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Analysis of television advertising: The coffee brand Nespresso

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  1. Introduction
  2. Nespresso
  3. The communication situation
    1. Media and programming
    2. The genre
    3. Target audience
    4. Needs of the target
    5. Communication partner
  4. The discursive enunciation
    1. Course of advertising
    2. The slogan and logo of Nespresso
    3. Content
    4. The aim of the speaker
    5. The desired effects
  5. Conclusion

Television conveys messages in mass, both visual and auditory. It serves as a support for other advertising discourses, which is one of the instances of production that we find in the media which will be the topic of our study in this paper.

We will devote our analysis on one of the TV commercials of the Nespresso firm. This is part of an advertising campaign in various media: Television, newspapers and cinema. Our problems revolve around the strategy that the firm Nespresso demonstrated through its campaign.

How advertising, by creating an image for the brand and by spreading it may create a need among consumers? First, we present the Nespresso brand, and then we'll talk about the communication situation in which the advertising is present. Next, we address the question of discursive enunciation, that is to say the ideas put into action to achieve the desired target effects.

Nestle Nespresso SA is entitled to display the fastest growing companies in the Nestle Group, the leading global agri-food, nutrition and well-being. While benefiting from the Nestle expertise, Nestle Nespresso SA is a separate entity, responsible for its Research and Development, its supply of raw materials, but also production and marketing of its products.

Nestle Nespresso SA offers coffee to enjoy at home but also away from home: the office, in restaurants, hotels and upscale cafes, caterers serving prestigious events, in shops and outlets of luxury; in business class and first class airlines. In this idea, the company has developed two divisions: Nespresso business-to-consumer, for individuals and Nespresso business-to-business division AFH.

The registered office of the firm is in Paudex, Switzerland and has over 2,000 employees. Nespresso products are marketed in over 35 countries through various subsidiaries and network of independent agents. The machines are sold in over 16,000 outlets.

The machines and capsules are also available in Nespresso boutiques found in major cities in Europe. Finally, Nespresso is an international company that continues to expand its distribution area.

As mentioned in the introduction, the television media has been chosen, as opposed to backing paper or radio, it has both a visual and sound analysis and is therefore doubly interesting.
According to our sources, the TV campaign has 54% of the media which has Nespresso. It was aired from the month of May.

A phase teaser was first broadcast for one week and then a longer version of 50 seconds and finally a 30 second version. From our personal memories, advertising has been broadcast on different channels and at different times, with a higher frequency before the news of 20:00hrs.

Advertising is part of a specific genre. It feels like a mini movie. Many advertisements that are involved with this campaign have been made by filmmakers, including Guy Ritchie (director of ?Lock, Stock and Barrels' and ?Snatch', among others.) The commercial television must propose a story to the viewer in a few seconds. TV spots generally range from 8 to 30 seconds.

Tags: Nestle's Nespresso, television advertising, advertising done by coffee brand Nespresso

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