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28 Sep 2012

Nintendo: reviving a company, transforming a market

Case study - 13 pages - Business strategy

Nintendo was founded in 1889, and gained success in the early 1980s for its Nintendo Entertainment System, its Super Nintendo and its Nintendo64. In the mid-1990s however, Sony introduced the PlayStation, and Microsoft came up with the Xbox. In turn, Nintendo quickly lost its market shares to its...

26 Sep 2012

Conflict, decision making, and organizational design

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

At Verizon Wireless conflict is pretty much taught as the rule not the exception. We're trained to deal with conflict and negotiation strategies to help ourselves get out of the conflict. It's part of the job and expected that customers are not always going to be happy with...

26 Sep 2012

Case study: Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd.

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

Richard Branson has become one of the world's most famous entrepreneurs and also one of the most unconventional. Known as a billionaire who's Virgin Group of businesses run the gamete from condoms to wedding gowns to travel. He's almost more known for his publicity stunts which he...

25 Sep 2012

People and organizational management

Case study - 11 pages - Business strategy

Motivation is described as the act of inspiring people so as to perform their duties well. There are two modes of motivation namely; intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation refers to the employee inspiration that comes from within him. In most cases, this is derived from...

25 Sep 2012

Will E-commerce save the music industry?

Case study - 15 pages - Business strategy

The dematerialization of the consumption is the main factor: With the development of internet and MP3 formats, CDs are becoming almost obsolete and consumers are more disposed to consume music through those forms. The consequences of this phenomenon is that revenue are decreasing for the all...

24 Sep 2012

Joe Salatino: Case study

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

It's important for people to understand the importance of how people for perceptions and attributions. It's even more important when you're in a job such as the company run by Joe Salatino when it's imperative that they're able to adapt and comprehend what's going on in their clients'...

24 Sep 2012

Motivation, stress and communication: Case study

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

The job I chose would have to be something within the government. And if I picked a job there it would be as President of the United States of America. I would be in charge of running the country and deciding the fate of hundreds of millions of people. I would be in charge...

03 Sep 2012

Starbucks coffee: Case study

Case study - 24 pages - Business strategy

Starbucks Corporation is a leading roaster and retailer of coffee in the world. The company has been in existence since 1972 and has grown to be in over 16,000 locations in more than 50 countries (Starbucks, 2010). The company serves millions of customers every day offering them the best services...

23 Aug 2012

Logistical process of Heineken beer

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

In this paper we are discussing about Heineken beer from a logistical aspect. In the first section we deal about beer in general: history, ingredients, brewing and varieties of beer. Then we continue with describing the supply chain of beer which is followed by the comparison of two countries,...

22 Aug 2012

How do you determine the "right price" for tourism products?

Case study - 29 pages - Business strategy

The tourism industry currently is a rapidly changing sector. I saw it last year when I worked for a small tour operator in South Africa, African Eagle. Although the organization was quite small and rather upscale, we were looking for providers on a daily basis who offered their services at the...

22 Aug 2012

Can we consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a mean of recognition for multinational company?

Case study - 70 pages - Business strategy

Ethics has been a very important subject for thinkers since ancient times. The definition of ethics, a reflection on the reasons for desiring justice and harmony and how to achieve these, will be a valuable aid in the development of this thesis. It establishes the criteria for acting freely in a...

16 Jul 2012

Skype case study

Case study - 13 pages - Business strategy

Nowadays, Skype is known and used by every person owning a computer either a PC or a Mac, it is even available on smartphones now. It has revolutionized the world of telecommunication and change the world of e-business. This service has been provided by Microsoft since 2011, allows users to...

11 Jul 2012

Mergers and acquisitions - Brazilian beer negotiation

Case study - 12 pages - Business strategy

Today several companies choose to combine in order to create only one entity. They an decide to merge for various reasons, it can be to create values, acquire a financial stability situation, improve its strategic position or to offer the stockholders of one company securities. They are...

09 Jul 2012

Mergers and acquisition: Brazilian beer merger negotiations: Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, S.A., case study

Case study - 12 pages - Business strategy

This final assignment deals with the merger of 2 companies specialized in the beer market, Brahma and Antarctica, in Brazil. Brazil is the 4th beer market in the world after the United States of America, China and Germany. This market represents a huge market because of various factors (tropical...

09 Jul 2012

Ethnic entrepreneurship

Case study - 13 pages - Business strategy

The recent growth of new ethnic populations in Western societies raised lots of issues. In fact, the ethnic activity is not any more a question of historic interest; nor is it the concern of the company. Because new ethnic populations grew at the same time as Western economies, they are in a...

09 Jul 2012

Apple Computer Incorporated Company

Essay - 17 pages - Business strategy

The Apple Company designs, manufactures and markets computers, networking solutions, software, peripherals and services. Among the many available products are portable music players which they both design and develop. Notwithstanding, they engage in online distribution of television shows, audio...

28 Jun 2012

The Kooples in the USA

Case study - 25 pages - Business strategy

The Kooples offers clothes and accessories for men and women. The collection is unisex for an androgyn style: chic/rock of the street between Paris and London. Colors are sober. Boys and girls can wear the same things, shop in the same stores. Clothes have a really good quality with noble...

12 Jun 2012

Volkswagen group- China's analysis in competitive strategy

Case study - 20 pages - Business strategy

Chinas automotive industry growth reflects on China's economy, with it being one of the most dynamic and promising industries in the country. Volkswagen Group entered the Chinese economy thirty years ago, and therefore played an important role in shaping this industry. After giving the reader a...

05 Jun 2012

Business plan of

Case study - 20 pages - Business strategy

In the fast changing IT Industry, standard textbook knowledge and information via Internet is not sufficient to help resolve the IT problems faced by undergraduate/graduate IT students, professionals and corporations. Instead, they prefer to seek mentorship and advice from someone who has...

05 Jun 2012

A study of current attitudes to genetically modified food

Case study - 30 pages - Business strategy

Since the 1990s, there has been an emergence of a new type of biotechnology namely, Genetically Modified Food technology (GM). GM organisms result from biotechnological process which consists of altering traits of original crops by inserting the DNA of another organism (MacCracken et al., 2011)....

30 May 2012

Advertising and women: how advertisement has been directed to the US women

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Prior to the Civil War, the life of most US women were influenced by what history commentators refer to us “the Cult of True Womanhood.” ( Industrialization and other developments generated a shift in work customs, which saw men leaving...

29 May 2012

Strategic Choice and Evaluation

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

The firm that has been selected is the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The purpose of this paper is to identify the best value discipline, generic strategy and grand strategy for Goodyear; as well as provide insight into the combination of strategies the organization should implement....

28 May 2012

Employers access to employee's emails, Ethical or Not?

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

The arrival of new technology has raised a number of new issues for managers and leaders. One of these concerns is the surveillance of employees to check for disciplinary infringements. During recent years, employers all over the world have implemented a number of programs and initiatives...

25 May 2012

To what extent is the communicating culture different between West and East?

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

The concept of communication can be defined as the activity of conveying meaningful information. Communication required a sender, content (message) and a receiver. However, the message can have different meanings depending on the time, the place and the person involved in the communication. Thus,...

22 May 2012

Vivarte group- Implementation on Chinese market

Market study - 20 pages - Business strategy

The report objective is to define the marketing plan to realize the best development as possible of Caroll in this country.That's why we are going to use the following steps in the executive summary, to preconize the best strategy to enter Chinese fashion dress market, and how to create a strong...

21 May 2012

Using examples identify and assess why it can be difficult for the multinational firm to behave ethically

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Over the last half decade, businesses have evolved tremendously. Their productivity has improved, new production areas have appeared, borders between countries have opened up and with this, new problems have also arisen. As companies grow in size and importance, so does the criticism and...

21 May 2012

Procter & Gamble- Internationalization Strategy

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

In 1837, in The United-States, William Procter, candles maker, and James Gamble, soap maker, got together to market their first branded product, the candles ‘Star Candles' (Jean Boissonnat, 20/12/1993). As their business went along they started to broaden their range of products by buying...

21 May 2012

Forces that can Influence an organization and its strategy

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Today's national and international organizations are surrounded and affected by different types of forces. Two main categories can be identified, the internal forces and the external ones from the task and general environments (Appendix 1). They influence companies' strategies through multiple...

21 May 2012

Psychic distance and proximity concepts in overseas markets

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

Before proceeding to explain about psychic distance in detail they applied the theory to the diversity of cultures within their group, and the particular difficulties and restrictions they were faced with, and consequently how they dealt with these issues. Although they talked about the...

21 May 2012

"The UK economy looks battered. People don't like the outlook. They are showing their feelings by selling the Pound." Strategist Jeremy Stretch quoted in the Sun. Explain this quote. Does the exchange rate matter? Can and should the UK government do

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

The current UK economic climate is uncertain. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), used as a measure of National Income has only recently in the fourth quarter of 2009 inched out of the negative and into positive growth of 0.1 per cent. This is after a long recession which began in the...