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Thesis in Ancient history

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07 Oct 2010

Ancient Philosophy: What is the philosophical significance of the slave boy experiment in the Meno?

Thesis - 3 pages - Ancient history

Meno is a Socratic dialogue written by Plato. It is aporetic in that even though Socrates does present conclusions, they do not resolve the problems rose at the beginning. Meno first asks Socrates whether virtue can be taught. That is apparently not the good way to set the problem according to...

01 Mar 2010

Byzantium during the iconoclastic age

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

In 628 Byzantium's territorial holdings stretched from northern Africa and the southern tip of Spain to the whole of Asia Minor and Syria. In the same year, under the emperor Herakleios, Byzantium won a total defeat over their main rival of the time, Persia. The constant disputes between Persia...

15 Feb 2010

Kautilya and ancient Indian administration

Thesis - 5 pages - Ancient history

Indian administration in its present form is the culmination of its evolution since 321 BC when Chandra Gupta Maurya established his empire in the sub-continent. Over a period of time, the Mughals and the British contributed substantially to the formation of the Indian Administrative system. Free...

01 Oct 2009

Ancient Egyptian astronomy

Thesis - 3 pages - Ancient history

Ancient Egypt is a very interesting culture. Like most ancient cultures, ancient Egypt placed lots of importance on the sky and the heavenly bodies. Unlike anything on Earth, the heavens seemed to be unchanging and all-powerful. The idea that the heavens were all-powerful was reinforced by the...

19 Aug 2009

The Destructive Power of Material Wealth in Rome: Luxury and Avarice as Negative Values in Sallust and Livy

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

The Roman conquest of foreign nations in the East resulted in a dramatic increase of material wealth in Rome, brought back as the spoils of war from the conquered nations. This increase in wealth had a corruptive influence on Roman society, as it signified the advent of luxury, or...

04 Jun 2009

The Mesopotamian civilization

Thesis - 12 pages - Ancient history

Mesopotamia or Bilad Al-Rafidayn, the Arabic terminology for "land between the rivers" is widely considered as the “cradle of civilization” on account of the flourishing urban communities that thrived in this land much before the rest of the world was inhabited.In a narrow sense,...

28 May 2009

The Indus valley civilization

Thesis - 11 pages - Ancient history

The Indus Valley Civilization, also known as the Ghaggar-Hakra civilization or the Harappan Civilization was one of the most ancient of world civilizations, a contemporary of the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization. This civilization flourished between 2600 B.C.E. and 1900 B.C.E. in...

12 May 2009

An evaluation of the role played by the early Tudors in the growth of England as a super power

Thesis - 12 pages - Ancient history

The Tudor period in English history refers to the period between 1485 C.E. and 1603 C.E. that coincides with the rule of the Tudor dynasty. The five monarchs who ruled England during this period were Henry VII (1485 C.E. to 1509 C.E.), Henry VIII (1509 C.E. to 1547 C.E.), Edward VI (1547 C.E. to...

11 May 2009

A discussion and analysis of the Indus river civilization

Thesis - 6 pages - Ancient history

Indus civilization is considered as the most mysterious civilization of the world because until now researchers have failed to provide a plausible explanation of the symbols and language found written on various tablets. Considered as an urban civilization far superior to that of summer...

10 May 2009

The depiction of Biblical women in the letters of Abelard and Heloise

Thesis - 10 pages - Ancient history

Abelard and Heloise sustained a reputation as great lovers for many centuries. Yet their romantic relationship was essentially over when they composed their famous correspondence; the very nature of their love affair remains unclear. Both Abelard and Heloise construct their past with common...

06 May 2009

The goddess in the Hebrew tradition

Thesis - 6 pages - Ancient history

We tend to think of the Hebrew tradition as one of solid monotheism and a consistent worship of a male God named Yahweh (or sometimes El). Many people know about the Bible story where Moses was angry with the Hebrew people on their way out of captivity in Egypt because they built a golden calf to...

05 May 2009

The ancient culture and history of the Mayan civilization

Thesis - 12 pages - Ancient history

The Mayan civilization was a densely populated and highly advanced civilization that thrived in Mesoamerica from the second century B.C.E., until the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th Century B.C.E. They had their base in the Yucatan and spread over present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala,...

05 May 2009

Indus river civilization

Thesis - 5 pages - Ancient history

Indus civilization is considered as the most mysterious civilizations of the world because until now researchers have failed to provide a plausible explanation of the symbols and language found written on various tablets. Considered as an urban civilization far superior to that of Sumer...

30 Apr 2009

Sacred tantra

Thesis - 6 pages - Ancient history

Tantra, is set of mystical practices employing rituals, mythologies, and sacred sexuality to achieve divine awareness. It is a system of mysticism found in both Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions and perhaps predates them as well. This paper will discuss the transition from very intense...

23 Apr 2009

La Moria Grandissima and the Legacy of the Pandemic

Thesis - 5 pages - Ancient history

It is widely agreed that the Black Plague first emerged in Europe in the fourteenth century around the years of 1347-48. One of the deadliest and most significant pandemics in human history, the Black Plague changed not only the face of Europe, but Asia as well, and in some ways the human...

23 Apr 2009

Jesus and celibacy in the New Testament: Was Jesus Celibate?

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

Many scholarly accounts have been written about the historical Jesus, his life, and teachings. These often dramatically different accounts are all based on the same primary source, the New Testament. We have very little other information about him or his life. This paper will examine this source...

06 Apr 2009

Arm reliquary of Saint Pantaleon and the medieval fascination with relics

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

The Arm Reliquary of Saint Pantaleon, a late 13th century example of a “speaking” reliquary in the style of Hugo of Oignies, provides insight into the medieval obsession with relics and the growth of the cult of saints. The reliquary, presented as a vested right arm, encased the...

13 Jan 2009

Museum of the Native Americans

Thesis - 4 pages - Ancient history

As opposed to most other exhibitions on Native Americans, the one held within the Native Americans National Museum puts the emphasis on the present life of Indian Americans. They are not classified as a memory of the past anymore but as part of the current American society. However, their past is...

09 Jan 2009

From toleration to proscription: Christian Emperors' attitude toward Paganism in the Fourth Century

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

Constantine's conversion to Christianity in 312 at the battle of the Milvian Bridge is highly debated among scholars. There is on the other hand no doubt that the Roman population was widely pagan at that time and did not convert to Christianity overnight on October 28, 312. The fourth century AD...

09 Jan 2009

History of mathematics in China

Thesis - 15 pages - Ancient history

“Chinese mathematics” was defined by Chinese in ancient times as the “art of calculation”. This art was both a practical and a spiritual one. Like in Europe, many traces of calculations and solutions of equations were found by archaeologists. Today, these archaeological...