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Governance and organized crime

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  1. Impacts of organized crime
    1. Economic impact
    2. Human impact
    3. Impacts on political and other systems
  2. The role of media in organized crime
  3. Problems faced in fighting organized crime

Organized crime has over the years developed into a global problem with law enforcement agencies and nongovernmental organizations taking the initiative to stop activities carried out by these organized crime groups. Nongovernmental have also intervened in reducing the involvement of society into organized crime activities. Organized crime has a wide range of illegal activities which are not authorized by the governments and always operate under the radar; means that it is hard to notice criminal activities (McCarthy, 2011).

[...] Organized crime affects the general functioning of society and the economy. Proper coordination of involved parties increases the efficiency of the fight against organized crime. The rooting out of organized crime promotes proper business practices, stability in the political, social, judicial and legal systems. References McCarthy, D. M. (2011). An economic history of organized crime: A national and transnational approach. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. [...]

[...] The methods used by the organized crime groups such as intimidation in gaining control. Gaining control in these sectors leads to unfair competition and thus negative effects on the economy and the financial sectors (McCarthy, 2011). Due to the illegal nature of the organized crime group activities, these groups engage in business activities using massive amounts of cash. This money is illegal and thus these groups engage in business activities in the bid to integrate their illegal money into the legal banking systems. [...]

[...] Due to the tactics used by the organized crime groups, the impact on the legal, law enforcement has increased. The organized crime groups engage in intimidation, threats and murders in order to control the political, legal, judicial systems and thus the fight of organized crime is faced with this challenge. These tactics of gaining control may lead to destabilization of the relevant systems in the government (McCarthy, 2011). THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN ORGANIZED CRIME Organized crime groups operate through fear tactic and control. [...]

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