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12 Aug 2009

An overview of JetBlue Airways

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

JetBlue is quickly becoming one of the best examples of a succeeding business because of excellent costumer service. David Neeleman, pronounced (Nee - Le - Man), has been able to build one of the top grossing airlines in just 6 short years. This airline has been built around the...

11 Aug 2009

The anthropology of dresses: Clothing industry analysis

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

Rugby Ralph Lauren, the newest division of Ralph Lauren Clothing, was established in October of 2004. At just four years old, the branch boasts ten locations across the United States. The oldest of these stores is located on Newbury Street in Boston while the New York City location pulls in over...

30 Jul 2009

Corporate politics: Strategy and structure

Thesis - 4 pages - Business strategy

Organizational management theories are models based on the strategic core elements that define corporate structure. These strategic essentials are aimed towards corporate planning and decisional management processes. By essence, models follow the economic principle of ceteris...

29 Jul 2009

Internet ethics

Thesis - 2 pages - Business strategy

Unable to control its content or charge them with violating Chinese law, the CCP banned access to Google outright in 2002. International pressure caused them to reverse this decision. Cautious to limit access to politically sensitive material, China has now brought in the Green Dam software which...

14 Jul 2009

Micro shareholders: The alternative for young entrepreneurs

Thesis - 6 pages - Business strategy

More than ever, in today's highly competitive marketplace, combined with stringent bank lending requirements, it is next to impossible for a young, aspiring entrepreneur, to obtain funding for his or her business venture, especially as related to building projects. The report will detail how...

07 Jul 2009

Hewlett-Packard's strategic audit

Case study - 11 pages - Business strategy

This is a comprehensive business policy and strategic management case study that includes the company, Hewlett-Packard's (, fiscal year-end (October 2007) financial statements, competitor information and more. The case time setting is the year 2008. Recommend a...

22 Jun 2009

Export incentive in BHEL

Case study - 42 pages - Business strategy

Every country in the world is planning to achieve and increase its share in the world trade, particularly exports and is subsidizing its exports by some form of subsidy or the other. It may be Income Tax concession, sales/ purchase/ VAT refunds, bonus vouchers, dual rate of exchange, refund of...

18 Jun 2009

A study on E-Commerce

Case study - 16 pages - Business strategy

E-business is what happens when you combine the broad reach of the Internet with vast resources of traditional information technology system. It uses the Web connect together customers, vendors, suppliers and employees in a way never before possible. They do business on the Web, and consequently...

18 Jun 2009

Pepsi vs. Coke

Thesis - 9 pages - Business strategy

Now a days FMCG is very popular in the market. They are representing themselves in the market in different ways. But to show themselves above boards they are ethically going down and are applying un-ethical rules. “Pepsi ” and “Coke” are famous in this chain of the...

18 Jun 2009

The role of advertising effectiveness in changing customer's perception in relation to LG and its competitors

Tutorials/exercises - 80 pages - Business strategy

Modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it accessible. Companies must also communicate with present and potential stakeholders, and the general public. Every company is inevitably cast into the role of communicator and promoter. For most...

18 Jun 2009

Market share of Hutch (now Vodafone in India) in comparison to other telecom services in India

Tutorials/exercises - 31 pages - Business strategy

The Indian Telecommunication network with 69 million telephone connections is the fifth largest in the world and the second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. Today, it is the fastest growing market in the world and represents unique opportunities for UK companies in the stagnant...

18 Jun 2009

Strategy trend analysis in Indian IT industry

Tutorials/exercises - 44 pages - Business strategy

India, the world's largest democracy with world's second highest population after China and 7th largest area is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. India's richness and diversity of culture, geographic and climatic conditions, natural and mineral resources are...

17 Jun 2009

Business process outsourcing

Thesis - 13 pages - Business strategy

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is generally categorized as being transactional, niche, or comprehensive. Transactions are generally sub-processes such as account payables, account receivables, journal, general, ledger, order processing, medical transcription, etc. Niche support moves up to...

16 Jun 2009

Designing global market strategies (28 slides)

Essay - 4 pages - Business strategy

A global industry is an industry in which the strategic positions of competitors in major geographic or national markets are fundamentally affected by their overall global positions. (Auto manufacturers like Suzuki, Honda, Ford, etc.)A global firm is a firm that operates in more than one country...

09 Jun 2009

Some aspects of agile manufacturing: A review

Thesis - 4 pages - Business strategy

The journey of manufacturing from the job shop to mass production has evolved several tools and techniques. However, today before the world of work, globalization and ICT have posed severe challenges like how to meet unpredictable and continually changing market demands for product and services....

04 Jun 2009

Lockheed Martin Corporation: Strategic analysis

Case study - 23 pages - Business strategy

Lockheed Martin is a multinational aerospace manufacturer and advanced technology company formed in 1995. Company's headquarter is located in Maryland, and Robert J. Stevens is the current CEO and president of the firm (“Lockheed Martin,” 2009). Lockheed Martin's major operating units...

03 Jun 2009

An analysis of the company ABC

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

ABC Company is one of the publicly listed companies that comprise the Dow Jones Composite, Dow Industrials, S&P 100, S&P 500 & S&P 1500 Super Comp. The company provides “various products, technologies, software, solutions, and services worldwide” (Yahoo Finance 2008). ABC...

31 May 2009

Information technology as an enabler of sales and distribution

Dissertation - 47 pages - Business strategy

A competitive edge in sales and distribution network provides much needed muscle to the companies to compete in market place as has been epitomized by companies like HLL, Marico & ITC etc. Use of IT in sales and distribution promises to provide a consistent source of competitive advantage...

30 May 2009 Case study

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy (AMZN) does not publish a public or known official mission statement, yet the company's mission and goals can be revealed by examining the concepts of Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder and CEO. Bezos has stated that the strategy at is to provide the customer with the best...

30 May 2009

Indian IT companies VS MNC's

Tutorials/exercises - 32 pages - Business strategy

Reaching global competitiveness is the number one challenge for corporate India. We now operate in a global regime of relatively free markets and borders , and there is no longer sanctuary for Indian corporate, be they public sector or private sector and we are very far behind. ...

30 May 2009

Competitive research on market size of cigarette brands

Tutorials/exercises - 33 pages - Business strategy

The cigarette industry in India is dominated by 4 players - ITC, Godfrey Phillips, VST (also a BAT affiliate) and GTC. These four companies together control almost 99% of the market. The cigarette industry faces competition mainly from the unorganized sector 'bidi' manufacturers,...

30 May 2009

A study on the competitive analysis in the telecom sector

Tutorials/exercises - 45 pages - Business strategy

Technological changes in the telecom and computers have radically changed the business scenario. In turn, the new demands of business have spurred many telecom based technological innovations. In order to exploit these innovations for competing in global markets, business community the world over...

29 May 2009

An analysis of cost-accounting in Starbucks Coffee Company

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

Starbucks did not start as a seller of beverages. Its history stems in 1971 from the putting up of a business, which focused on the distribution of coffee beans, by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker. It was with the entry of the entrepreneur Howard Schultz into the...

28 May 2009

Organization of Renault's supply chain

Thesis - 13 pages - Business strategy

The objective of this study is to develop the international supply chain of Renault, the French car maker. Nevertheless, the diversity of the information and the great number of firms on the market made it difficult for us not to give examples and arguments based on other car makers. Therefore,...

28 May 2009

Business analysis of Coca-Cola in India

Thesis - 15 pages - Business strategy

While, The Coca-Cola Company is a global company with some of the world's most widely recognized brands, the Coca-Cola business in India, as in each country where it operates, is a local business. Its Marketing Co. are produced locally, employing Indian citizens, our product range and marketing...

28 May 2009

An empirical study of the Scottish attitude towards mobile phone product and services

Tutorials/exercises - 44 pages - Business strategy

Vodafone Essar is a cellular operator in India that covers16 telecom circles in India .the name of the company ,the marketing brand used is simply Vodafone .its offers both prepaid postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage through out India and is especially strong in the metros. Vodafone Essar...

28 May 2009

A study on the White Goods Corporates

Tutorials/exercises - 35 pages - Business strategy

Nowadays, it is fashionable to use the word strategy. We hear people talk about defense strategies, business strategies for the game (be it cricket or chess), personal strategies, religious strategies and the like. The word strategy means several things to several people at different point of...

28 May 2009

Indian pharmacy in global context and market survey of antioxidant, ofloxacin, cefixin and cefuroxime

Thesis - 18 pages - Business strategy

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry today is in the front rank of India's science-based industries with wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacture and technology. A highly organized sector, the Indian Pharmacy Industry is estimated to be worth $ 4.5 billion, growing...

28 May 2009

A comparative study of services and prices between public and private sector broadband providers

Tutorials/exercises - 33 pages - Business strategy

The advent of the Internet has set in motion a fundamental shift in the way business is done these days. The global business is shifting dramatically from a self-centered approach to more and more outward customer oriented approach and Internet is the one basic reason behind this shift. The speed...

27 May 2009

Effectiveness of online advertising

Tutorials/exercises - 28 pages - Business strategy

Internet is fast emerging as a powerful medium of advertising in the new millennium. With the number of Internet users increasing manifold, the new medium is viewed as the advertiser's dream. The Internet is the fastest growing medium in the 2000's with millions of users and an average...