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29 Apr 2013

Australian Red Cross - Integrated Marketing and Communication

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Communication has become equally challenging and inevitable in this era of globalization. An integrated method for communication and marketing has to chosen because they have the power to persuade the viewers to realize the organizations goal. This essay comprises of a detailed analysis of the...

29 Apr 2013

Decision making and motivation

Case study - 6 pages - Management

A study of consumer behavior helps the marketers to strategies the marketing goals and produce products that would guarantee customer satisfaction. Decision making is done by customers either in favor of the product or against buying the product. This level is highly influenced by motivations...

09 Apr 2013

Organizational development

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Organizational cultures can vary a lot from a company to another. As we have seen in class, they are influenced by many different factors like the cultural-background of the employees, the country in which the company is implanted in, the size of the company, the industry etc… This amount of...

03 Apr 2013

Offshore outsourcing offering competitive advantage: Case study research on Intuit Corporation

Case study - 19 pages - Management

Corporations today are operating in increasingly competing markets, facing strong pressures from stakeholders to operate more effectively and efficiently (Baloh et al., 2008). The competitive dynamics in large number of industries are changing too, making it difficult for firms to develop or...

20 Mar 2013

ERP case study

Case study - 85 pages - Management

In today's world ERP is used to generate drastic change to the organisation which adopts ERP system. ERP implementation is often high complex, costly and time consuming process. This creates the demand within the organisation for a more rapid and less costly ERP implementation approach. So, the...

19 Mar 2013

Nagpur soft drink market study 2012

Case study - 12 pages - Management

Nagpur soft drink segment value sales stood at US$2.8 million, with year-on-year growth of 34.3% in 2011-2012. The segment value sales are stipulated to reach US$7.7 million, with CAGR of 40.1% in next 2-3 years (2012-2015e). The market has witnessed exponential volume sales of 6.74 million...

14 Mar 2013

India: Online pet care market outlook 2013

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Online pet care segment witnessed higher double digit value sales growth of 25% on year-on-year basis in 2011-2012. It further registered annual transactions increase of 22% on year-on-year basis in 2012. The segment is stipulated to witness average annual growth of 28% with respect to value...

21 Feb 2013

Information systems management: Employment laws

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Making slave trade illegal, in the R v Knowles, ex parte Somersett, in 1772 and the subsequent abolition of slave trade through the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, acted as impetus to the death of serfdom, which stressed on employee subordination (Summers, 1969). This lend to a new era of employee...

21 Feb 2013

A report on total quality management

Case study - 8 pages - Management

For eons the concept of TQM has been widely used by organization, company, teams and firms in different countries to improve efficiency, effectiveness and quality, a factor that acts as impetus to maintaining competitive advantage and effective human resource management. Indeed in the...

08 Feb 2013

The entrepreneurial process

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Entrepreneurial success is often associated with being capable of spotting opportunities and being a risk taker. An entrepreneurial opportunity can be seen as a situation in which a person can create a new means to an end framework for recombining resources that the entrepreneur believes will...

06 Feb 2013

Summary of ethics

Case study - 3 pages - Management

In considering the state of the business world according to ethics or lack thereof, a student must examine and learn from ethical issues before entering the workforce. Certainly, landing a job leading to an illustrious career is at the top of everyone's to-do list, yet there are ethical lessons...

06 Feb 2013

Embracing corporate diversity

Case study - 2 pages - Management

While employees should accept diversity regardless of race percentages, and continue to be productive; managers must also embrace diversity in order to lead effectively. Why? For one, understanding diversity helps prevent division among co-workers. Two, it helps avoid liabilities stemming from...

06 Feb 2013

Project planning and management

Case study - 2 pages - Management

When planning a project there are many variables to consider. The first thing for consideration is whether or not the project calls for a project plan. Project plans take time and money to draft and execute, yet this depends on the scope and size of the project. Therefore, this paper seeks to...

22 Jan 2013

Uncertainty management processes- (Collective cases from Hydro)

Case study - 115 pages - Management

Modern life is inherently uncertain - from the moment of our birth to the unknown moment of our death. Certainty has never been more elusive than in today's tumultuous times. In recent decades we have lived through shocks such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the...

08 Jan 2013

Corporate labor and the sweatshop

Case study - 5 pages - Management

United States economist Michael Watts said in the film, The End of Poverty? that "capitalism cannot operate without free labor." The term free labor has evolved in meaning over the centuries. In Feudal Europe, free laborers were known as serfs who worked the land in return for protection. During...

19 Dec 2012

The impossible trinity dilemma

Case study - 8 pages - Management

A trade off exists between interest rate policy (monetary independence), exchange rate stability (ES) and financial integration. Change in one is necessarily associated with a corresponding change in a combination of the other two components. Any pair of goals can be achieved by choosing...

18 Dec 2012

Quality management of Mozilla

Case study - 10 pages - Management

Quality management is very important to assure the quality of product, especially with Mozilla in the area of software program. Until now, Firefox is gradually becoming loser because of Google Chrome, therefore, improving its quality is essential demand of the company. This report will define the...

11 Dec 2012

Cover letter for the position of Director of Channel Management and Product Management Sales

Sample letter - 1 pages - Management

I am writing to express my interest obtaining the position of Director of Channel Management and Product Management Sales at Titan Global Services. After conducting extensive research on Titan GS, I have been very impressed by the firm's outstanding reputation and culture. I am...

11 Dec 2012

A legal perspective on digital property: Laptops in United States customs and border protection - published: 11/12/2012

Case study - 20 pages - Management

In this paper we will strive to answer several legal questions regarding the search and seizure of digital property at the United States border by U.S. customs officials. In a hypothetical scenario, a defendant crossed the border with illicit materials such as child pornography saved in a folder...

10 Dec 2012

Kompan from a supply chain perspective

Case study - 3 pages - Management

from a supply chain perspective and then asses the possibilities for innovation that arises because of this. •Benefits and challenges: we interpret these as to what extent the acquisition strategy creates benefits and challenges when aligning information and material flow as well as CSR...

27 Nov 2012

Market research cover letter

Case study - 1 pages - Management

I am writing to express my interest in for a [Name of position] at [Company Name]. The firm's commitment towards insight and impact in its services makes it an ideal place to gain broad exposure to various industries. I am attracted to the value-driven and merit-based culture, which offers many...

27 Nov 2012

Big Mac, case study

Essay - 3 pages - Management

McDonald's is the largest food chain of the world. It is present almost everywhere in the world. It has so wide global presence that decision makers often use the products of McDonald's to devise economic measures of well being. One such measure is purchasing power parity. BigMac index is used to...

27 Nov 2012

Sample hardship letter

Sample letter - 1 pages - Management

This letter is to explain the current delinquent accounts that appear in my credit history. I am currently in the process of working with a credit repair agency to clear up some of these debts, because they do not belong to me. I do have three strong credit references that I have been paying, on...

27 Nov 2012

Sample letter for service

Sample letter - 1 pages - Management

At XXX, we provide you with nothing but the best, quality writing. It is definitely not far fetched to say that we do it all. With two brilliant writers on staff, we are here to answer any questions you might have at any time. Of course, if you do not see something on this list, please...

27 Nov 2012

Follow up letter

Essay - 1 pages - Management

I mailed a copy of my resume to your personnel department on July 10th regarding an Architects position that had come available at your firm. I would appreciate if you could find the time to meet with me to discuss this opportunity further. I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your...

27 Nov 2012

Cover letter for secretarial assistant typing

Sample letter - 1 pages - Management

I am writing you today in reference to the Secretarial Assistant Typing position that I saw posted on the WNJPIN website. I am very interested in this position and I appreciate you taking the time to review my application. To support my application I have included this letter of...

22 Oct 2012

Environmental, economic and social impacts of Cruise ships in Stockholm

Case study - 20 pages - Management

Sweden is a country located in the Northern Europe. Its capital is Stockholm. The city is situated near the Baltic Sea therefore it is accessible to holiday cruise liners as well as other maritime traffic making the port one of the busiest in terms of traffic among other Scandinavian cities....

09 Jul 2012

Strategic management: Celerita Inc. case study

Case study - 13 pages - Management

Celerita is a leading firm in the enterprise network optimization industry, offering solutions for businesses to accelerate and enhance the existing computer network. Celerita has always been in the top 6 leaders on the market, but its position become more and more uncertain. In fact, because of...

07 Jun 2012

Critically analyse gender roles and other factors surrounding family businesses

Essay - 8 pages - Management

Family firms have played and still play a significant role in European economy. Most small businesses are family owned (Boissevain and Grotenbreg, 1987), and the importance of this type of business has experienced a significant development during recent decades. As Sampson (1982)...

30 May 2012

Analysis of the toy industry

Case study - 9 pages - Management

In the current economic situation, the lexical field declines through many adjectives such as unemployment, or crisis. The world is in an uncertain climate for the economic part but the social part too. It is during the Christmas period that we can forget theses bad news. The magic of Christmas...