2015

Indicators of Chinese current economic strength

Essay - 2 pages - Economy general

Growth in GDP- the reason for choosing GDP is because it has grown by a great margin when comparing 1978 and 2010. “In the year 1978, it was US$230 only and in the year 2010 it had grown to US$4000” (Tong & Wong, 2012) this is a very wide margin.

09 Jul 2013

Late nineteenth century imperialism can best be understood in terms of concerns over national weakness rather than as an assertion of national strength. Discuss.

Case study - 5 pages - Political science

The last quarter of the nineteenth century saw European Great Powers, including Great Britain, France and Germany, engaged in an active colonial policy, or what historians may term New Imperialism. This era was marked by the formalisation of colonies and empire through treaties, as well as an...

19 Feb 2015

Functional analysis of NQPT1 and NPQT2 promoters, and analysis using GUS activity the transcriptional control and strength of NQPT2 versus CaMV35S promoters

Case study - 20 pages - Biology

Quinolinate phosphoribosyltransferase (QPT) links the pyridine nucleotide cycle and aspartate pathway by maintaining the availability of nicotinic acid important for de novo synthesis of NAD and alkaloid. QPT is encoded by QPT gene. Gene duplication leads to two different forms of QPT gene which...

03 May 2023

Porter's five forces, PESTEL and SWOT analysis - Puma France

Case study - 6 pages - Sport marketing

"Puma SE is a German company specializing in the manufacture of sporting goods founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, older brother of Adolf Dassler founder of Adidas, and based in Herzogenaurach in Bavaria." This brand certainly manufactures sporting goods but its greatest strength lies in...

12 Aug 2009

Isokinetic strength

Case study - 8 pages - Medical studies

Injuries and age lead to progressive declines in muscular strength and lean muscle mass. Evidence exists that age-related and injury related declines in muscular strength and lean mass (Feigenbaum & Pollock, 1999) can be impeded following mechanical stress on the body resulting in...

10 Aug 2021

SWOT Analysis - How to Develop a Strategy For Success - The Case of Burberry

Case study - 4 pages - Marketing theories

In every organization, company, society or enterprise that wants to make profit, the SWOT analysis is indispensable. The SWOT analysis helps managers to evaluate the strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) of a company in an internal level in one hand. On the other hand, it also allows them to...

14 Mar 2022

Corporate Strategy, Pernod Ricard : analysis and scenarios

Case study - 11 pages - Business strategy

In this case study, we will discuss and try to understand how the French group Pernod-Ricard is evolving in its global environment but also inside the group itself. They are the 2nd world liquor distributor; therefore, we will take into account their strengths but also potential weaknesses...

27 Nov 2012

Strength, pride and soul

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

“They said we could take only what we could carry, so we carried strength, pride, and soul.” This is the introduction to the book, Only What We Could Carry, which talks about the lives of Japanese Americans during the turbulent time of World War Two. With only minutes to pick...

21 Mar 2014

Social marketing and self-regulation: The perfect match for a good working world and the contribution of social marketing to self regulation strength

Essay - 29 pages - Services marketing

The concept of Self-regulation and the ability to make people self-regulate in a better way has been the subject of many studies since the last few decades (Kotler, Roberto, Lee, 2002; Andreasen, 1995). The ability to self-regulate can be important in all aspects of life. When focusing on...

28 Sep 2022

Coca Cola vs. Pepsi: Analysis and Comparison of Strategies - published: 27/09/2022

Case study - 13 pages - Business strategy

Without a doubt, the revenue of Coca-Cola has reflected considerable growth over the years, but when compared to PepsiCo, the revenue of PepsiCo appears to have doubled within the fiscal year of 2019. Between 2016 and 2019, when the revenue of PepsiCo increased steadily, the income of Coca-Cola...

23 Jan 2023

Strategic Analysis of the Renault Company

Case study - 4 pages - Automotive marketing

Renault's mission is to provide the easiest possible access to vehicles while doing everything possible to meet current environmental conditions. However, it must also make a profit to ensure its sustainability and the employment of its employees. We cannot conclude by saying that the mission...

27 Jan 2021

SWOT - history, presentation, creation

Practical guide - 6 pages - Marketing theories

In a world where competition is getting tougher, every company, whatever its type and size, must set itself apart from its competitors to achieved success. This goal requires constant innovation and flawless decisions so that every step is optimised towards success. From this, the debate becomes...

24 Nov 2021

The company's strategic diagnostic tools - Toyota SWOT analysis

Course material - 3 pages - Marketing theories

In 1979, Michael Porter developed the five forces strategy based on a competitive analysis. These 5 forces all influence the performance of the company. There are initially five groups of players: competitors, customers, suppliers, potential entrants and substitute products. It will therefore be...

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World - The Reagan Revolution

Course material - 5 pages - Modern history

Ronald Reagan was elected president in November 1980. It was a return to more liberalism, to more individual responsibility, a move towards deregulation of the economy in a more and more globalized world. Reagan was convinced that this return to liberalism was the only way to overcome the...

20 Jan 2023

Fitness and Wellness: Let's Talk about it!

Course material - 3 pages - Sports

Fitness and wellness are not just about staying healthy; it's about feeling good and looking good too. Staying fit is not only about your body, but also your mind. Best of all, it can also be fun. For many people, fitness and wellness are as much a part of their lives as breathing. If you are...

27 Jul 2006

Social Marketing & Self-Regulation: The Perfect Match for a Good Working World (?) The Contribution of Social Marketing to Self-Regulation Strength

Essay - 29 pages - Services marketing

Self-regulation and the ability to make people self-regulate themselves in a better way has been the subject of many studies since the last few decades (Kotler, Roberto, Lee, 2002; Andreasen, 1995). The ability to self-regulate can be important in all aspects of life....

17 May 2009

Linguistic diversity in Europe: Strength or weakness?

Case study - 5 pages - Linguistics

In 1919, after many debates, the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George concluded that the Versailles treaty would be written both in French and English. Since then, English has imposed itself in diplomacy, economic exchanges, Medias and so on. Nowadays, it seems that this language has gained...

16 Apr 2014

Keeping fit as we grow older

Case study - 8 pages - Educational studies

Injuries and age lead to progressive declines in muscular strength and lean muscle mass. Evidence exists that age-related and injury related declines in muscular strength and lean mass (Feigenbaum & Pollock, 1999) can be impeded following mechanical stress on the body resulting in...

18 Jun 2009

Concrete technology

Presentation - 410 pages - Physics

The presentation is based on concrete and starts with the objectives of the presentation and moves onto a review of the composition of concrete. It then moves towards RCC structures and covers points like methods used in the designing of RCC structures, the codes used and the functions of...

12 Apr 2010

Concrete mix design and concrete testing: An experiment using the slump test and compression test

Thesis - 5 pages - Physics

This paper investigates the design of a concrete mix to a specified strength. In particular, it studies the behavior of concrete under compressive loading in order to determine properties such as (1) the compressive strength taken on concrete cylinders taken at 2, 7, 14 and 28-day...

06 Apr 2010

Group key management on tree-based braid groups

Tutorials/exercises - 10 pages - Management

The characteristic of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) build temporary dynamic network without any fixed infrastructure and limitation of power and computing capability present the challenge in secure communication. The existing key management protocols in wire network still do not suitable in...

20 Jul 2008

Hardness test of metals: An experiment using the Brinell test and the Rockwell test

Essay - 6 pages - Physics

Hardness has been defined in several ways over time, mostly by physicists, metallurgists and engineers. Different definitions range from hardness being defined as a collection of properties of a material more or less related to each other to resistance to permanent indentation. The difficulty to...

29 Sep 2010

Alitalia Airline : Strategic option

Case study - 33 pages - Business strategy

This report is aimed at bringing out the best strategic option for the company Alitalia. To that end, we shall drive a rigorous and in-depth analysis. The study will first determine the organization's external environment and its strategic capability. These internal and external points are...

29 Sep 2010

The mobile Operating Systems War

Dissertation - 79 pages - Management

The mobile operating system market is relatively recent. Many major companies hailing from the computer and mobile sector are competing in order to take over this huge market. Until very recently, each mobile manufacturer developed its own proprietary operating system. Most of the mobile phones...

04 Jan 2011

Strategy analysis of Henkel and L'Oreal

Case study - 25 pages - Business strategy

In this study we chose to concentrate on the cosmetics market. Why? It is a market that reaches to us all, with a more enunciated attraction for some people. In fact, the cosmetics market covers a wide range of products related to health and beauty like hair care, skin care, fragrance, makeup,...