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Richard III: Brief study

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  1. Summary
  2. The main themes of the play
  3. Is there a gap between real history and the events in the play ?

The story starts with a brief period of peace under King Edward IV, a Yorkist, which will soon be disturbed by Richard's thirst for power. The first half of the play shows his climbing rapidly to the success and thus to the throne of England. The end justifies the means, and in order to achieve his goal he uses lies, plots, and manipulation and has his own older brothers killed: first Clarence, and then sick King Edward.

After that, he becomes Lord Protector of England, the temporary regent at the head of the state until the elder of Edward's two sons grow up. But since this is not enough for him, he also has some court noblemen loyal to the princes killed, as well as some powerful relatives to the princes, and finally the two princes themselves in the famous episode of the Princes in the Tower (namely the Tower of London). Richard becomes King Richard III.

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