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28 Sep 2006

Giorgio Armani

Case study - 36 pages - Services marketing

"Elegance is not about being noticed, but about being remembered." (Giorgio Armani). Giorgio Armani was born 11 July 1934 in Piacenza, Italy. Worked in a department store, La Rinascente, as a window dresser. A designer in the well-known fashion house Nino Cerruti. In 1974, with assistance of his...

30 Aug 2006

Pharmaceutics: Market analysis

Market study - 7 pages - Services marketing

We can imagine 2 points of view for the pharmaceutics market: - On the one hand, we can consider that the aspect of the bottle is not very important for the customer because it is not for pleasure that he buys it. Also the producer of the meds will not privilege the aesthetics and buy probably...

28 Jul 2006

Nokia, its strategies and its wrong Marketing Mix in the case of the N-Gage

Case study - 24 pages - Services marketing

When approaching this assignment, the second topic attracted us given its interest and the challenges it represents. We wanted to study a successful and well known company, constantly looking for new markets and offering new variants of known devices, to find out what a wrong Marketing-mix...

27 Jul 2006

Social Marketing & Self-Regulation: The Perfect Match for a Good Working World (?) The Contribution of Social Marketing to Self-Regulation Strength

Essay - 29 pages - Services marketing

Self-regulation and the ability to make people self-regulate themselves in a better way has been the subject of many studies since the last few decades (Kotler, Roberto, Lee, 2002; Andreasen, 1995). The ability to self-regulate can be important in all aspects of life....

12 Jul 2006

Paris 2012

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

Marketing is often referred as the set of techniques by which a company makes consumers buy its products. However, marketing can also be seen as a wider activity, that includes selling ideas and services, that do not only fulfill indivudual needs but also organizational objectives. Paris 2012, as...

11 Jul 2006

Advertising influence on impulsive buying - published: 11/07/2006

Essay - 22 pages - Services marketing

In this chapter you will find a summarizing overview of this study. It explains fairly about the two discussed main topics: impulse buying and advertising. It gives an introduction of what impulse buying is and if it is related to advertising. In which way are they...

13 Jun 2006

Head & Shoulders: A Comprehensive Look at Consumer Behaviour

Case study - 18 pages - Services marketing

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of Procter & Gamble's hair care line, Head & Shoulders. With Head & Shoulders new marketing campaign, this report analyses the effectiveness of this campaign in comparison to the ever growing competition of other anti-dandruff hair care products in...

04 Feb 2006

The Lead User Method: A solution to improve new product success in rapidly changing markets?

Dissertation - 77 pages - Services marketing

Innovation, a crucial dilemma to be successful. Innovating is crucial for a company in order to satisfy its customers ‘expectations and to cope with the competition in a market place which is everyday more and more challenging. However, coping with the competition doesn't mean offering...

21 Jan 2006

Direct Marketing and McDonald's use of Direct-Mailing

Case study - 9 pages - Services marketing

Direct mail can be considered as any unsolicited printed material sent directly through the mail or somehow delivered to prospective customers or contributors. Anything from catalogs, flyers, newsletters or brochures or any similar promotional advertisements can be considered direct mail....

02 Dec 2004

Rainy, Steady, Go

Thesis - 27 pages - Services marketing

Rainy, Steady, Go's aim is to install vending machines selling cheap emergency umbrellas in tube stations in London. Our market is for people of all sexes and ages who have forgotten their umbrellas. We have two streams of income: 1. Sales of umbrellas 2. Advertisements on umbrellas Since...

12 May 2002

Beer market in Thaïland

Presentation - 19 pages - Services marketing

Thaï beer market: market environment, beer consumption, key players, market share, pricing, major brands. Market niche. Powerpoint document. Population: Over 60 million. GNP per capita: 2,740 USD and increasing rapidly, providing a growing demand for beer. GDP per capital : 700 USD. Tourism...