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20 Jul 2007

Radiology of the Heart

Presentation - 62 pages - Medical studies

The heart casts a homogeneous shadow on the chest film. No internal detail can be seen within its contours because the radiodensities of blood, myocardium, and other cardiac tissues are so similar that one cannot be distinguished from the others. Only two borders of the heart, where it contacts...

20 Jul 2007

Cardiac Function and Circulatory Control

Presentation - 90 pages - Medical studies

The heart is a muscular pump connected to the systemic and pulmonary vascular systems. Working together, the job of the heart and vasculature is to maintain adequate circulation of blood to the organs at rest and during periods of exercise. To understand perturbations that cause symptoms and...

20 Jul 2007

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

Presentation - 44 pages - Medical studies

The techniques of nuclear cardiology permit the noninvasive imaging of myocardial perfusion under stress and resting conditions and of resting regional and global function using radionuclide imaging agents and gamma or positron cameras with associated computer processing. Myocardial...

19 Jul 2007

Epidemiology of Cardiovacular Disease

Presentation - 56 pages - Medical studies

The three major clinical manifestations of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (CVD) are coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Atherosclerosis also can be found in other arterial beds, especially the renal arteries, where it causes about two thirds of...

19 Jul 2007

Principales of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Presentation - 46 pages - Medical studies

In their work, people can be exposed to dangerous chemicals, hazardous physical agents, emotional stress, and trauma. Any of these occupational exposures can cause disease—sometimes immediately and sometimes after an interval of years or decades. In addition, tens of millions of...

19 Jul 2007

Drug Abuse Treatment and Relapse Prevention

Presentation - 28 pages - Medical studies

Patients who use illicit drugs benefit from treatment if they recognize that their substance use is a problem. The transtheoretical model considers a patient on a continuum from precontemplation (denial) toward maintenance (abstinence/recovery). The clinical approach should be tailored to...

18 Jul 2007

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Presentation - 70 pages - Medical studies

Despite dramatic advances in medical science and evidence-based practice, many people turn to other healing approaches, some derived from ancient medical traditions and others from new-age concepts. Although extraordinarily diverse in their nature and purpose, these approaches...

18 Jul 2007

Tobacco and Health

Presentation - 64 pages - Medical studies

Currently, about 46 million individuals in the United States are cigarette smokers, including 26% of men and 22% of women. People who are less well educated and/or have unskilled occupations are more likely to smoke. Smoking is responsible for about 430,000 preventable U.S. deaths...

18 Jul 2007

Ionizing Radiation Injury

Presentation - 52 pages - Medical studies

Ionizing radiation occurs as electromagnetic waves of extremely short wavelength and as accelerated atomic particles (e.g., electrons, protons, neutrons, a-particles). The injuries caused by ionizing radiation include mutagenic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic effects and various...

18 Jul 2007

Inborn errors of metabolism

Presentation - 84 pages - Medical studies

Metabolism is a collective term for integrated biochemical processes of the intact organism, differentiated organ, cell, and subcellular organelle. Normal metabolism enables homeostasis for the organism by maintaining anabolic and catabolic flow of substrates to products. In the...

18 Jul 2007

Biology of Ageing

Presentation - 48 pages - Medical studies

It is useful to think of organisms as protein-synthesizing factories. If that factory is to function at very high levels of efficiency and stability for very long periods of time, the builder should start with an excellent set of blueprints (hence the importance of understanding the...

17 Jul 2007

Urinary Incontinence

Presentation - 34 pages - Medical studies

Urinary incontinence is defined as involuntary loss of urine of sufficient severity to be a health and/or social problem. Although it is commonly hidden and not discussed with health professionals, urinary incontinence is a prevalent, morbid, and expensive condition. Half of young...

17 Jul 2007

Violence and Injury

Presentation - 41 pages - Medical studies

Serious violence and injury have life-altering consequences for victims and their families that often cannot be reversed. Prevention and treatment must be priorities. Violence in the United States is a public health epidemic that is caused by institutional and personal actions....

16 Jul 2007

Gonococcal Infections

Presentation - 82 pages - Medical studies

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection of epithelium and commonly manifests as cervicitis, urethritis, proctitis, and conjunctivitis. If untreated, infections at these sites can lead to local complications such as endometritis, salpingitis, tuboovarian abscess, bartholinitis, peritonitis,...