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10 Jun 2009

Timeline of European Renaissance

Time lines - 12 pages - Ancient history

During the middle ages, when Feudal Europe witnessed a period of intellectual and cultural stagnation, the cities of Italy such as Venice, Florence, and Milan prospered as trading posts connecting Europe to the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim world via the Mediterranean Sea. Unlike the rest of...

04 Jun 2009

The Mesopotamian civilization

Thesis - 12 pages - Ancient history

Mesopotamia or Bilad Al-Rafidayn, the Arabic terminology for "land between the rivers" is widely considered as the “cradle of civilization” on account of the flourishing urban communities that thrived in this land much before the rest of the world was inhabited.In a narrow sense,...

28 May 2009

The Indus valley civilization

Thesis - 11 pages - Ancient history

The Indus Valley Civilization, also known as the Ghaggar-Hakra civilization or the Harappan Civilization was one of the most ancient of world civilizations, a contemporary of the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization. This civilization flourished between 2600 B.C.E. and 1900 B.C.E. in...

12 May 2009

An evaluation of the role played by the early Tudors in the growth of England as a super power

Thesis - 12 pages - Ancient history

The Tudor period in English history refers to the period between 1485 C.E. and 1603 C.E. that coincides with the rule of the Tudor dynasty. The five monarchs who ruled England during this period were Henry VII (1485 C.E. to 1509 C.E.), Henry VIII (1509 C.E. to 1547 C.E.), Edward VI (1547 C.E. to...

11 May 2009

A discussion and analysis of the Indus river civilization

Thesis - 6 pages - Ancient history

Indus civilization is considered as the most mysterious civilization of the world because until now researchers have failed to provide a plausible explanation of the symbols and language found written on various tablets. Considered as an urban civilization far superior to that of summer...

10 May 2009

The depiction of Biblical women in the letters of Abelard and Heloise

Thesis - 10 pages - Ancient history

Abelard and Heloise sustained a reputation as great lovers for many centuries. Yet their romantic relationship was essentially over when they composed their famous correspondence; the very nature of their love affair remains unclear. Both Abelard and Heloise construct their past with common...

06 May 2009

The goddess in the Hebrew tradition

Thesis - 6 pages - Ancient history

We tend to think of the Hebrew tradition as one of solid monotheism and a consistent worship of a male God named Yahweh (or sometimes El). Many people know about the Bible story where Moses was angry with the Hebrew people on their way out of captivity in Egypt because they built a golden calf to...

05 May 2009

The ancient culture and history of the Mayan civilization

Thesis - 12 pages - Ancient history

The Mayan civilization was a densely populated and highly advanced civilization that thrived in Mesoamerica from the second century B.C.E., until the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th Century B.C.E. They had their base in the Yucatan and spread over present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala,...

05 May 2009

Indus river civilization

Thesis - 5 pages - Ancient history

Indus civilization is considered as the most mysterious civilizations of the world because until now researchers have failed to provide a plausible explanation of the symbols and language found written on various tablets. Considered as an urban civilization far superior to that of Sumer...

30 Apr 2009

Sacred tantra

Thesis - 6 pages - Ancient history

Tantra, is set of mystical practices employing rituals, mythologies, and sacred sexuality to achieve divine awareness. It is a system of mysticism found in both Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions and perhaps predates them as well. This paper will discuss the transition from very intense...

23 Apr 2009

La Moria Grandissima and the Legacy of the Pandemic

Thesis - 5 pages - Ancient history

It is widely agreed that the Black Plague first emerged in Europe in the fourteenth century around the years of 1347-48. One of the deadliest and most significant pandemics in human history, the Black Plague changed not only the face of Europe, but Asia as well, and in some ways the human...

23 Apr 2009

Jesus and celibacy in the New Testament: Was Jesus Celibate?

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

Many scholarly accounts have been written about the historical Jesus, his life, and teachings. These often dramatically different accounts are all based on the same primary source, the New Testament. We have very little other information about him or his life. This paper will examine this source...

06 Apr 2009

Arm reliquary of Saint Pantaleon and the medieval fascination with relics

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

The Arm Reliquary of Saint Pantaleon, a late 13th century example of a “speaking” reliquary in the style of Hugo of Oignies, provides insight into the medieval obsession with relics and the growth of the cult of saints. The reliquary, presented as a vested right arm, encased the...

05 Feb 2009

The trial of Socrates

Essay - 5 pages - Ancient history

The setting of The Apology takes place in Athens, Greece in the year 399 BC. After a 27 year war with Sparta, Athens' democratic government was replaced by an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a form of government in which a small group of tyrannical men rule for selfish gain....

27 Jan 2009

Mesopotamian studies: Divination

Essay - 6 pages - Ancient history

“In the eyes of the Mesopotamians, everything in the world was divinatory.” The entire natural world shared a divine presence, according to the Mesopotamian beliefs within their religion. The Mesopotamian deities ruled supreme over the natural world. Their gods were always represented...

19 Jan 2009

Assess the role played by the Aoman Army in the local government of provinces and communities in the roman empire

Essay - 7 pages - Ancient history

The Roman Empire had a very complex structure. It consisted in fact of three interconnected essential elements, each representing an instrument of the power. There was first of all, the central administration, then the provincial administration and finally, the army. This last one was strong and...

15 Jan 2009

The endurance of the "Islamic World" from the seventh century to the nineteenth century

Essay - 5 pages - Ancient history

The expansion in Islam was a long process, occurring through centuries. The conquests were led in the name of the Prophet Muhammad. However, these victories were also the expression of the triumph of a people over the first Empires dominating the Middle East. From the seventh century and the rise...

13 Jan 2009

Museum of the Native Americans

Thesis - 4 pages - Ancient history

As opposed to most other exhibitions on Native Americans, the one held within the Native Americans National Museum puts the emphasis on the present life of Indian Americans. They are not classified as a memory of the past anymore but as part of the current American society. However, their past is...

09 Jan 2009

From toleration to proscription: Christian Emperors' attitude toward Paganism in the Fourth Century

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

Constantine's conversion to Christianity in 312 at the battle of the Milvian Bridge is highly debated among scholars. There is on the other hand no doubt that the Roman population was widely pagan at that time and did not convert to Christianity overnight on October 28, 312. The fourth century AD...

09 Jan 2009

History of mathematics in China

Thesis - 15 pages - Ancient history

“Chinese mathematics” was defined by Chinese in ancient times as the “art of calculation”. This art was both a practical and a spiritual one. Like in Europe, many traces of calculations and solutions of equations were found by archaeologists. Today, these archaeological...

18 Dec 2008

A critical study of Ramesses II: His contributions to Egypt as the last great pharaoh

Essay - 6 pages - Ancient history

The dictionary definition of “great” is: “of extraordinary powers; having unusual merit;” This definition fits with the interpretation of what it was to be great according to the pharaohs of the New Kingdom, especially those of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties....

12 Dec 2008

Ancient culture study: The pottery of Ancient Mesopotamia

Case study - 5 pages - Ancient history

The production of pottery can be considered one of the most important steps an early civilization can take. In point of fact, early societies are often distinguished by their development of pottery, such as the Pre-pottery Neolithic A and B periods are. After the introduction of...

06 Nov 2008

The evolution of the Hermaphrodite in Greek culture

Essay - 10 pages - Ancient history

The nature of the hermaphrodite was a source of conflicting emotions in the Classical World. On one hand, the androgynous being represented a kind of natural deformity and was treated with fear; on the other hand, the hermaphrodite was the embodiment of physical, emotional, and mental harmony....

30 Sep 2008

The ideological clash of Athens and Sparta

Essay - 7 pages - Ancient history

At the forefront of Western Civilization stood Ancient Greece and her two most prized City-States, Athens and Sparta. Although the two developed relatively alongside each other, many cultural and ideological differences arose as time spanned itself. While Athens flourished with...

05 Sep 2008

Wrinkles in time: Anachronisms in the Book of Mormon

Essay - 17 pages - Ancient history

Anyone familiar with the claims put forth in The Book of Mormon (from here on referred to as BoM) knows that they are indeed astounding. Within its pages, one takes a glimpse into an advanced ancient culture(s) that had once populated the New World (the Nephite and Lamanite cultures but...

20 Jul 2008

The conquests of Alexander the great

Essay - 5 pages - Ancient history

Alexander's father, Phillip II, ruled Macedon from 359 to 336 BC. Alexander's accomplishments may not have been achieved if it weren't for his father's military and political efforts. Philip's military work included fortifying the Macedonian army and...

15 Jun 2008

The Religion of Graham Greene

Essay - 5 pages - Ancient history

When viewing Graham Greene from a religious perspective, or evaluating his works based upon their “religious sense,” the starting assumptions of critics have been that Greene is a Catholic writer. However, analyses of Greene's work have proven that Greene at best fits...

11 Jun 2008

The City is a Jealous Mistress: A Socio-Historical Reading About Divided Loyalties in Hosea

Essay - 8 pages - Ancient history

Here it will be attempted to examine three characters of within Hosea chapters one through three--from a socio-historical feminist viewpoint, ergo, socio-herstorical-in order to try to understand why they are portrayed the way they are in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament history....

09 Jun 2008

The Battle of Cattalaunian Fields

Essay - 5 pages - Ancient history

The Battle of Catalaunian Fields was the climax of the Hun invasion of the empire. It was this event that decided the fate of Europe because it was this battle which chose groups would to settle. If the Hun army had won European history would be drastically changed. Europe...

05 Jun 2008

The Equation of Stone Tools and Human Intelligence Evolution

Essay - 3 pages - Ancient history

Stone tools are often the glorified paradigm for anthropological assumptions about human intelligence evolution. Their concrete and quantifiable linkages to Paleolithic realities are what make stone tools such a pivotal addition to anthropology's understanding of evolution. The...