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Dissertation in Human resources

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27 May 2021

Outsourcing of human resources: the challenges and motivations of companies

Dissertation - 10 pages - Human resources

Companies today face many changes, regardless of their field of activity. The main objective of each of them is, of course, to achieve maximum profits in order to be able to continue their activity in the long term. Competition is a constant threat to societies, as it has come from all walks of...

05 Oct 2020

Recruitment: methods, trends...

Dissertation - 10 pages - Human resources

Recruitment is one of the most essential components of human resource management in any company today. In France where the unemployment rate remains high, and with candidates who are being forced to combine several skills and sometimes even several jobs, it is interesting to explore the subject...

13 Feb 2011

Strategic Analysis of HR for Alcatel-Lucent: A merger facing HR & management culture issues

Dissertation - 11 pages - Human resources

In this document, we focus on the analysis of the human resources function of a huge company, which is unique because it is in the perspective of a merger between Alcatel and Lucent. We have first presented an overview of the merger to position the sector, and concluded this part with a SWOT...

06 Feb 2011

Change Management, the new role of HR

Dissertation - 47 pages - Human resources

The method ofmanagement of a company has evolved considerably in recent years. The removal of certain boundaries, the development of new technologies, new modes of communication, etc. have internationalized the economic and social landscape. In this context, companies have become...

27 Jan 2011

The management of the expatriation in France and Europe

Dissertation - 42 pages - Human resources

After 30 years of mass unemployment, mobility has become a reality. Viewed more as a threat than as an opportunity to advance in life, mobility is in fact often a prerequisite for a job that is both stable and of quality. The year 2006 was proclaimed by the European Commission as "European Year...

25 Jun 2009

Performance appraisal at Acumedscript

Dissertation - 47 pages - Human resources

The term human resource is a crucial system in the process of management. The term human resource is quite popular in India with the institution of ‘Ministry of Human Resources Development' in the Union Cabinet. Human Resource Management is one of the most complex and...

22 Jun 2009

Human resources development initiatives for achieving individual and organizational goals: National Institute of Rural Development India

Dissertation - 44 pages - Human resources

Human Resource Development is very crucial for achieving higher levels of socio-economic development in both developed and developing countries. The value of Human Development Index (HDI) is much higher in the countries with higher levels of investment in HRD and vice versa. The less populous...

22 Jun 2009

Performance appraisal in Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd

Dissertation - 48 pages - Human resources

Every year employees experience an evolution in their past performance. Employees generally see these evaluations as having some direct effect on their work lives. They may result in increased pay, a promotion, or assistance in personal development areas for which the employees needs some...

22 Jun 2009

Recruitment in Hyundai India

Dissertation - 36 pages - Human resources

Recruitment is a core of human resource activity carried out in organization of all kinds, whether they are manufacturing, trading, service or not-for-profit organizations. The recruitment activity makes it possible for these organizations to acquire the number and types of personnel necessary to...

22 Jun 2009

Employee welfare measures taken in the Indian South Central Railway

Dissertation - 44 pages - Human resources

Human Resource Management is one of the most complex and challenging fields of management. It deals with the ‘People Dimension' in management. Human Resources play a very important role in the development of the business. They constitute the organization at all levels and are regarded as a...

15 Jun 2009

An overview of Human Resources Management

Dissertation - 41 pages - Human resources

Good human resource practice can help in attracting and retaining the best people in the organization Planning alerts the company to the type of people will need in short, medium and long run. Appropriate recruitment and selection activities identify the best people for available jobs and make...

13 May 2009

Competency mapping in an organization

Dissertation - 43 pages - Human resources

Today organizations are all talking in terms of competence. Gone are the days when people used to talk in terms of skill sets, which would make their organizations competitive. There has been a shift in the focus of the organizations. Now they believe in excelling and not competing. It is better...

09 May 2009

Human resources: New vistas & challenges

Dissertation - 54 pages - Human resources

Human capital is not about describing people as economic units; rather it is a way of viewing people as critical contributors to an organization's success. It can be measured and managed more effectively in coming times as and when the human resource functions evolve with emerging trends in HR....

07 Apr 2009

Recruitment and selection process at Siemens BPO Services Pvt Ltd

Dissertation - 42 pages - Human resources

The outsourcing history of India is one of phenomenal growth in a very short span of time. The idea of outsourcing has its roots in the 'competitive advantage' theory propagated by Adam Smith in his book 'The Wealth of Nations' which was published in 1776. Over the years, the...

06 Apr 2009

Recruitment and selection procedure: A look at the Infosys BPO

Dissertation - 56 pages - Human resources

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a management function that helps manager's recruit, select, train and develops members for an organization. According to Edward Flippo: “Personal Management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement, development,...

05 Mar 2009

Employee training

Dissertation - 46 pages - Human resources

Every organization needs to have well trained an experience people to perform the activities that have to be done. If the current or potential job occupants and meet this requirement, training is not important. But when this is not case, it is necessary to raise the skill levels and increase the...