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The history of the Indians of the United States

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  1. There are different "types" of Indians
  2. A new Era for the Indians had begun
  3. When the War of Independence began, the Whites looked for help from the Indians
  4. Missourians began invading and attacking Kansas reservations

There are different ?types? of Indians ; here we speak about the Choctaws and the Cherokee. The later are the ?leaders?. Jackson, the American president, is trying to force them to leave their heartland. They are not willing to, therefore, they are starting to be civilized and ask for schools. They start to write in Indian (didn't exist before) which mean that they became literate and to communicate around the country.

They published a newspaper and also translated the Bible into Indian language. It all escalated and the Cherokees decided to put a responsible government in place, as well as formuling a legal code. It was financed by the USA. Soon, the Choctaws asked for the same treatment and so did Chickasaws. For the Creeks it was a little bit more difficult because they weren't very united. However, the Cherokee did manage to put in place schools and to make them adopt a solemn declaration.

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