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21 Apr 2009

Credit risk management

Thesis - 25 pages - Finance

The connect of life insurance has undergone several changes over the years and what has myriad array of attractive options apart from the basic of life cover. Life insurance schemes also offer tax benefits. In today's scenario life insurance solves the three objectives. Before knowing...

21 Apr 2009

Analysis of assets for the SME sector

Thesis - 29 pages - Finance

The Small and Medium Enterprise Group (SMEG) segment is one of the highest contributors to the financial wealth of the THE Bank, and in the context of an aggressively expanding Commercial Bank focusing on consumer credit, it assumes great significance in overcoming the three main challenges that...

21 Apr 2009

Comparison between traditional products and ULIPS in ICICI

Case study - 90 pages - Finance

With the largest number of life insurance policies in force in the world, insurance happens to be a mega opportunity in India. It's a business growing at the rate of 15-20 per cent annually and presently is of the order of Rs 450 billion. Together with banking services, it adds about 7percent to...

21 Apr 2009

A study on the technical analysis of derivative stock futures

Case study - 39 pages - Finance

As Indian securities markets continue to evolve, market participants, investors and regulators are looking at different ways in which the risk management may be efficiently met through the introduction of Derivative markets. Through the use of derivative products, it is possible to partially or...

21 Apr 2009

Financial services through non branch delivery channels

Case study - 42 pages - Finance

With more than 70 percent of financial system assets owned by the banks, the banking sector continues to be the most dominant force in the Indian financial system. However, with the growth in the economy being sluggish, banks can no longer afford to rely on ‘corporate banking' to...

21 Apr 2009

Study of stock market, equity trading, demat and market analysis of Share khan Pvt .Ltd

Case study - 58 pages - Finance

Share Khan Pvt.Ltd deals in buying and selling equity shares and debentures on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Over-The-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI). Share Khan Pvt.Ltd is provided with a computer and required software from their registered stock...

21 Apr 2009

Study of dematerialization in India: Indiabulls Securities

Dissertation - 53 pages - Finance

A widely neither distributed nor such distress followed so quickly on the heels 1the equity brokerage industry in India is one of the oldest in the Asia region. India had an active stock market for about 150 years that played a significant role in developing risk markets as also promoting...

21 Apr 2009

Working capital management

Dissertation - 39 pages - Finance

According to Weston and Brigham working capital refers to the firm's investment, its shorter current assets and short term securities accounting receivables and inventory. According to the Guttmann and Doug all working capital is excess of current assets over liabilities. According to the Shubin...

20 Apr 2009

Application of value-at-risk to forex exposure: Dr Reddy's pharmaceutical company

Thesis - 35 pages - Finance

Risk can be defined as the volatility of unexpected outcomes, generally the value of assets or liabilities of interest. Firms are exposed to various types of risks, which can be broadly classified into business and non-business risks. Business risks are those, which the corporation...

20 Apr 2009

Analysis of money laundering risks in priority banking: A unit if Standard Chartered Bank

Tutorials/exercises - 65 pages - Finance

Money laundering, at its simplest, is the act of making money that comes from Source A look like it comes from Source B. In practice, criminals are trying to disguise the origins of money obtained through illegal activities so it looks like it was obtained from legal sources. Otherwise, they...

20 Apr 2009

Performance of NBFC's in Indiabulls

Dissertation - 45 pages - Finance

Non-banking Financial Institutions carry out financing activities but their resources are not directly obtained from the savers as debt. Instead, these Institutions mobilize the public savings for rendering other financial services including investment. All such Institutions are financial...

20 Apr 2009

A study on the financial performance of the State Bank of India with reference to camel model

Dissertation - 41 pages - Finance

The Analyst has come up with a special issue on the banking industry for a third consecutive year. To assess Indian banks, The Analyst adopted the world-renowned CAMEL model (with minor modifications). The reason being, the CAMEL model is simple and makes it easy to compare a wide range of banks...

19 Apr 2009

Credit appraisal system at Standard Chartered Bank and the SME credit department

Dissertation - 68 pages - Finance

The ongoing development of contemporary risk management methods and the increased use of innovative financial products such as securitization and credit derivatives have brought about substantial changes in the business environment faced by credit institutions today. Especially in the field of...

19 Apr 2009

A study on working capital management in Visaka Industries Limited

Case study - 44 pages - Finance

The company was incorporated under the Indian Company's Act 1956 on 18th June 1981 as Visaka Asbestos Cement Product ltd and promoted by Dr.G.Vivekananda with investment of Rs 4 crores to set up cement asbestos plant in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. It has grown in to multiple folds and now...

17 Apr 2009

Retail Banking with ING Vysya

Case study - 103 pages - Finance

Today retail banking has emerged as the dark horse in banking sector. Low interest rates and booming consumerism have unleashed credit off take in retail segment in a big way. The personal banking segment customers have become the center of attraction... Credit exposures through personal...

16 Apr 2009

The study and research of different fields of certified financial planning

Tutorials/exercises - 22 pages - Finance

Every body has dreams, dreams for themselves, dreams for their families, To fulfill these one needs to back up earnings by investing wisely. Most people work hard and earn money but when it comes to financial planning and actually going ahead with it they don't care much. Every one is different,...

16 Apr 2009

A look at financial derivatives in India

Dissertation - 53 pages - Finance

The derivatives markets has existed for centuries as a result of the need for both users and producers of natural resources to hedge against price fluctuations in the underlying commodities. Although trading in agricultural and other commodities has been the driving force behind the development...

16 Apr 2009

All you wanted to know about HDFC and Standard Life Insurance

Case study - 66 pages - Finance

HDFC Standard Life is the name which is working as one of the best private insurance company in insurance sector. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd was incorporated on 14th August 2000.It got the certificate of registration on 23rd October. With such a large population and the untapped...

16 Apr 2009

The effectiveness of distribution channel of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited

Case study - 16 pages - Finance

The story of insurance is probably as old as the story of mankind. Tendency of a human being to secure themselves against loss and disaster has been from the starting of world. They sought to avert the evil consequences of fire and flood and loss of life and were willing to make some sort of...

16 Apr 2009

Financial institutions offering home loans

Case study - 38 pages - Finance

Housing finance is one of the industries, which are driven by ups and downs in the real state industry. Although there has been an upsurge in the demand for the home loans in the recent past, it has not translated into a stupendous performance by the housing finance companies (HDFC's). The...

16 Apr 2009

Comparative analysis of madcap fund with reference to Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd

Case study - 35 pages - Finance

The Indian Mutual Funds Industry has witnessed a sea change since UTI was first established in 1963. From a single player the number of players has increased to 29 and the number of schemes has spiraled to 477. The last decade has been a period of rapid growth for the MF industry. The paper...

16 Apr 2009

Creativity and innovation in retail banking: Comparative analysis of financial products offered by banks

Case study - 27 pages - Finance

A bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers and to borrow and lend money. It is an institution for receiving, keeping, and lending money. Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. Central banking is the...

15 Apr 2009

Risk management in the banking industry

Thesis - 23 pages - Finance

‘Safe, Secure & Sure' are the three fundamentals of life that are always sought after but seldom achieved. Human who is the only being blessed to analyze & anticipate the future has always been a spectator when it comes to being a perfectionist. As the future has disclosed the...

15 Apr 2009

Effect of change in Basel standards in the banking industry

Case study - 38 pages - Finance

As the deadline for implementing the Basel-III norms in Indian banks has arrived they are still preparing to solve the enigma of risk management for insuring more transparent and risk-free financial bases. According to the Reserve Bank of India, its association with the Basel 'Committee on...

15 Apr 2009

Analysis of the Indian banking sector

Dissertation - 38 pages - Finance

This project focuses on the recent scenario of the Indian banking sector. To analyze the industry's growth and position, we have divided it into three sections. In the first section we have studied the Indian economy; second section is on banking industry in India; and the third section is the...

14 Apr 2009

Competitor analysis of financial securities industries: Religare

Case study - 36 pages - Finance

The securities markets in India witnessed several policy initiatives since the year 2000, which further refined the markets micro-structure, modernized operations and broadened investment choices for investors. The irregularities in the securities transactions in the last quarter of the previous...

14 Apr 2009

Money and transaction over the internet: Online banking

Thesis - 28 pages - Finance

The advent of internet has initiated an electronic revolution in the global banking sector. The dynamic and flexible nature of this communication channel as well as its ubiquitous reach has helped in leveraging a variety of banking activities. New banking intermediaries offering entirely new...

13 Apr 2009

Joint ventures in the Indian insurance industry

Thesis - 23 pages - Finance

The aim of all insurance is to compensate the owner against loss arising from a variety of risks, which he anticipates, to his life, property and business. Insurance is mainly of two types: life insurance and general insurance. General insurance means Fire, Marine and Miscellaneous insurance...

13 Apr 2009

Health insurance and how it works

Thesis - 21 pages - Finance

Insurance is vital to a free enterprise economy. It protects society from the consequences of financial loss from death, accidents, sicknesses, damage to property, and injury caused to others. The person seeking to transfer risk, the insured ( policyholder ), pays a relatively small...

13 Apr 2009

Understanding how keyman insurance works

Thesis - 25 pages - Finance

“Life insurance isn't meant for people who die. Life insurance is meant for people who live.” Who said this doesn't really matter, what matters is that there is an important lesson to learn from this. The basic tenet of life is to indemnify the survivors against financial loss. Keyman...