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16 Feb 2011

Compensation: scales and seniority with the example of Randstad of Belgium

Case study - 4 pages - Human resources

Belgium has now banned the age criterion for wage scales. Tens of thousands of employers are under transition. Randstad had taken this step ten years ago. Not because Europe compelled it, but because it was an advantage for its own activities. The company specializes in advising temporary...

16 Feb 2011

The Belgian system to earn a degree while you are working

Case study - 4 pages - Human resources

This document intends to show that this has been possible for a long time. The novelty is that one can get any number of distractions while pursuing their higher education through means of distance learning according to their experience, acquired skills and the business training that has been...

16 Feb 2011

Adaptation of a worker to the local problems: French in China

Case study - 10 pages - Human resources

Working abroad as part of an international assignment or other contract inevitably raises many challenges with regard to adaptability. One has to adapt to different cultures, ways of living and study the key points rigorously to live more comfortably in a host country. A host country receives a...

16 Feb 2011

Conflict management

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

We are confronted daily with situations of conflict. Indeed, tensions arise in the workplace as well as within the family. These disagreements often are due to more secret reasons and not conscious and it is sometimes difficult to terminate. After identifying the origins of...

16 Feb 2011

The internationalization of the company and human resource management

Book review - 10 pages - Human resources

Today, most French companies have had the "great leap" in international markets. With increased trade and international context, the phenomenon of globalization has forced companies to open their activities abroad. Even if we can see significant differences in their degree of...

16 Feb 2011

The research of the motivations in Two Factor theory of Herzberg

Case study - 2 pages - Human resources

Herzberg's analysis focuses on the problem of motivation and on the crucial question: "How does one cause an employee to do what is expected of him?" He presents an introduction and develops a list of attitudes and inefficiencies to get the job expected of employees: Ask, give instructions,...

13 Feb 2011

Strategic Analysis of HR for Alcatel-Lucent: A merger facing HR & management culture issues

Dissertation - 11 pages - Human resources

In this document, we focus on the analysis of the human resources function of a huge company, which is unique because it is in the perspective of a merger between Alcatel and Lucent. We have first presented an overview of the merger to position the sector, and concluded this part with a SWOT...

06 Feb 2011

Change Management, the new role of HR

Dissertation - 47 pages - Human resources

The method ofmanagement of a company has evolved considerably in recent years. The removal of certain boundaries, the development of new technologies, new modes of communication, etc. have internationalized the economic and social landscape. In this context, companies have become...

27 Jan 2011

Corporate culture: Case study of IKEA

Case study - 19 pages - Human resources

"Let us begin with an anecdote to highlight the theme of corporate culture in an intelligible and meaningful manner”. The following testimony is that of an officer of a company which was recently formed by the merger of two industrial companies: "When I need a new piece, I can ask someone...

27 Jan 2011

Human Resources department of IKEA

Essay - 38 pages - Human resources

Since it was registered as a corporation in 1943, IKEA has developed into an international group, present in approximately 43 countries. IKEA gets its name from the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, located in Småland, Sweden. Ingvar Kamprad was just 17 when he registered IKEA...

27 Jan 2011

The recruitment policy of Michelin

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

There are four elements that are essential to the Human Resource department, these are acquisition, integration, performance and allocation of human resources. So, any function of this department should fulfill these four factors. In this paper, we will be studying these four...

27 Jan 2011

The management of the expatriation in France and Europe

Dissertation - 42 pages - Human resources

After 30 years of mass unemployment, mobility has become a reality. Viewed more as a threat than as an opportunity to advance in life, mobility is in fact often a prerequisite for a job that is both stable and of quality. The year 2006 was proclaimed by the European Commission as "European Year...

27 Jan 2011

Case Club Med: recruitment

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

Though Club Med, the inventor of the holiday clubs, remains the leading brand in the world in terms of reputation in the tourism sector, several factors have nevertheless tarnished its image since the late 90s. In 1997, the Trigano family was ousted from the company by shareholders and in 2000,...

27 Jan 2011

Negotiation with the Mexicans

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

Mexico is a country in North America, located in the southern United States (which is partly separated by the Rio Grande, said the Rio Bravo to Mexicans) and bordered on the south by Guatemala and Belize. Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking countries. He also recorded the second...

25 Jan 2011

The role of HR managers in the context of changing external environmental factors

Thesis - 13 pages - Human resources

Over the last two decades, the work environment has improved in new techniques that no one expected, causing growth in innovation and globalization. The following era will witness superior changes, influencing all sides of the workstation, containing main variations for HR...

10 Jan 2011

Career management: Women and the Glass Ceiling

Thesis - 27 pages - Human resources

There has been an increase in the participation of women in the professional world today. They are becoming increasingly qualified and skilled. However, this increase in opportunity has not led them into illusions and they do not consider themselves lucky. They do not compare their...

10 Jan 2011

Gender discrimination in the workplace

Thesis - 5 pages - Human resources

Even today, there is discrimination between men and women in the workplace. The salary for a man and a woman holding the same station is not the same. Women find it harder to reach senior positions in the organization. Since 1967, the participation rate of women in the professional field has...

31 Dec 2010

Cover letter for a training course in tourism in Latin America

Sample letter - 1 pages - Human resources

This paper is an example of a cover letter. The writer is hoping to get an internship at a tourism company in South America. It begins - Madam, I learned about your company from a study that researched tourism in South America. In order to complete my training I am required...

30 Dec 2010

Function of the human resources within the French group, Dassault Aviation

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

Dassault Aviation, a French industry group, accounts for 8000 collaborators, including 3000 with a site in Saint-Cloud. As a major player of the world aircraft industry, the group posts its specificity: the support of its customers. The manufacturer civil-soldier bases its strategy on products of...

13 Dec 2010

Reasons behind the wage determinations in the manufacturing sector

Thesis - 5 pages - Human resources

The real wages of European workers have experienced a decline over the last few years. In real terms, the results show a decline of the labor compensation per hour - 16,5 per cent in 1996-1999, 28 per cent in 2000-2003, and 33 per cent in 2003-2006. Moreover, the workforce considered...

13 Dec 2010

Sexual child abuse

Thesis - 1 pages - Human resources

Sexually abused children are children exposed to excessive sexual acts and made to cover it up due to fear and shame. Children that are abused sexually are faced with a lot of problems as they grow. Such children are laid by their relative, friends, families and people close to them. It...

07 Dec 2010

Paul Wolfowitz and the American neo-conservative project

Case study - 5 pages - Human resources

The National Interest is a journal that was founded in 1985. It is regarded as a showcase for liberalism and neo-liberalism. It is not popular amongst academics and aims to influence the political agenda of the country. In this review, we see the theories proposed by Huntington and Fukuyama. Paul...

02 Dec 2010

The International Workers' Association

Case study - 5 pages - Human resources

This document is a summary of the debates which took place within the International Association of Workers of the Congress at Brussels. It highlights the divisions within this authority by connecting them with the social position of the parties and traces the stage of evolution of the society....

01 Dec 2010

Paid educational leaves in Belgium

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

Paid educational leave: Is it more used to meet business needs than allow continuous training of employees? Why are modern teaching techniques, such as distance learning, not recognized in this system? All these questions will help us learn more about business practices. The Federal Public...

30 Nov 2010

Training in a company: The example of McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Human resources

Lifelong learning? The hamburger chain McDonald's knew what the term meant before it gained popularity. “Training is rooted in our corporate culture," said Sabine Gekiere, HR manager at McDonald's in Belgium. "It's part of our DNA." It is now possible to enhance the internal...

29 Nov 2010

Reasons for drop in unemployment: Portugal

Case study - 5 pages - Human resources

The exercise consists in proposing a model of macroeconomic management for the Portuguese economy. To do this, we have data sources for the period 2000-2003. This model should be implemented for a lower unemployment rate. It was however not clear whether this decline would be...

29 Nov 2010

Employment: Lessons from the British model

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

While France has been trying to stem high unemployment for almost 2 years, its closest neighbor Britain is at a record low rate of unemployment. Indeed, France with 9.8%, struggles to find a solution to tackle the phenomenon, which has now become the greatest evil of this century....

18 Nov 2010

HRM systems and organization's performance - Case Siemens

Thesis - 7 pages - Human resources

Rather than playing a basic administrative role, HRM is becoming more and more a strategic partner responsible to increase the organization competitiveness. “Employees are valued assets of the company, that there should be interplay between a strategy for human resources and the main...

08 Oct 2010

International human resource management: Sean John Clothing Inc. and its expansion into the Caribbean Basin: Jamaica

Thesis - 8 pages - Human resources

Sean John Clothing is a very successful contemporary clothing brand launched in 1998 by the US Hip Hop star Sean John “Diddy” Combs. For ten years now, Sean John has made its mark on the fashion industry and made Sean John Combs one of the most successful African American entrepreneurs...

29 Sep 2010

Bringing emotions to work should be a pleasure, but in practice it is often a pain

Essay - 3 pages - Human resources

Companies have become aware, over the last several years, that emotions conveyed by employees, in facing customers, constitute key components of success. They determine the customer reaction. They influence his emotional state (fear, confidence, sympathy), and his will to buy. They determine the...

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