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28 Aug 2009

Mall management

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

Retail Sector has witnessed an immense growth in the last few years. The key factors responsible for the retail boom have been the change in consumer profile and demographics, increase in the number of international brands available in the market, economic implications of the government,...

25 Aug 2009

The important departments in an organization

Thesis - 13 pages - Management

An Organization may be a manufacturing firm, a business concern, and an Insurance company, Hospital, University or A Service Industry. It may be small or large, Simple or complex. An organization is a human grouping in which work is done for the accomplishment of some specific goal. Human beings...

25 Aug 2009

The functional departments of an organization

Thesis - 14 pages - Management

Every organization, big or small needs to have certain departments, without which it cannot function. These are departments like the finance department, the human resources department, the personnel department, the marketing department, etc. The purpose of this document is to give you a general...

25 Aug 2009

Hotels: A description various departments in a hotel

Thesis - 21 pages - Management

The term "tourism" originates from the word "tour" and denotes the willingness of a person for visiting a place away from one's own home because of reasons such as to spending leisure time, being on official duty, on medical grounds, etc. This willingness and interest of people in...

25 Aug 2009

Examining the operational departments in a hotel

Thesis - 13 pages - Management

Tourism is a desirable human activity, deserving the praise and encouragement of people and government. The tourism industry stops not at just attracting people to a desired destination for vacation, but furthers its services by providing transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment to...

25 Aug 2009

Essential departments in a hotel

Tutorials/exercises - 34 pages - Management

The past, present and the future of the hospitality industry are closely linked. Today's lodging and restaurants are the result of many centuries of social and cultural evolution. Comfortable and sanitary lodging was once considered the exclusive privilege of the wealthy. But with the...

25 Aug 2009

An examination of the company De Chazal and Du Mee

Thesis - 44 pages - Management

DCDM & Co. Ltd is a value-based organization. The management claims that it is the organization's commitment to strong values that has enabled it to sustain the test of time. Its strong values are embedded in the firm and constitute the very ‘genetic code' of the organization. Its...

25 Aug 2009

A closer look at the company 3M

Thesis - 28 pages - Management

3M is a well-established business presence in the 61 countries where it operates. In these, it has 109 plant locations and 223 sales offices. In Japan alone, 3M's largest single-country market outside the United States, the company's sales top $1.4 billion annually, and it is a leader in...

25 Aug 2009

A brief overview of the hotel industry

Tutorials/exercises - 36 pages - Management

Generally tourism involves ideas of movement from one place to another and has the same characteristics as traveling. The development of transportation technology and the improvement in political, economic and social situations has put tourism (travel for pleasure) within the reach of many...

25 Aug 2009

A brief look at Mico: A part of the Bosch Group

Case study - 10 pages - Management

The progress of the Indian economy is highly dependent on the growth of the industries, which in turn has been favored and supported by the development of the transport facilities in the country. Realizing and accepting this necessity, de-licensing and opening of the sector to FDI was initiated...

25 Aug 2009

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M): A look at its operations and organization in India

Tutorials/exercises - 23 pages - Management

For nine of the past 10 years, 3M has ranked in the top 10 of Fortune's annual survey of "America's Most Admired Corporations." In 1994 alone, major reporting about 3M included articles in Fortune and Business Week in the United States and 3M's success can be measured by the fact that...

25 Aug 2009

Management: Concept and theory

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

Management-concept and theory introduces one to the concept of management, its meaning, its purpose, the idea behind managing people, goals & activities of a group. It also talks about the importance of management, and the tasks of management. The principles of management by management...

25 Aug 2009

Approaches to explain the concept and practice of management

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

Because of the extraordinary interest in management, a number of approaches exist to explain the nature of the concepts, theory and techniques underlying managerial practice. Both academic writers and practitioners have contributed to management theories. The variety of approaches to management...

24 Aug 2009

Managing construction project operations

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

The efficient and effective management of a project's operations and activities require clear understanding of the overall strategic objectives of the organization. This paper seeks to demonstrate the significance of facility administration and facility finance management in the transformation...

24 Aug 2009

Critical evaluation of the international business environment

Case study - 5 pages - Management

The more closely the management of an international company can align its comparative advantage with a source or destination country's competitive advantage, the more conveniently it can achieve and maintain its overall business objectives. Management of international business demands...

24 Aug 2009

Critical evaluation of the significance of PEST factors in organizational strategic planning

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

PEST factors refer to the political factors, economic factors, societal factors and technological aspects that determine the outcome of business prospects in organizations. It is always important for a business entity to carry out an assessment and evaluation of its market positioning strategies....

19 Aug 2009

Would the half yearly rotation of primary assignments reduce burnouts among correctional case managers?

Case study - 8 pages - Management

Managing human resources, like other resources is primarily a line management responsibility. Demands have however grown in this area as other resource management areas, and staff functions have emerged and expanded to aid management. Top organizational management continues to provide far...

14 Aug 2009

PepsiCo 2007: Strategies to increase shareholder value

Presentation - 15 pages - Management

This presentation takes a look at the history of Pepsico. It covers some of the key points in the evolution of Pepsico as a company. It will cover points like fast food acquisitions and Quaker Oats acquisition. It will also cover points like the strategy, revenue contributions, competition in...

13 Aug 2009

Inventory management - A presentation

Presentation - 30 pages - Management

This presentation is based on inventory management and will cover points like definitions and various aspects of inventory management. It will also cover points like types of inventories, the function of the inventory and why you need to manage your inventory. It will then move on talking about...

06 Aug 2009

Tribulations in the workplace

Thesis - 3 pages - Management

Over the past semester, I have learned several techniques to identify and mend the broken behavior of organizations. When a person enters into an organization as a new employee, their expectations of the organization are still unformulated though it only takes a short while till those...

29 Jul 2009

Organizational behavior: Communication in the workplace

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

Communication theory presupposes the ability of different members in a conversation, the interlocutors, to be able to exchange language with each other which leads toward a comprehendible meaning. Unfortunately, if neither of these individuals speak the same language, or are not suitably...

14 Jul 2009

Sustainable construction management

Thesis - 3 pages - Management

As Canada continues to grow, and needs of the environment are becoming increasingly apparent, it is time for construction management to embrace sustainable practices more than it has ever done before. Building is something that is essential to sustain and maintain growth. The construction and...

13 Jul 2009

Corporate social responsibility: An overview

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has been around for a while, but it has become increasingly relevant as the forces of globalization have become fiercer, and as the issue of environmental sustainability become more recognized by businesses and the customers that support...

13 Jul 2009

The case for corporate social responsibility

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

The idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has emerged in the recent decades as a point of discussion within the business world. Some advocate for it, while others are adamantly opposed to the idea. It is a type of corporate self-regulation that is supposed to be built into the business...

03 Jul 2009

The mentorship role in the nursing profession

Thesis - 9 pages - Management

The following discussion will attend to review the different aspects of the mentorship role. The main points of focus will be on identifying learning needs, a discussion of the role model, the environment and how it impacts upon learning, the prevalence of research to support practice and...

25 Jun 2009

Inventory management in Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd

Dissertation - 40 pages - Management

Materials are equivalent to cash and they make up an important part of the total cost. It is essential that materials should be properly safeguarded and correctly accounted. Proper control of material can make a substantial contribution to the efficiency of a business. The success of a business...

17 Jun 2009

The role, significance and impact of supply chain management in the FMCG sector

Thesis - 11 pages - Management

FMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods required for daily or frequent use. Typically, a consumer buys these goods at least once a month. The sector covers a wide gamut of products such as detergents, toilet soaps, toothpaste, shampoos, creams, powders, food products, confectioneries,...

15 Jun 2009

Inventory management

Thesis - 9 pages - Management

Any stock that a firm keeps to meet its future requirement of production and sales is called “INVENTORY”. The basic reason for holding inventory is to keep up to the production activities unhampered. It is neither physically possible nor economically justifiable to wait for the stock to...

08 Jun 2009

Collaborative product development in the context of product life cycle management

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

Enterprises across the globe engaged in product design and manufacturing are experiencing pressures as never before. Forward looking companies are actively pursuing the 4th dimension of success that is ‘Innovation' and adopting fast, collaborative product development technology to lay out...

03 Jun 2009

Expert system

Presentation - 37 pages - Management

This presentation is about Expert Systems. It starts with the definition of expert systems, its features and goes onto an overview of expert systems and components of the same. It then moves onto an explanation of the people involved in expert system with a pictorial representation. It further...