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21 Nov 2006

Impact of Internet Channel on Auto Insurance Industry

Essay - 22 pages - Business strategy

The influence of the internet on insurance industry is increasing in accordance with the spread of internet retailing. Quotes submitted and policies purchased through internet channel grew 23% and 29% respectively from 2004 to 2005. The proper adoption of a strategy in line with the changing...

21 Nov 2006

US seaports: how to avoid congestion in the future?

Essay - 13 pages - Logistics

The continuous increase of port congestion in the San Pedro Bay is pushing every day more importers to relocate the port of entry of their goods. However, both ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles provide facilities and service that can not be found in any port. This reports first aims to present...

21 Nov 2006

Total Productive Maintenance

Case study - 9 pages - Logistics

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) manufactures activities that are productive and implemented by everyone in the organization. The main focus of TPM is to maximize the overall equipment effectiveness of the asset which is utilized to produce the goods and services. TPM focus on establishing...

21 Nov 2006

SERVQUAL: A tool to measure service quality

Thesis - 7 pages - Logistics

SERVQUAL consists of a model developed by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (1986) which helps measure service quality through a series of steps. It concentrates on the notion of perceived quality. “Perceived quality refers to a consumer's judgment about a product's overall excellence”...

21 Nov 2006

« EU loses a landmark sugar case at the WTO », by SAPA-AP & Blomberg, business Report, 29 April 2005

Essay - 9 pages - Management

The trade of agricultural products is increasing a lot all over the world. In many countries (mainly the poorest ones), agriculture is the dominant sector of the economy and plays a very important role. To control the trade of agricultural products and to limit unfair practices, international...

21 Nov 2006

What skills does it take to "manage" cross-cultural M&A?

Essay - 13 pages - Business strategy

Comment réussir des fusions-acquisitions "cross-culturelles"? Mergers and acquisitions continue apace in spite of an alarming failure rate and evidence that they rarely manage to benefit shareholders. Most completed takeovers damage one party: the company making the acquisition. Many studies...

15 Nov 2006

Microfinance: the Challenge of Accessing Global Capital Markets

Essay - 9 pages - Finance

The main theme of this project is the facilitation and development of microfinance, which is the “provision of loans, savings, insurance, payments, and other basic financial services to low-income populations” . The project is dedicated to identifying and evaluating existing options for...

11 Oct 2006

"Networking within tourism destinations hinders innovation and freedom of choice." Critically discuss this statement

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

Tourism, like so many modern industries, is essentially an assembly process. In few situations does one organisation or company control all the components, or all the stages and decision-making processes in the creation and delivery of the tourism product. That is why in most industrial sectors...

28 Sep 2006

Comparative international accounting systems and practices

Essay - 26 pages - Accounting

There is no doubt that Anglo-Saxon accounting can be distinguished from accounting in continental Europe, Asia, Latin American, and many other parts of the world. It is practiced not only in the United States and United Kingdom, but also to an important extent in countries where, for example, the...

19 Sep 2006

The Centennial Olympic Stadium: a successful project

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

In 1996, there was a battle between Atlanta and Athens for the organization of the last Olympic Games of the twentieth century. It would have been a beautiful mythical moment if the games where celebrated there where the story began, one century ago. But the gods of Olympia were not enough...

21 Aug 2006

Analysis of the development strategy of Societe Generale in Europe

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

Achieving an integrated market for banks and financial conglomerates is a core component of the European policy in the area of financial services. Even if the banking market seems to remains mainly national, the free movement of capital, the adoption of the euro and the progressive harmonization...

27 Jul 2006

How do companies maximize the return on corporate philanthropy?

Essay - 36 pages - Business strategy

Corporate philanthropy has been common for the last 50 years. After the mid 1990's companies started to align their philanthropy programs with the business interests. This results in a convergence of social and economic objectives: strategic corporate philanthropy. But what is the return on the...

27 Jul 2006

Fair Value Implications for the Asset Mix of a Pension Fund

Essay - 86 pages - Finance

Pension funds serve to collect and manage an amount of capital, sufficient to make all payments to which participants of the fund are entitled based on the pension plan. The Akzo Nobel Pension Fund (APF) is responsible for the provision of pensions for all employees of Akzo Nobel in the...

11 Jul 2006

Companies dividend policy

Thesis - 23 pages - Finance

Dividend policy is one of the most important financial policies, not only form the viewpoint of the company, but also from that of the shareholders, the consumers, the workers, regulatory bodies and the Government. For a company, it is a pivotal policy around which other financial policies...

11 Jul 2006

Mergers and Acquisitions: reasons and consequences at the international market

Dissertation - 40 pages - Finance

The paper deals with the issue of mergers and acquisitions on the western market, viewing the topic from the standpoint of their failure and success. The subject is an extremely important one at present, as, on the one side, there is a trend towards major international mergers and acquisitions...

05 Feb 2006

Cultural diversity is a source of international competitive advantage. Critically evaluate

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

Most of companies employ people from different culture and want to manage them in order to use in the best way as possible this diversity. The management of this kind of workers must be adapted. To become a real international competitive advantage, cultural diversity in the company has to be...

30 Dec 2005

How to create a homogeneous culture across boundaries?

Thesis - 18 pages - Management

We have decided to study the company Unilever for several reasons. Firstly, Unilever is a European company that is one of the biggest multinational in the world. Secondly, as we have chosen to study the corporate culture of multinationals, Unilever presents a quite particular corporate culture....

17 Jan 2005

The Israeli way of managing. What are the issues of management in Israel today?

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

Israel as a formal State is a new country, but its influence as an economically dynamic partner worldwide is undeniable despite the poorness of its natural resources and the war. At the start, its population was 806 000 in 1948 but it has been estimated in 2003 to be more than 6.5 million people,...

16 Jan 2005

China's beer wars South Africa Breweries. SABMiller case

Market study - 31 pages - Business strategy

1. General information on the company A. SABMiller historical B. Important figures C. International policy 1. The main international events 2. The case of China 3. Analysis of the SAB International policy 2. Analysis of the Chinese beer market A. Characteristics of the Chinese beer market B....

07 Oct 2004

Exporting French toys to Canada

Market study - 20 pages - Business strategy

Moreover, the French and Canadian governments have recently tried to strengthen their business relationships, and encourage trade between them. It may be very interesting for the French toy industry to penetrate the Canadian market as its presence there remains reduced, and Canada seems an...

12 May 2002

Information technology industry in Singapore

Presentation - 41 pages - Business strategy

The International Data Corporation's Information Society Index 1999 ranked Singapore as the 4th most dominant information-driven economy and society in the world, after the US, Sweden, and Finland. The World Teleport Association named Singapore the 1999 Intelligent City of the Year. The digital...

08 May 2002

Cross cultural differences: Indonesia

Case study - 7 pages - Management

With a population of almost 200 million people on 13,667 islands, Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago located between the continents of Asia and Australia, and between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Only 35% of the population live in urban areas, but there are more than 30 cities...