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09 Mar 2012

Distribution and franchising

Presentation - 26 pages - Business strategy

Distribution is the process of moving a product from its manufacturing source to its customers. Producer and wholesaler have a strong link and some obligations toward the other. The choice of the distribution channel is essential to the success or the failure of a...

19 Jan 2012

Strategy of communication

Presentation - 20 pages - Business strategy

-First, champagne is a very subjective matter of taste, our customers have an emotional report to the brand. -Indeed, one of the main values of La Grande Dame is "inspiring legacy"- in other words this means that our history is not a weight, but more like an asset of our...

31 Jan 2011

Tag Heuer Strategy: Comparative Analysis of Switzerland and UAE

Presentation - 30 pages - Business strategy

Tag Heuer, which was founded in 1860, occupies a niche segment of the Swiss watch and clock industry, which was founded by Jean Calvin in Geneva towards the end of the 16th century. Watches constitute Switzerland's third biggest export (after chemicals and industrial machines)...

03 Jan 2011

Lustucru Lunch Box: Reviewing the distribution strategy of the Lunch Box

Presentation - 40 pages - Business strategy

Analysis: 1. Story of Lustucru & the Lunch Box: Assessing Lustucru brand expertise on the market 2. The Lunch Box in stores: Assessing Lustucru category management & Supply Chain expertise 3. Channels profiling: Searching for new ideas to develop the Lunch Box presence in...

18 Nov 2010

SWOT and PESTEL Analyses - British airways

Presentation - 40 pages - Business strategy

Support Activities: Infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology Development, Procurement.(the acquisition of appropriate goods and/or services at the best possible total cost of ownership to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location) ...

18 Nov 2010

Strategy analysis for the company chemical industry Rhone-Poulenc

Presentation - 52 pages - Business strategy

The company has successfully established its business abroad, achieving its strategic aim of increasing its market share within the US market. It is one of the top 10 worldwide companies in its industry. However, each sector had reached a massive proportions. To deal with this each sector...

25 Oct 2010

McDonald's Company profile and SWOT analysis

Presentation - 20 pages - Business strategy

Largest fast food chain in the world Our focus: - McDonald's America - McDonald's Thailand Founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, CA by Dick and Mac McDonald, McDonald's began franchising in 1955 with the implementation of “speedee service system”. The fast food...

23 Jun 2010

Media strategy and media budgets

Presentation - 16 pages - Business strategy

A firm should continue to add to its budget as long as incremental expenditures are exceeded by the marginal revenue they generate. This theoretical underpinning assumes a functional relationship between advertising and sales. Frequency is more important to communicate product details or building...

22 Jun 2010

Making brands go global

Presentation - 15 pages - Business strategy

Countries and their roles are viewed in a globally competitive system (e.g a particular country can be used for the purposes of developing a product. Another for test marketing the product. Global Marketing - extends a single marketing mix to a particular region / globe. The...

31 Mar 2010

McDonald's and the McCafe Coffee Initiative: A presentation

Presentation - 20 pages - Business strategy

McDonald Canada opened in 1976, after a decade of operating in Untied States. McDonald Canada was the first McDonald restaurant to be opened outside the United States. McDonald Canada has 1200 locations throughout the country and 70% of them are owned by franchisees. Company's success is ...

31 Mar 2010

Apple Inc: Business strategy presentation

Presentation - 20 pages - Business strategy

84% of Apple sales come from highly developed countries, where political situation is stable and there for governmental policies and changes in government don't effect much the company. Although US and other leading countries of the world showed improvement after financial crisis, there still is...

21 Feb 2010

Triumph: Case study

Presentation - 25 pages - Business strategy

1950s:Britain - The biggest motorbike maker in the world. Bankruptcy in 1983:Bad management and rescue attempts. John Bloor: The re-founder of Triumph. Invested £80 million: Redesign product model = maintaining the nostalgic power. Hired people who were familiar with Triumph. Outsourced...

09 Nov 2009

Bridging the two ends of a facility chain through empowerment: The context of external and internal customers of the aviation industry

Presentation - 18 pages - Business strategy

H1 a: There will be a significant relationship between the level of psychological empowerment and job satisfaction. H1 b: There will be a significant relationship between job satisfaction and dimensions of psychological empowerment. H2: There will be a significant difference...

12 Oct 2009

Entering the global market

Presentation - 7 pages - Business strategy

In today's world of business competition, entering a product into the foreign market is a great opportunity for a business to become highly successful. However, there are several aspects the company should consider before entering into the business world of exporting to foreign countries....

29 Sep 2009

Ignition Systems

Presentation - 15 pages - Business strategy

Ignition systems produces about 30,000 volt spark across spark plug and distribute high voltage spark to each spark plug in correct sequence. The number of times the spark, so it occurs as piston is nearing top dead center. The battery supplies power to entire system where as the ignition switch...

28 Aug 2009

Edurite Technologies: Empowering education, enabling careers

Presentation - 38 pages - Business strategy

Edurite, founded by Prof. Jawahar and Mr.G.S.Ravi in 2000, is now a part of TutorVista, a Global Education Services company. The company has set up a subsidiary - TutorVista Education India - which will include Edurite and cater to the domestic market. The subsidiary is now planning...

16 Jun 2009

Designing global market strategies (28 slides)

Presentation - 4 pages - Business strategy

A global industry is an industry in which the strategic positions of competitors in major geographic or national markets are fundamentally affected by their overall global positions. (Auto manufacturers like Suzuki, Honda, Ford, etc.)A global firm is a firm that operates in more than one country...

20 May 2009

Overview of a planned 5-10 MW CBM fired pilot power project

Presentation - 69 pages - Business strategy

This presentation is based on the company Optim Energy. The trend of the presentation will be a beginning with who Optim Energy is, followed by what the project is all about and why they chose the Princeton area. Next will be a description of what coal bed methane is and how prevalent is...

17 May 2009

Escada: A presentation

Presentation - 38 pages - Business strategy

This presentation is based on the Escada Group and will help us understan the company better. The trend followed by the document is that the very first thing presented is a short introduction of the company. From there the presentation moves onto the time line of the company from 1976 to 2006....

16 May 2009

Halifax in Ireland

Presentation - 14 pages - Business strategy

Halifax is the “personal” branch of the HBOS group. The bank is present in the Irish market for less than 2 years. The Irish marketing strategy is unlike the UK one (different service marketing mix). The overall objective is to become the 4th largest bank in Ireland by 2009. ...

12 May 2009

Lean enterprise: An overview

Presentation - 30 pages - Business strategy

This presentation will give you a brief idea about a lean enterprise. It will cover some points such as what a lean enterprise is, the origin of the concept and how and when the western world caught up with the idea. It will cover the 7 points that need to be looked at when deciding upon the...

12 May 2009

Fundamentals of organization development

Presentation - 24 pages - Business strategy

Organization Development is a process of planed change that aims at enhancing the congruence between the organization, its structure, strategy people & culture. It also helps to develop creative solutions & self renewing capacity. Organization Development is a long term effort and...

12 May 2009

Business process re-engineering (19 slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Business strategy

The purpose of re-engineering is to "make all your processes the best-in-class." BPR echoes the classical belief that there is one best way to conduct tasks. In the early 1900's, Henri Fayol originated the concept of re-engineering: "To conduct the undertaking toward its objectives by seeking...

29 Apr 2009

Pricing policy and strategy (28 Slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Business strategy

After defining the price of any goods to be the money value that is charged to a product or services or the amount of money or goods for which a thing is bought or sold this presentation will talk about other things involved in deciding the price of goods like factors affecting pricing, methods...

29 Apr 2009

Market segmentation (20 Slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Business strategy

The national market of any country is very wide. The producers of goods need not concentrate on a specific group of buyers or a distinct market. This may be termed as ‘mass' marketing. The producers of products must be clear whether they want to make a general purpose product which can be...

08 Apr 2009

A look at Future Group

Presentation - 66 pages - Business strategy

Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited is India's leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment. Pantaloon has ushered a retail revolution in India and its founder Kishore Biyani is known as India's "King of Retail". Headquartered in Mumbai...

23 Mar 2009

A look at organizational development

Presentation - 71 pages - Business strategy

Organization development is a planned process of change in an organization's culture through the utilization of behavioral science technology, research, & theory-Warne Burke. It is an effort planned, throughout the organization, & managed from the top to increase the organization's...

19 Jan 2009


Presentation - 47 pages - Business strategy

A distinctive luxury brand with international recognition and broad appeal. Design, source, manufacture, and distribute high-quality apparel and accessories. Great-Britain & position as the authentic British lifestyle brand. Repositioning of the brand: change of name, creation of...

15 Jan 2009

BMW new 5-Series

Presentation - 34 pages - Business strategy

Company background- Founded in 1917 Munich airplane motor maker. Hit series: BMW 303, 328. Total annual output: 950K. Diesel cars cover more miles than petrol engine. People are more concerned with the price of running a car than the price of buying it. In the eyes of the consumer...

25 Nov 2008

A look at Lockheed Martin

Presentation - 40 pages - Business strategy

Allan Loughead (later changed to Lockheed) began his career in aviation in 1910 when he began working as an aircraft mechanic. In 1913, he teamed with his brother Malcolm to build their first aircraft, a floatplane. With the advent of jet propulsion and advances in aircraft design,Lockheed Martin...