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25 Apr 2021

Define intercultural management in a company

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Management

Business policies have changed significantly due to globalization. In the 21st century, we are talking about intercultural management. This type of management is complicated to implement. This vision of the company applies particularly to large companies. The debate is often focused on...

04 Oct 2010

What best explains people's willingness to work hard?

Tutorials/exercises - 6 pages - Management

To develop an answer to the question, “what best explains people's willingness to work hard?” it is necessary to look at some of the most influential motivational theories. However, before this, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the development of thought that led the...

28 Jun 2010

Prevention of psycho-social risks at work

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Management

France is a dangerous country! This sentence might seem shocking, yet the surveys and studies conducted by various international and European institutions show that the highest numbers of deaths occur in the country. The indicators on stress and suicide rates are in red. If the figures presented...

28 Jun 2010

The role of a cultural development manager

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Management

France is a country famous for its cultural influence around the world. Culture permeates all aspects of French society. Even as youngster, I was involved in presenting or choreographing shows with my family. As I grew older, I chose to associate with the theatre in pursuit of my ambition. My...

06 Apr 2010

Group key management on tree-based braid groups

Tutorials/exercises - 10 pages - Management

The characteristic of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) build temporary dynamic network without any fixed infrastructure and limitation of power and computing capability present the challenge in secure communication. The existing key management protocols in wire network still do not suitable in...

06 Apr 2010

An autonomous knowledge acquisition system toward the ubiquitous knowledge management

Tutorials/exercises - 13 pages - Management

Knowledge management (KM), which pursues dynamic knowledge creation and sharing within and among organizations, had been boomed since the end of the last century. However, because of some technical limitations as well as cultural barriers, the concept of KM has been getting buried alive,...

06 Apr 2010

An empirical reflection on the needs for and consequences of operational and technical integration with ERP projects

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Management

This research article is set against the background of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a solution to address operational and technical integration to support daily operations. It aims at characterizing ERP projects by their reasons for initiation in particular considering integration...

06 Apr 2010

Study on the effects of the relationship between contingency variables and BSC system property variables on BSC system performance

Tutorials/exercises - 13 pages - Management

Compared to the functions provided by the BSC system, previous research studies on BSC system did not take into consideration the organizational environments or were unable to reflect its theoretical structure. In this study, the interaction between the relationship of contingency variables and...

25 Jan 2010

A research study on corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Tutorials/exercises - 40 pages - Management

The aim of this research proposal is to gather information about the strategies and initiatives taken by ASDA with respect to corporate social responsibility towards workforce, community, environment which can be emulated by other retailers. The purpose of this research is to investigate the...

17 Sep 2009

Organizational structure of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

Tutorials/exercises - 30 pages - Management

Hindustan Aeronautic Limited [HAL] a premier Aerospace Company in Asia is engaged in design, development and manufacture of military and civil aircraft for over 5 decades. The product range covers basic piston engine trainer aircraft to helicopters to sophisticated state of the art deep...

25 Aug 2009

Essential departments in a hotel

Tutorials/exercises - 34 pages - Management

The past, present and the future of the hospitality industry are closely linked. Today's lodging and restaurants are the result of many centuries of social and cultural evolution. Comfortable and sanitary lodging was once considered the exclusive privilege of the wealthy. But with the...

25 Aug 2009

A brief overview of the hotel industry

Tutorials/exercises - 36 pages - Management

Generally tourism involves ideas of movement from one place to another and has the same characteristics as traveling. The development of transportation technology and the improvement in political, economic and social situations has put tourism (travel for pleasure) within the reach of many...

25 Aug 2009

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M): A look at its operations and organization in India

Tutorials/exercises - 23 pages - Management

For nine of the past 10 years, 3M has ranked in the top 10 of Fortune's annual survey of "America's Most Admired Corporations." In 1994 alone, major reporting about 3M included articles in Fortune and Business Week in the United States and 3M's success can be measured by the fact that...

26 May 2009

A study on the aircraft design center

Tutorials/exercises - 54 pages - Management

It is the employees who have to take up the challenging assignments and help the company march forward. Thus it is very essential to have good Industrial Relations. Participative Management is one such system that helps in preserving amity and good relations between the management and the...

08 May 2009

Assessment centers

Tutorials/exercises - 12 pages - Management

Assessment centers are "a variety of testing techniques designed to allow candidates to demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and abilities that are most essential for success in a given job ".Assessment centers refers to an approach rather than a physical place, and consist of...

29 Apr 2009

International logistics management

Tutorials/exercises - 31 pages - Management

Seaports are built basically to facilitate the transfer of cargo between inland and maritime transport. Ports are therefore, an essential link in the international maritime transport chain. The main function of the sea ports is to ensure that the prosperity of all countries depends to a very...

20 Apr 2009

The importance and advantages of improving the quality of worklife

Tutorials/exercises - 36 pages - Management

It was around 1900 that F.W. Taylor developed what are commonly known as the Principles of Scientific Management which till today form the basis for designing jobs in most organizations. The traditional job design of scientific management focuses mostly on division of labor, hierarchy,...

02 Apr 2009

Customer Relationship Management and the call centers

Tutorials/exercises - 60 pages - Management

Before we begin to examine the conceptual foundations of CRM, it will be useful to define what CRM is. CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management." CRM is a business strategy and a collection of technologies that enable seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field...

13 Jan 2009

Work Motivation: Review of the literature

Tutorials/exercises - 19 pages - Management

Work motivation has been an important component of industrial and organizational psychology since the 1930s (Donovan, 2001:55) and continues to play an important role in organizational research (Büssing, 2001:372). The amount of research on motivation has varied through time. During the 1930s and...

03 Jun 2008

How does Confucian management influence ethical development in western organizations?

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Management

Over the course of the twentieth century, researchers have spent a considerable amount of time and energy examining the development of ethics in the context of organizational behavior. While some experts have concluded the ethics are difficult to incorporate into the context of the activities of...

03 Jun 2008

Easy-jet's position in the low-cost carrier market: Recommendations for the best strategic plans the company should pursue in future

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Management

Easyjet began operations in November of 1995. Although the organization spent a number of years struggling to establish itself, by 2000 stock for the organization was being offered on the London Stock Exchange. By 2004, Easyjet was named the top low-cost airline in Europe. Despite this...

01 Mar 2008

Team Effectiveness - How can it be achieved? An analysis of the team attributes that could contribute to team effectiveness

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Management

Theory holds that working together brings better results than working alone. Team structures often account for organizational success in the contemporary corporate environment. Modern organizations favor team structures and teamwork viewing them as key elements for organizational success. ...