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29 Apr 2013

Boost juice bar: Case study

Book review - 25 pages - Services marketing

Boost Juice Bar is one of the most famous healthy drinking brands, originally from the Australia. The company has expanded from an “easy grab and go fruit juice” to an established network of retail outlets throughout the world. Until now, Boost Juice has developed their supply chain to...

27 Jan 2011

"Segmentation, targeting and positioning": Review of the book "Marketing management", by Kotler & Dubois

Book review - 2 pages - Services marketing

Segmentation indicates the division of the population. Targeting is the process of selecting the segments determined previously. Positioning is done on the basis of competitive bids. It is important for a company to differentiate its product or service in the consumer's mind. - It is...

29 Sep 2010

Standardization versus adaptation of international advertising strategies : towards a framework

Book review - 10 pages - Services marketing

The purpose of this article by Papavassiliou and Stathakopoulos was to create a framework capable of detailing the environmental determinants that affect the degree of standardization or adaptation needed in international advertising decisions. Some studies argue that a standardized advertising...

27 Jul 2010

The product: Marketing management - 11th edition Kotler & Dubois

Book review - 5 pages - Services marketing

Product determinants: the unit price is rather high, the purchase decision requires research information, the financial risk is high, there is a need for a specific product for a particular purpose. (Ex: car, major appliances). Differentiation: no option because there is no picture or no...