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12 Jan 2009

Internet & direct marketing

Market study - 8 pages - Services marketing

The direct and database marketing can be differentiated from classic marketing as it is an individual approach of the customer. As the consumer behaviours are in constant evolution, direct and database marketing help companies integrate rapidly consumer needs and attempts. This is an interactive...

12 Jan 2009

Ready meals vs. Pot Noodle

Market study - 13 pages - Services marketing

The aim of this report is to understand and analyze the consumer behaviour towards two products of two major brands which operate in a same sector. First of all, we chose the food industry in the specific market of “ready meals”; we immediately thought about Pot Noodles from...

12 Jan 2009

How does marketing communication build and maintain strong brand?

Market study - 9 pages - Services marketing

The challenge for a lot of companies nowadays is to adapt their traditional functions and operations to the new world. They have to integrate marketing. Today, it is important to build a relationship with the customers. This is the key to finding, developing and having loyal customers, so...

12 Jan 2009

Lucozade Sport vs. Highland Spring

Market study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Water in general is considered as a low risk, low involvement product. Despite the fact of being an ‘ever-since existing' product and fulfilling the primary need of survival, people's awareness of the importance of drinking water is a rather recent development. This has brought up various...

09 Jan 2009

De Soto, H. (2000) "The mystery of capital - Why capitalism triumphs in the West and fails everywhere else"

Thesis - 3 pages - Services marketing

In 2004, at the meeting of the World Economic Forum, Bill Clinton publicly declared that Hernando De Soto - founder and president of the Institute of Liberty and Democracy (ILD) in Lima and consultant to numerous heads of state - was “probably the world's most important living...

09 Jan 2009

The Beer market in the People's Republic of China

Thesis - 10 pages - Services marketing

One fateful day in ancient Egypt (or perhaps China), a grain storage pit accidentally filled with warm water and fermentation occurred. A brave soul tasted this nasty concoction, felt the world's first beer buzz, and the rest is history. While the Chinese were some of the world's first...

09 Jan 2009

De-colonization, immigration and integration (Study based on The Battle of Algiers and Living in Paradise)

Essay - 4 pages - Services marketing

The Algerian war. It is only in 1999 that the French National Assembly voted to recognize it, after years during which it has been referred to as an “operation of restoring order”, whereas on the Algerian side it was referred as a “war of independence”, even as “a...

09 Jan 2009

Soviet Literature: A clearly defined and a Poor quality Literature? Literary policies and their consequences on Soviet Literature, and perceptions of this one

Thesis - 15 pages - Services marketing

The Soviet Communist ideology which has ruled everything in the Soviet Union for decades was based on Marx's ideas, concepts as Dialectical Materialism. In this theory the world was in perpetual process of change, this through a dialectical movement which was made of conflict between the...

09 Jan 2009

Was the NATO bombardment of Serbia legitimate?

Thesis - 3 pages - Services marketing

After the disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Kosovar Albanians became targets of the Serb policy of "ethnic cleansing". UN requested both parties to the conflict to stop hostilities and to return to negotiations. However, peace negotiations between the Federal...

21 Nov 2008

Increased market awareness to promote a new business plan - Steelroads Inc

- 8 pages - Services marketing

The overall marketing plan of Steelroads is to create market awareness and show that we are the “one stop shop” for various freight-shipping needs. We intend to do this by direct marketing, promotional events, telemarketing and word of mouth advertising. Steelroads has...

04 Nov 2008

A discussion of agenda-setting theory & practical application of AST to Public Relations

Essay - 9 pages - Services marketing

The agenda-setting theory (AST) alludes to the ability of the mass media to transfer the salience of items on their news agendas to the public agenda. AST is a dynamic and complicated phenomenon that was first hypothesized and measured by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw during the 1968...

04 Nov 2008

Advertising atmosphere

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

According to Webster's Online Dictionary, advertising can be defined as “the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards”, where the seller...

30 Sep 2008

Baby Boomers: A review of their automobile buying habits and the cars

Essay - 6 pages - Services marketing

There are many markets that one could choose to target in the world today. America alone has the most diverse population, whether they are segmented by age, race, or generation. One of the most popular market segments happens to be the baby boom generation. This group...

10 Sep 2008

Development of pre-dried and blended lime mortars for the ready-mix market

Essay - 7 pages - Services marketing

The following document will overview the development of pre-dried and blended lime mortars for the Ready-mix Market, including a overview of some of the technological developments in the market of pre-dried and blended lime mortar mix, or Ready Mix. It will conduct a literature review on the...

25 Aug 2008

Wal-Mart ( 2007 )

Essay - 5 pages - Services marketing

Wal-Mart, one of the largest retailers and employers in the world, has surged to the top of the business world through its various control mechanisms. Its market power, 2nd mechanism, third mechanism, and fourth mechanism, are essential to its success, but there are also some negatives to...

20 Aug 2008

The role of marketing and advertising of the London's West Ends

Essay - 5 pages - Services marketing

Recent hit shows from the Sound of Music to Joseph have driven the reversal in fortune of West End theatres, which had suffered a trend in declining ticket revenue and profits in the last decade. In January 2008, the Society of London Theatre announced a record breaking year in 2007 with...

13 Aug 2008

To what extent does e-commerce favour market facilitation over consumer objectives?

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

Traditional business models cite “location, location, location” as the critical factor for commercial success, however the hallmark of e-commerce is that issues of location in the physical sense are not relevant . As such, the concept of “location” has created...

23 Jul 2008

Advertising and branding in society

Essay - 6 pages - Services marketing

While there is debate about the effectiveness of advertising in society, few can escape the reach of advertising in everyday life. In one day at Dominican University, we witness the effects of brand names and advertising in many forms. Upon walking through the doors of...

04 Jun 2008

General Electric's product differentiation strategy

Market study - 3 pages - Services marketing

Throughout the course of its development, General Electric has undergone a number of changes. While many of the changes have been quite overwhelming for the organization—such as when Jack Welch took over in 1980 and drastically downsized the organization—the end result has been the...

02 Jun 2008

Itunes Differentiators : Pricing and Product Quality at Work

Essay - 3 pages - Services marketing

The iTunes Music Store is an epitome of the success of effective pricing strategy. It has been launched by Apple in 2003 and since then has been a phenomenon in terms of the sales of digital music. Originally, the store has been opened for Macs running OS X with an archive of 200,000 songs; to...

02 Jun 2008

Toward a Popular Trade Regime

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Services marketing

This paper aims to articulate a set of reforms that may bring the benefits of free trade to a wider populace, thereby increasing domestic support for and ethical merit of the free trade regime. Counter to the opinion above, I argue that the current form of globalization must include economic...

02 Jun 2008

Organic and fair trade coffee in Chiapas

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

Though I have never been a coffee-drinker, the ideological and symbolic weight of coffee has not escaped me. With caffeine for the office worker and flavor for the distinguished upper-class palate, coffee's appeal stretches across many socioeconomic categories and occupies a unique register of...

05 May 2008

Effects of ethanol trade barriers on U.S. and Brazilian markets

Thesis - 7 pages - Services marketing

Rising oil prices, a slowing U.S. economy, the war on terror, and increasing concern about global warming have all converged on the international stage and in the mind of the average U.S. consumer in recent years. Calls for energy independence, clean energy, and cheaper alternatives to oil have...

22 Apr 2008

Marketing in Major League Baseball

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

Even before the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, people were religiously collecting their merchandise. Now, with the onslaught of newly marketed “2004World Champions” merchandise, there are even more t-shirts and hats to go around. Yet, this obsession goes beyond...

19 Feb 2008

Business case study: Panera Bread

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Panera Bread began back in 1981. It started out as a small sandwich shop. After going public the company grew in size with the addition of more stores. It is currently headquartered in Missouri. Revenue has seen a tremendous change for the better. This year alone revenue is expected to come out...

17 Dec 2007

The Top Principles of Communication

Essay - 3 pages - Services marketing

Corporations, organizations and even the individuals that make them up are in a culture where super-communication is of utmost importance. Cell phones, pagers, e-mail and instant messenger make communication more evolved then it was even ten years ago and while person-to-person communication has...

08 Oct 2007

Communication Theory: Broken Down

Essay - 4 pages - Services marketing

Truth is the underlying layer to all human actions. Truth is the deciding factor of integrity (honesty) and it is what we yearn for and seek after like nothing else. Theory, on the other hand, is the outer layer of truth, sort of like the very beginnings of peeling back an onion. As time...

12 Sep 2007

Field Project: Au Bon Pain

Market study - 3 pages - Services marketing

Au Bon Pain was established and opened its first café in 1978, in Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The goal of this first café was to offer fresh baked bread and cater to commuters, tourists, shoppers, students, and residents located throughout the city of Boston. Au Bon has been greatly...

30 Aug 2007

Interpellation of Subjects in Advertising

Market study - 4 pages - Services marketing

In the world of marketing and advertising, reaching the target audience of a magazine or other media source is essential for the success of the marketing campaign. Advertisers take many factors in to consideration including age, sex, race, and class when creating ads to market a product or...

29 Aug 2007

Example of A Cover Letter For A Sale Position

Sample résumé - 1 pages - Services marketing

I am applying for a sales representative position listed on the [location of listing]. I believe that I have a lot to offer [Company Name]. In [Month, Year], I [will or have] graduate(d) from the [university] with a [type of degree], bolstered by years of work experience in management and...