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04 Sep 2007

Mickey Mantle: The impact of the fatherly figures within his life

Essay - 2 pages - Sports

In the era of postwar America, baseball defined American culture and society. Mickey Mantle was molded into one of the greatest baseball players by his father, Mutt Mantle, and the Yankee's Manager, Casey Stengel. Throughout Mickey Mantle's life, he always had a fatherly figure in his life. He...

30 Aug 2007

Gambling On the Internet- First Amendment Right or Economy-Drainer?

Essay - 2 pages - Sports

Internet gambling has been on a huge rise since the year 2000. Poker Stars and Party Poker, the biggest of the online poker rooms, are two of the highest earning companies traded on the London Stock Exchange. Many eighteen, nineteen, and twenty-something geniuses have made seven digit earnings on...

29 Aug 2007

Money Motivates

Essay - 2 pages - Sports

After successfully breaking the color line, Branch Rickey and the Brooklyn Dodgers decided to extend the noble experiment to the deeply segregated South. In January of 1949, the Dodgers announced that during spring training they would travel to Atlanta and Macon, Georgia. The team would be...

29 Aug 2007

Branch Rickey and the Beginning of Baseball's Greatest Experiment

Essay - 2 pages - Sports

In the beginning, baseball was considered a “gentlemen's game,” with the majority of the leagues containing only white men. Very few black men played in the International League. A man named Cap Anson got blacks banned from major league. He refused to play with any team that had a black...

27 Aug 2007

Baseball's Chaotic Response

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Sports

On April 15th, 1947, the Dodgers started their new season with a new addition to their team, Jackie Robinson. He made his debut against the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field playing first base. The first series were a flop for Jackie Robinson. Overwhelmed by the pressure, he was unable to produce....

12 Jan 2006

Bodybuilding and its Influence upon American Sport

Thesis - 14 pages - Sports

American sports have evolved from the simple folk games and premodern pastimes of the colonial era to the highly complex, commercial spectacles of the early twenty-first century. (For the purposes of this essay sports are defined as competitive athletic games that demand a significant degree of...