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09 Oct 2007

My-Corp, Inc.: Ethical implications of offshoring from the view of the Financial Manager

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Business strategy

Not long ago, offshoring was uncommon for companies. Today, however, it is becoming a more commonplace practice: as prices for manufacturing rise in the US; shipping these operations overseas becomes more appealing. If we talk about offshoring we can separate the practice in two distinctive types...

03 Oct 2007

The Knowledge Economy

Tutorials/exercises - 6 pages - Business strategy

Knowledge economy integrates effectively knowledge aiming to enhance organizational performance, competitiveness, and corporate social responsibility. Being a source of innovation and creativity, it attains organizational competence through the proficient and continual exchange of...

12 Sep 2007

Co-Op Reflection

Essay - 2 pages - Business strategy

The tools and skills that I needed to complete the job I had already acquired through independent study. There were some software packages that I had become very fluent in the last Co-op that I did, and I kept using them this time, as well. The job required that I have a supreme knowledge of...

05 Sep 2007

Written Case Study: eBay

Case study - 14 pages - Business strategy

After completing my analysis of eBay, I have come to several conclusions that I would like to share with you. First, I will outline the problems that eBay and the rest of the online auction industry will face in the future. Then I will discuss my analysis and evaluation of eBay within the...

05 Sep 2007

What science says on « Strategy of " differentiation rupture" and chain value »

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Business strategy

Strategy of ? differentiation rupture ? is based on the observation that the current situation comes from the compliance with the rules of the game accepted by all. For a firm being in an unfavourable competitive position, the solution can be to look for the means of making,...

30 Aug 2007

Punk Rock: Nonconformists, Idealists, and Shameless Sellouts

Essay - 5 pages - Business strategy

Perhaps one of the most controversial genres or sub-genres of music, punk rock has been flowing fresh, hot blood through the veins of teenagers and young adults since its inception in the late 60's and early 70's. Punk rock's “anybody can do this” attitude strikes a resounding chord...

27 Aug 2007

Risk in Modern Finance

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

Modern finance and much of economic theory is based on the assumption that individuals that make up the marketplace in which transactions occur, act rationally and know every piece of information associated with their decision-making process in purchasing or selling a product (whether it is a...

27 Aug 2007

Case Study: Issue of building good relationships with workers, creating good work environments, and threat of job lost

Essay - 3 pages - Business strategy

Healthy relationships and healthy work environments are just two components of a productive work place. This case deals with workers who felt in danger of losing their jobs because co-ops were doing almost the same job and gaining more responsibilities. Instead of trying to find...

27 Aug 2007

Best Stuff Case

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

Here is an excerpt from the Best Stuff Case: Because with a good CRM system, even if there are 100 stores with a thousand sales people, information will move through fast and with less contradictions. This will allow every sales member and the people at headquarters to know the best...

22 Aug 2007

What Is Behind That Morning Cup of Joe?

Tutorials/exercises - 8 pages - Business strategy

For many, a morning cup of coffee may be a daily ritual. In today's fast-paced world, many may not even have the time to brew it at home, preferring instead to stop at a coffee shop on the way to work or school. There are plenty of chains in many areas to frequent, especially Starbucks. Some may...

08 Aug 2007

North American Palladium: Where is company going?

Market study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Precious metals such as palladium have been in great demand for the past five years, and thus there have been strong pushes for production increases. This year, palladium production by North American Palladium is expected to be 290,000 ounces, which includes production from their underground...

12 Feb 2007

Sample Resume for MBA Student with NGO and Marketing Background

Sample resume - 1 pages - Business strategy

Sample Resume for MBA Student with NGO and Marketing Background. Contains: ...

14 Dec 2006

Relationships between the Giants in Retailing: How WalMart and Procter&Gamble trade together - from Fear to Trust prevalence in the Supply-Chain - published: 14/12/2006

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

The paper shows how the relationships between suppliers and retailers have experienced several important changes over the last decades. By analysing the main developments of these relationships and the different tools implemented to improve them, the paper argues that the western and now...

21 Nov 2006

Impact of Internet Channel on Auto Insurance Industry

Essay - 22 pages - Business strategy

The influence of the internet on insurance industry is increasing in accordance with the spread of internet retailing. Quotes submitted and policies purchased through internet channel grew 23% and 29% respectively from 2004 to 2005. The proper adoption of a strategy in line with the changing...

21 Nov 2006

What skills does it take to "manage" cross-cultural M&A?

Essay - 13 pages - Business strategy

Comment réussir des fusions-acquisitions "cross-culturelles"? Mergers and acquisitions continue apace in spite of an alarming failure rate and evidence that they rarely manage to benefit shareholders. Most completed takeovers damage one party: the company making the acquisition. Many...

11 Oct 2006

"Networking within tourism destinations hinders innovation and freedom of choice." Critically discuss this statement

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

Tourism, like so many modern industries, is essentially an assembly process. In few situations does one organisation or company control all the components, or all the stages and decision-making processes in the creation and delivery of the tourism product. That is why in most industrial sectors...

19 Sep 2006

The Centennial Olympic Stadium: a successful project

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

In 1996, there was a battle between Atlanta and Athens for the organization of the last Olympic Games of the twentieth century. It would have been a beautiful mythical moment if the games where celebrated there where the story began, one century ago. But the gods of Olympia were not enough...

21 Aug 2006

Analysis of the development strategy of Societe Generale in Europe

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

Achieving an integrated market for banks and financial conglomerates is a core component of the European policy in the area of financial services. Even if the banking market seems to remains mainly national, the free movement of capital, the adoption of the euro and the progressive harmonization...

27 Jul 2006

How do companies maximize the return on corporate philanthropy?

Essay - 36 pages - Business strategy

Corporate philanthropy has been common for the last 50 years. After the mid 1990's companies started to align their philanthropy programs with the business interests. This results in a convergence of social and economic objectives: strategic corporate philanthropy. But what is the return on the...

16 Jan 2005

China's beer wars South Africa Breweries. SABMiller case

Market study - 31 pages - Business strategy

1. General information on the company A. SABMiller historical B. Important figures C. International policy 1. The main international events 2. The case of China 3. Analysis of the SAB International policy 2. Analysis of the Chinese beer market A....

07 Oct 2004

Exporting French toys to Canada

Market study - 20 pages - Business strategy

Moreover, the French and Canadian governments have recently tried to strengthen their business relationships, and encourage trade between them. It may be very interesting for the French toy industry to penetrate the Canadian market as its presence there remains reduced, and Canada seems an...

12 May 2002

Information technology industry in Singapore

Presentation - 41 pages - Business strategy

The International Data Corporation's Information Society Index 1999 ranked Singapore as the 4th most dominant information-driven economy and society in the world, after the US, Sweden, and Finland. The World Teleport Association named Singapore the 1999 Intelligent City of the Year. The...