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What make Haagen-Dazs so successful?

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  1. The definition of marketing orientation/Marketing versus production orientation
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Haagen-Dazs was established in Bronx, New York in 1961 by the Polish immigrants Reuben and Rose Mattus. Haagen-Dazs is the pioneer in the luxury ice cream market for manufacturing the best quality ice creams made with only purest and finest ingredients. It started with three flavours Vanila, Chocolate and Coffee. The first retail store was opened by the company in Brooklyn, New York in November 15, 1976. Haagen-Dazs has a strong brand loyalty for its high quality and premium ice cream all over the world. ?The name does not derive from any of the North Germanic languages; it is simply two made-up words meant to look Scandinavian to American eyes. This is known in the marketing industry as foreign branding. Mattus thought that Denmark was known for its dairy products and had a positive image in U.S.? (Source: Haagen-Dazs mainly cater their adult customers, which is quite different from other ice cream manufacturers. The Haagen Dazs products are ice cream, ice cream bars, ice cream cakes, sorbets and frozen yogurt. The ice creams are of ?super premium? brands which, means it is quite dense and very little air has been mixed to maintain its thickness. Initially Haagen Dazs success was based on people's word of mouth and praise and nevertheless for its high quality and good taste. The most interesting part of this company's success is depended on its high quality, without much advertising.

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