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01 Dec 2017

Determination of Heat Capacity Ratio

Essay - 5 pages - Physics

Objective for experiment 1: To determine the heat capacity ratio of air by following a modernised version of the experiment attributed to Shoemaker. The experiment is to determine the heat capacity ratio of air, by emulating an adiabatic expansion of air. Objective for experiment 2: The...

05 Jul 2016

Isaac Newton's laws of motion

Essay - 2 pages - Physics

It is amazing how each new discovery in science and technology has allowed us as a society to improve our standards of living. What is even more phenomenal is that most of these discoveries were made so far before their time, and have so much influence on the fields of study that are used today....

17 Nov 2015

The anomalous properties of water

Essay - 1 pages - Physics

Water may seem like a very simple molecule, but in fact it has many anomalies. These make it hard to predict the properties of water. This essay will explain just a few of its unusual properties.

15 Sep 2015

Composite material failure in aircraft

Essay - 25 pages - Physics

Some composite materials used in construction of aircraft structures started appearing in late 1930s as well as 1940s. Typically, they used to be plasticity impregnated wood materials at that time, with the well know as well as the largest example being Duramold constructing the eight engine...

29 Jul 2015

Oil and Gas: condition monitoring system

Essay - 2 pages - Physics

The oil and gas field has adopted condition monitoring and control systems to boost oil production efficiency and reliability by reducing unscheduled outages and improving machine performance. Rotating equipment, such as compressors, are critical in the production of oil and gas. The rotating...

29 Jul 2015

Compressors: Oil and Gas Field

Essay - 5 pages - Physics

Compressors are mechanical apparatus that raise the oil and gas pressure and allow it to be conveyed from the production site, through the supply chain, to the reservoir or the customers. Compressors are grouped into Positive displacement and Dynamic or Kinetic compressors.

29 Jul 2015

The effect of surface functionalisation of zinc doped silica nanoparticles on cellular uptake

Essay - 10 pages - Physics

Nanoparticles are described as particles that have less than 100 nanometre (nm) in a dimension (Khan and Arif, 2012, p. 85). Zinc (Zn) is one of the elements that has been known for its anti-cancer properties (Kim et al., 2013). On the other hand, silica nanoparticle (SiO2 NP) is one of the...

17 Oct 2011

Design of 2, 4 Shell & Tube heat exchanger

Essay - 23 pages - Physics

This project report presents the application of Kern's Method for the optimal design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. A primary objective in the heat exchanger design is the estimation of the minimum heat transfer area required for a given heat duty, as it governs the overall cost of the heat...

21 Feb 2011

Has the patch clamp given us more information about the initiation of the action potential?

Essay - 6 pages - Physics

An action potential is an electrical discharge that propagates along the length of a cell to transmit a signal. It is initiated by depolarizing the cell via an ion influx until the cell becomes positive in comparison to its external environment, and then rapidly repolarizes to its negative...

05 Apr 2010

Simulation of coal bed methane flow characteristics in coal seams

Essay - 4 pages - Physics

The efficiency of methane released from a coal bed depends on various physical and structural factors of the coal bed. Methane is a gas that is absorbed on the internal surface of coal. The amount of gas that can be produced from a given coal bed depends on various factors such as seam thickness,...

19 Jan 2009

Gamma ray spectroscopy using a scintillator detector

Essay - 6 pages - Physics

The aim of the experiment is to learn about the basic techniques of gamma ray energy spectroscopy and the interpretation of a spectrum, using a NaI(TI) detector. We obtained the spectra of two gamma sources using a spectrometer and the Maestro program. We also computed the energy resolution of...

16 Jan 2009

Fuel cells

Essay - 7 pages - Physics

What are the limiting factors in the introduction of PEM fuel cells into mobile power generation? What areas of research are being carried out to address these limitations and which of these do you feel will have the biggest impact in enabling the various types of fuel cells systems? Proton...

15 Jan 2009

The basic principle of a rocket

Essay - 3 pages - Physics

At first sight, a rocket seems to be about fire, noise and smoke. The basic principle of rocket is the famous Newtonian principle which says that "To every action, there is an equal and opposite action". A rocket throws mass in one direction and benefit of an equal reaction in the opposite...

04 Dec 2008

Applications of NMR imaging in processing of foods

Essay - 7 pages - Physics

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), originally developed for medical applications, has recently been exploited for observation and characterization of foodstuffs and their manufacture. MRI and its related techniques have already proven useful in non-invasive observations of fruit and vegetable...

14 Nov 2008


Essay - 4 pages - Physics

NASA began full operation on October 1, 1958, after the National Advisor Committee on Aeronautics was abolished. Getting a little head start, NASA inherited the committee's facilities, laboratories, and personnel and immediately set to work planning its future. According to a Twenty-Fifth...

14 Nov 2008

NASA: Past, present and future

Essay - 11 pages - Physics

As with any industry, there have been many high and low points to the space programs. Many of the low points came as loss of both life and much money. These also came mostly in the beginning of the space programs when we were still unsure of many of the variables that space presents. Many...

15 Oct 2008

Problems associated with unsupervised classification of high resolution imagery ( pictures included )

Essay - 6 pages - Physics

Early satellite systems with multispectral resolutions on the order of 20m (SPOT 1 - 4) or 30m (Landsat 4 - 7) have been able to obtain imagery of sufficient resolution to effectively classify areas with large contiguous areas of information classes, i.e. scenes of dense forest vegetation or...

20 Jul 2008

Hardness test of metals: An experiment using the Brinell test and the Rockwell test

Essay - 6 pages - Physics

Hardness has been defined in several ways over time, mostly by physicists, metallurgists and engineers. Different definitions range from hardness being defined as a collection of properties of a material more or less related to each other to resistance to permanent indentation. The difficulty to...

11 Jun 2008

The development and application of hydrogen energy in the United States

Essay - 3 pages - Physics

In his State of the Union Address, President Bush made the observation that the United States had become addicted to foreign oil. The recent surge in gas prices is clearly reflective of this addiction. Americans have become so reticent in their oil usage that they are now willing to pay in excess...

04 Dec 2007

How Mad is Reefer?

Essay - 4 pages - Physics

From the age of twelve and older nearly 40% of our country, about 98 million Americans, has used Cannabis sativa for its psychological and physiological effects in much the same way as it has been throughout recorded history (AMA Council). This lengthy past has constructed a harsh stigma...

23 Oct 2007

Development in LSD Synthesis

Essay - 3 pages - Physics

LSD, the common abbreviation for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25, often termed “acid” in the streets, is one of the most potent hallucinogenic substances known to man. The chemical was actually synthesized for the first time in 1938 by a German scientist named Albert Hoffman. However, in...

25 Jun 2007

Quantum Dots : A Brief Overview

Essay - 5 pages - Physics

Over the past few decades there has been immense interest in Quantum Dots. In this report the author will outline some of the fabrication techniques, basic theory, and a few important properties of QDs. There are various different kinds of Quantum Dots. The author will focus mainly on...