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The diversification process of the Walt Disney Company

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  1. Identify the key issues
    1. Identifying the core business
    2. The question of brand image
    3. The internal cohesion
  2. Mobilize strategic choices
    1. Scenario: to focus on core business
    2. Scenario: to continue diversification to dominate every segment of the industry
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The first issue of the Walt Disney Company has to face concerns about diversification. It was considering the extent to which it had to diversify and whether it diversified too far. It is legitimate to consider such a question as the number of businesses Disney presents has exploded since the company's beginnings. Indeed, being first a company based on movie-making, Disney expanded into the music business with records, into theatrical and television productions, broadcasting networks, theme parks and resorts, as well as into internet activities and sports teams. Although Eisner got rid of some activities (Club Disney, ESPN stores and Fairchild Publications) in 1999, we may still wonder if Disney has diversified too much and has now a coherent offer through which it can really create value.

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