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19 Sep 2006

The Centennial Olympic Stadium: a successful project

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

In 1996, there was a battle between Atlanta and Athens for the organization of the last Olympic Games of the twentieth century. It would have been a beautiful mythical moment if the games where celebrated there where the story began, one century ago. But the gods of Olympia were not enough...

21 Aug 2006

Analysis of the development strategy of Societe Generale in Europe

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

Achieving an integrated market for banks and financial conglomerates is a core component of the European policy in the area of financial services. Even if the banking market seems to remains mainly national, the free movement of capital, the adoption of the euro and the progressive harmonization...

27 Jul 2006

How do companies maximize the return on corporate philanthropy?

Essay - 36 pages - Business strategy

Corporate philanthropy has been common for the last 50 years. After the mid 1990's companies started to align their philanthropy programs with the business interests. This results in a convergence of social and economic objectives: strategic corporate philanthropy. But what is the return on the...

16 Jan 2005

China's beer wars South Africa Breweries. SABMiller case

Market study - 31 pages - Business strategy

1. General information on the company A. SABMiller historical B. Important figures C. International policy 1. The main international events 2. The case of China 3. Analysis of the SAB International policy 2. Analysis of the Chinese beer market A....

07 Oct 2004

Exporting French toys to Canada

Market study - 20 pages - Business strategy

Moreover, the French and Canadian governments have recently tried to strengthen their business relationships, and encourage trade between them. It may be very interesting for the French toy industry to penetrate the Canadian market as its presence there remains reduced, and Canada seems an...

12 May 2002

Information technology industry in Singapore

Presentation - 41 pages - Business strategy

The International Data Corporation's Information Society Index 1999 ranked Singapore as the 4th most dominant information-driven economy and society in the world, after the US, Sweden, and Finland. The World Teleport Association named Singapore the 1999 Intelligent City of the Year. The...